Walter J. Dorey


Walter J. Dorey
Outdoor Fitness
Strength and Conditioning

Walter J. Dorey is the author of the digital book Secrets to Mastering the Bent Press. He has spent years exploring how specific athletes train and extracting what is useful to become stronger, tougher, and better conditioned both mentally and physically. He focuses on developing all-terrain strength. He purposely avoids training for any one specialty, such as training to be the world’s best shot-putter or basketball player. Walter enjoys using a variety of implements in training clients and his personal training. He continually seeks to build toughness, eliminate weak areas, and create the ability to push on when others quit, overcoming injuries that would sideline others.


At an early age he learned to overcome limitations in equipment and environment. He believes in sticking with basics but also having a creative mind. This leads to play, experimentation, and exploring various training implements and methods. He believes a person can thus develop well-balanced physical qualities and work capacity. His wide-based experience in the blue-collar environment, playing nearly every sport, and enjoying numerous outdoor activities has given him a unique perspective on training for “what if?” He strongly believes in improvise-adapt-overcome.


You can reach Walter via email, or follow him on Instagram.