The Weekender Recovery Mobilization

Shane Trotter


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It’s the weekend! You’ve been crushing your body all week, and now it's time for some much-needed rest and recovery. But please, don’t just sit there. Recover! A little movement will go a long way to promote recovery and keep you moving well. While your body might be cranky at first, this 5-10-minute mobilization will have you feeling more energized and less achy. 



Here are the movements we'll be working with:



Do the following routine as a circuit, 1-3 times through:

  • Side plank - 20s/side
  • Quadruped knee circles - 5 forward and 5 backward, each leg
  • Rocking hip flexor mobilization - 10e ach side
  • Y-W-Handcuff - x12
  • Shoe Squeeze Glute Bridge - x10
  • World’s greatest lunge - 5 each side
  • Knee distractions - x5
  • Thoracic rotations - x5
  • Triangle - x5
  • Counterbalance squat - x10


That should leave your body warm and feeling better. If you feel a surge of motivation and want to add something more, these three stretches have a huge bang for the buck. Some light foam rolling goes well before these stretches. 



  • Twisted monkey - 10 breaths per side (modification is couch stretch)
  • Pigeon - 10 breaths per side
  • GMB shoulder chest stretch- 10 breaths




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