The 2015 Frannies: The Worst in the Sport of CrossFit

The Oscars has its Razzies, the counterpoint to its self-aggrandizing pageant, so let’s cash in on that feel, shall we?

Try These Kettlebell Workout Splits for Major Muscle Gains

The unique nature of the kettlebell coupled with volume and time under tension will help you achieve maximum levels of muscle hypertrophy.

You Don't Have to Be Normal: The Reality of Postpartum Fitness

It doesn't matter if going to the gym six weeks after delivery is normal. What matters is whether or not you are ready.

Why Runners Need Strength Training (And How to Get Started)

You’ll be able to run more, experience fewer overuse injuries, and race faster. And who doesn’t want that?

Mental Games: Are You Ready for the CrossFit Open?

Many people will compete in the CrossFit Open, but only a few make it to the Games. So, ask yourself - is your head in line with your goals?

3 Easy Ways to Be Stronger and Better at Everything

Here are three corrections all lifters can make to see immediate improvements.

How to Avoid Injury in Yoga: Every Body Is Different

In addition to every body being different, also remember that every day is different. Be mindful.

Simple Tips to Improve Essential Natural Hip Function

Enhancing hip function is the first place I look to make significant gains in my clients’ ability to move better.

How to Spot a Non-Toxic Fitness Community: It's About People

If you aren’t paying attention, a community can be based on some pretty negative stuff. Ain't nobody got time for that.

How I "Cheat" My Way to Shredded

Fat loss does not need to equal suffering if you plan periodic cheat meals to replenish your mind and metabolism.

Tired of Boring Beef Jerky? Try Kangaroo, Snake, or Yak

Mountain America jerky is handmade in small batches and guaranteed to be fresh.

12 Reps - The Breaking Muscle Digest - Vol. 1, Issue 2

Twelve reader favorites from the past week and from the archives, curated to save you time and bring you happiness.

Master the Dragon Flag for Old-School Core Strength

The dragon flag will train your core to awesome levels of tension and control - just like Rocky.

Can Mental Distractions Help Fight Fatigue?

We preach about focus and determination during training, but sometimes letting your mind wander can bring the best results.

Overtraining: The Difference Between Pros and Average Joes

Find out how to avoid the detriment of overtraining, regardless of your athletic prowess.

The Real "Ideal" Body Type Is Up to You

I’m pretty sure what is really ideal has little to do with a big butt or ripped abs.

One Drink for Recovery and Energy - Minus the Chemicals

Formula O2 has a subtle flavor as well as a good dose of caffeine and electrolytes.

3 Reasons You Should Give Up Lifting Weight

Nothing worth having comes easy. To enjoy the benefits of lifting, you need to put in the work first.

Coaches: Learn How to Keep Young Shoulders Healthy

Avoid potential injury in young weightlifters by employing these four shoulder exercises before it's too late.

Game On: 3 Classic Wild Game Recipes, With a Twist

Game meat is high in protein, inexpensive, and delicious when prepared the right way. Here are three recipes to try.