Breaking Muscle Video - GHD Sit Up & Hip Extension

Traver H. Boehm


Santa Barbara, California, United States

Health, Men's Fitness


The Glute-Ham Developer (GHD) is one of the most effective training tools available. This video outlines the proper form for two popular movements, the GHD Sit Up and the GHD Hip Extension.


GHD Sit Up - A great tool for strengthening the ability to close the hip. Explosive hip power is essential in most sports and athletic activities. This exercise is scaleable, but meant for the intermediate to advanced athlete.


GHD Hip Extension - This movement engages and develops the hamstrings and glutes.


Word of caution, the GHD is a very dangerous machine and high use without proper training can lead to injury and rhabdomyolysis - be careful if you are new to this machine!

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