Product Review: Grips Athletics Amazona Gi

If you’re a female grappler looking to treat yourself to a high-quality, off-the-rack gi, the Grips Athletics Amazona Gi is the one I would recommend.

Breaking Muscle's Paleo Holiday Wish List

"Is this paleo?" If you hear your friend, loved one, or yourself ask that question frequently, make sure you check out this list of paleo gift ideas.

Super D Video: Raw Squat Program

Today we are doing raw speed squats with half the usual band tension, to help us prepare for max effort day in four days time.

Dear Willow: Which Yoga Stretches Are Best for Strength Athletes?

A reader has asked me an insightful question on positions that could help lifters who focus on the powerlifts. Here is my reply and reasoning.

The Life Cycle of a CrossFitter, Part 1: The Dreaded Plateau

When we first start CrossFit we are in a honeymoon phase full of PRs and magic. But about eighteen months in we hit injury and plateau. Why does this happen and how can you change your trajectory?

The Neglected Training Mojo: Breath

Our need for oxygen is well established (duh). So what about athletes who are restricted in their breath due to structural compensations, and therefore are receiving sub-optimal cellular nutrition?

Non-Motorized Treadmill Performance Is a Dependable Indicator of Power

Power output can be difficult to assess, but a new study suggests the non-motorized treadmill may provide an accurate way to measure it.

Athlete Journal: Chris Duffin, Entry 81 - Straight Into Squats

I missed Monday’s work due to some offsite training for work. So no bench press for the week. I went straight into squats on Wednesday for a short workout.

Book Review: "Make Ahead Paleo" by Tammy Credicott

"Make Ahead Paleo" is a perfect resource for busy people who have a hard time juggling work, travel, and healthy eating.

Working with Special Populations Part 2: Asthma

Regular exercise can do wonders for those who suffer from asthma, but it’s vital that coaches understand how to safely work with asthmatic trainees.

Jessica Hedrick's Creative Movement Holiday Wish List

Here are ten gift ideas for dancers and anyone who loves to get creative with their workouts, from Creative Movement workout writer Jessica Hedrick.

Video: Christmas Extravaganza - Mobility and Movement Ideas for the Holidays

I'll show you some mobility drills and exercises ideas to keep you going over the holidays. Plus a bonus magic paleo meal trick.

The 3 Building Blocks to Performing a Proper Dip

The dip is not as simple as it looks. It requires strength, stability, and range of motion. Here are some guidelines for safely and effectively building yourself up to dips and ring dips.

Is the Anabolic Window a Myth?

A new research review suggests you probably don't need to eat a whole salmon immediately after your workout. The anabolic window for protein intake might just be bro-science.

Athlete Journal: Terry Hadlow, Entry 9 - 12/16/2013

This week was all about knowing my limits and when to take a break. I took a few rest days but was better off because of it, and I saw significant improvements on my training days.

Points to Consider When Choosing a Business Partner or Investor for Your Gym

Make sure both you and any potential business partner or investor are comfortable with the answers to all of these questions before joining forces.

How to Calculate Your Fitness Age (Though Your True Age Is an Attitude)

In my experience, being "young" is a decision. So, if you’re stuck in a rut and feeling older than you are, here are a few tips to get you moving towards feeling young.

Using Your BJJ Performance to Gauge Your Nutrition

When the body is properly fueled, performance will go up. When the body is starving, performance will drop. The goal of this article is to teach you how to gauge and fuel your performance.

It's Not Your Metabolism, It's Your "NEAT" That's Stopping Your Fat Loss

The vast majority of people who complain about their slow metabolisms don’t have a metabolism problem at all. They have a movement problem. A lack of movement, that is.

Fixing Common Squat and Deadlift Problems with Bands

I prefer to fix common squat and deadlift problems with a a loaded bar on my back or in my hands. You can use resistance bands to accomplish this, as long as you have a little imagination.

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