The following is a guest post by Tom Gannon of CrossFit Ireland:


If pursuing a career in coaching along with running your own facility interests you then this video at the end of this article is one you need to pay attention to. If you are a client and are curious as to what it really takes to run a facility and the reality of what your coaches manage that you never see then this is worth a look.


What we want to see is more incredible facilities that are in a position to pay coaches a fair salary that will allow them live a good life and remain invested in the people they coach and their clients. This video will give you a small insight into the areas anybody looking to open a facility needs to understand. We are hoping that the points raised will prompt people to ask themselves questions and really educate them around the reality of running a facility.


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Top: 2010; Bottom: 2012


If you choose to open a facility and ignore any of these points then trust me, you are going to end up in a pretty big hole at some stage. I mean this and please learn from my experience. If you use those simple headings to give you a starting point then you will be in a much better position to really succeed in this industry. Or maybe when you look at this video you will realize that this industry is not for you:


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