Thomas Hlubin


Thomas Hlubin
United States, Louisiana, Hammond
Personal Training

Thomas Hlubin is an ACE certified personal trainer, blogger, webmaster, and former competitive natural bodybuilder.


Growing up as a very skinny teenager, it wasn't until he turned 18 that he decided to start lifting weights seriously. His desire soon grew into a passion to compete on stage, and he competed as a natural bodybuilder in the SNBF and NANBF organizations. He placed 4th in the men’s novice middleweight division at the 2012 Atlanta SNBF Championships, and 2nd in the men’s collegiate division at the 2013 NANBF Natural Southern States Classic in St. Louis, Missouri. 


Today, he studies kinesiology to become a clinical exercise physiologist. He has a passion for fitness, as well as helping people attain their optimal level of health. His coaching is driven by the science behind exercise and how the body responds to specific types of fitness protocols. He’s written hundreds of articles, on topics that range from healthy ways to lose weight to how certain types of exercise affect your metabolic pathways differently. 


Check out his website for tips on how to improve your cholesterol levels, to acquire a happier, healthier heart.