10 Killer Tips to Boost Your Squat

It’s time to maximize your squat potential through improving technique, mobility, and execution.

Dealing With Rheumatoid Arthritis Through Fitness

The more I incorporated fitness into my day, the more the idea of giving up left my mind.

A Killer Training Week (Athlete Journal 13)

The craziest thing happened this week: all of my lifts felt amazing, on every workout.

How to Create Nutritional Plans That Stick

You can have the best diet plan on paper, but if your client does not follow it, the plan is useless.

A System for Maximizing the Movement Potential of Every Person

Movement hierarchies are an invaluable tool for group training, to ensure everyone is at the right level.

How to Manage Your Conditioning Program, Part 2

The process of individualizing your training based on biofeedback leads to much better outcomes and more consistent progress.

Barefoot Basics: How to Regain Your Footing

Learn how to walk again outside the confines of shoes for stronger, healthier feet.

4 Back Bridge Holds for Strength and Flexibility (Video)

This bodyweight hold will help you cross the bridge to athletic longevity.

Love Handles Grip Training System (Product Review)

These handles are versatile and will last a long time - and you won't spend money on other gear.

How Your Daily Coffee Battles the Effects of Obesity

A chemical found in coffee may help reduce the risk of numerous obesity-related issues.

Front Squat Versus Back Squat: Which One Is Best for You?

Genetic potential, mobility and strength goals help decide which squat is best for your program.

Back on the Mats During Finals Week (Athlete Journal 62)

Finals week is kicking my butt, but my elbow feels much better and I’m back to regular training again.

5 Strategies to Become a Better Coach

Want to be a better coach? These simple techniques will help you along your way.

"The Encyclopedia of Underground Strength and Conditioning" (Book Review)

If you're looking for a comprehensive book from a coach who has done it all, this is it.

Practical, Adaptable, and Efficient: 3 Natural Movement Principles

Using your body is liberating. Yet chances are you know someone who struggles with the most basic movements.

Monitoring and Tracking Your Intensity Quotient (Athlete Journal 118)

One of the advantages of weight training is that it allows for quantification of your body's response to stressors.

A Simple Hip and Back Stretch for Chronic Sitters

This exercise is ideal for someone who spends a lot of time sitting and has tight hips and low back.

2014 Holiday Shopping Guide for Serious Foodies

These gift ideas are intended for the gung-ho food lovers and connoisseurs out there.

Why One-Hand Swings Are King

Here’s a simple progression to transition from two-hand to one-hand swings, and fix your shoulders problems too.

Coaching the Coaches With James Fitzgerald, Ep 8 (Podcast)

Periodization within CrossFit. the truth about training, and how to find the best coach - listen for this and more.

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