The Max Effort Black Box Program for the Family Man (or Woman)

While I’ve had success helping aspiring athletes, I derive the greatest pleasure from helping the family man or woman.

The 10 Commandments of Fitness and Wellness

I’m no Moses, but I’ve experienced enough in my years of fitness to establish my own guiding rules when it comes to health and exercise.

How to Not Rip Your Hands (and How to Fix Them if It's Too Late)

Whether it is kettlebells, CrossFit, weightlifting, or any number of other activities, your hands take a serious beating.

What's Underneath: Our Inner Desire to be Overcomers

Moving well enables you to embrace, conquer, and overcome life. It allows you to be capable. You were made to move.

Does Electrical Stimulation Work for Recovery?

In a recent study, electrical muscle stimulation was shown to be just as effective as other recovery methods.

“Paleo Magazine Readers’ Favorites Cookbook” (Book Review)

Like any good anthology, this book provides a wide range of recipes, stories, and new perspectives.

Ben Musholt - 3 Twisting Shoulder Press Variations (Video)

A demonstration of three exercises to simultaneously develop core and shoulder strength.

Integrity, Authenticity, and Intuition - Do You Have Them?

We have to think about why we do things in order to do them most effectively and truly. We have to trust in our hearts and our passions.

How to Wrap Your Hands for Muay Thai (Video)

There's no absolute right or wrong technique for wrapping your hands, but this is my favorite method and it works well.

Need Therapy? Try Jiu Jitsu (Athlete Journal Entry 26)

Spring break came to a close this week, and I wasn't ready. Fortunately, my training helped me get through it.

Training Activities for Athletes: Safety and Legitimacy, Part 4

It's time for the wake-up call. We are talking training longevity, people.

10 Ways to Add Extra Inches to Your Vertical Jump

Got air? From post-activation potential to plyometrics, these ten articles are all you need to know to improve your vertical jump.

Xyience Pre-Workout Booster (Product Review)

This supplement is a good choice for anyone looking to enhance their workout without a bunch of stimulants.

A Deadlift Slump and a Sore Lat (Athlete Journal Entry 83)

My volume was a lot lower this week, but I still got in some quality work on the squat and bench.

The Heaviest Deadlifts in Human History (Friday Flick)

If you're planning to go and pick up something heavy this weekend, check out this video first.

Preseason Strength Training for Cyclists: Gaining Power Off the Bike

It's now time to ramp up our efforts at cycling specialization, but it is a mistake to turn our backs on weight training.

How to Get the Most From Your VO2 Max Test

If you have the EMR type of test and obtain all the data, there is a wealth of info you can use to reach your goals.

10 Tips for Training With an Injury

About 2km into my regular run - BANG - a searing pain in my foot. Surely life was over, my fitness would evaporate, and I would be morbidly obese by the end of the week.

How to Recognize, Fix, and Prevent ITB Syndrome

ITB issues, if caught early enough, can be dealt with quite easily.

For Elite Athletes, Stronger Might Not Mean Faster

A new study asked if exercise in the gym and power drills on the field are good ways to improve speed in elite level rugby players.