Running your own gym might sound great in theory, but there are some tricks to actually getting your business off the ground. Here are 7 articles will help you build your gym business effectively, written by successful coaches and gym owners.


15 Kick Butt Business Books for Fitness Coaches (Nick Horton)

Thinking of starting a gym business or becoming a personal trainer? Here are fifteen of the best business books I have personally read and go back to. They've made a big difference for me.


RECLAIM Your BIZ! The 5 1/2 BIGGEST Fixes Every Small Gym Must Make - Part 1 (John Burch)

Run your own gym or studio? Trying to navigate being an entrepreneur as well as a coach? I know the joys and pitfalls of running a gym. Read on to find out the fixes you NEED to make.


RECLAIM Your BIZ! The 5 1/2 BIGGEST Fixes Every Small Gym Must Make - Part 2 (John Burch)

Own a small gym and trying to navigate the business side of things? This two part article on running a small business is for you. 5½ things you NEED to fix to be successful!


Be a Better Coach in 3 Steps - Part 2: Essential Communication and Business Skills (Becca Borawski)

In part one of this series we discussed widening your technical knowledge in-depth. Now, it’s time to focus on getting info OUT of your head, INTO your students, and INTO the world.


How NOT To Start a Gym Business (David Cross)

Looking at back at the start of my gym business, I cringe at how many things we got wrong. Here are six things I wish I'd been told. Don't make the same mistakes I did with your new gym.


Want to Manage an MMA Gym? (Becca Borawski)

So, how does one go about becoming the general manager of a world famous MMA gym? Scott McKendry found his way in through being a student at the world-famous Team Quest gym in Portland, Oregon.


Book Review: "Two Brain Business: Grow Your Gym" By Chris Cooper (Becca Borawski)

If you are a CrossFit gym owner struggling with the business aspects of running a gym, this book offers advice from someone who's been there, learned the lessons, and succeeded.