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Sit Less and Prioritize Movement for Long-Term Fitness

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Pack Your Neck for a Safer Spine and Stronger Swings

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3 Quick and Simple Exercises to Prevent Back Pain

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Why Serious Cyclists Should Eat Their Greens

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The 4 Pillars of Fitness Training: All Your Clients Will Ever Need

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Can Kettlebells Improve Jumping and Balance?

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The One Element of Your Training That Can't Be Forsaken

Keeping a training log will expose when to increase weight and reps to optimize your gym efforts. Don't train for nothing.

7 Hot Tips for Your Next Bench Press Competition

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Swim Basics: A Beginner's Guide to the Butterfly

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5 Simple Ways for Meat Lovers to Eat More Vegetables

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Don't Try to Sell - Just Coach

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How Much Do You Want It? The 4 Levels of Motivation for Lifters

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Dispelling the Myths About Poor Posture (And Your Poor Pelvis)

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Supersets: Beware the Line Between Training and Recovery

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Add Variety to Get Results: 3 Next-Level Strength Workouts

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Tommy John and Baseball: America's Favorite Elbow Surgery

It is critical that youth pitchers, parents, and coaches educate themselves well on the consequences of electing the Tommy John surgery.

7 Best Bodyweight Exercises for Stronger Legs

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