Product Review: Fuji Sports Women's Sekai Gi

The new women's gi from Fuji Sports features beautiful embroidery, high-quality construction, and one of my new favorite pairs of gi pants.

What Is Nutritarianism and How Can It Help the Athlete?

The debate over diet seems to always boil down to vegan versus paleo, and that’s a shame. Today I’d like to introduce a variation within the (mostly) plant-based world to you - the nutritarian diet.

Chakras Demystified: Sahasrara - The 7th Chakra

In this series, I aim to demystify this system of personal body management. We will examine our seven chakras, one by one. First is Sahasrara - the seventh chakra.

Featured Photographer: Nat Arem of Hookgrip - Olympic Weightlifting

For Nat Arem, founder of Hookgrip, the barbell and the camera go hand in hand. Read on to learn more about Nat and see a sample of his Olympic weightlifting photography.

CrossFit, You’re No Branch Rickey

History remembers Jackie Robinson at the man who broke through, but to be fair, it was Branch Rickey who was the visionary. CrossFit, Inc. had such a chance to be visionary, but they played it safe.

Integrated Strength: The Right Tool at the Right Time for the Right Person

I am sick of seeing people throw away exercises because they can't combine them. This integrated approach allows you to pick the right tool at the right time for the right person - every single time.

Time to Change How You Recover Between Sets

How much rest between sets? It's a question every gym goer has probably asked at one point or another. A new study sheds light on a different question: what kind of rest between sets?

Are Gym Membership Contracts a Good or Bad Idea?

I firmly believe that approaching contracts with honesty and humanity will build a much better business for you and your team - and your clients.

Book Review: "Fermented" by Jill Ciciarelli

Whether you're new to fermentation or want to learn how to add fermented foods to a paleo diet, Jill Ciciarelli's book, "Fermented," will not disappoint.

Training in Paradise: Take a Fitness Vacation to Thailand

Imagine coming home from vacation with six-pack abs and a squat record to go along with your camera full of exotic photos. "Fitness vacations" make it easier than ever to have the best of both worlds.

The Importance of Gym Cleanliness: A Microbiology Approach

Cleanliness is essential to a gym. To explain why, we're going to look at the science of microbiology and you'll learn what microbes lurk in your establishment when you don't clean properly.

Getting the Most Out of Assistive Gear: A Motor Patterning Perspective

Assistance is cheating. There. I said it. But cheating is not always a bad thing. The utility and benefit of “cheating” is directly related to your goals and the context.

Why Are You Eating That Way? How to Be a Visionary About Your Nutrition

Creating a vision using proven techniques, rather than trudging along like Conan on the mill wheel, can help you achieve a new level of determination in regards to eating.

Power Production in the Push Press and Squat Jump

Everybody wants power, but how do you obtain it? A new study sheds some light on how to train power with the push press and jump squat.

Athlete Journal: Terry Hadlow, Entry 20 - 3/9/2014

My next competition is in a little less than three weeks. I had some pain in my elbow and groin this week, but my clean is coming along fine and my legs have gotten stronger.

Cleanses, Detoxes, and Juice Fasts: Do They Work?

These types of diets are popular, but do they work? And what are good reasons to do them? Let's take a look at the pros and cons of cleanses, detoxes, and juice fasts.

Super D Video: How to Increase Ankle Flexion (and Save Your Knees)

If you don't have enough mobility in the ankle, you are going to struggle in the squat. But don't worry! We're going to use a band around the heel to put things right.

Learning Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Online: The Dark Side of Technology

When used properly, technology is a great addition to the BJJ learning process. When abused, it will lead to holes in your game that will show up down the road.

What Kind of Deadlift Is the Right Kind of Deadlift?

Since there are so many deadlift variations, it can be overwhelming to think about which one is the best one to train. In my mind, though, it is a rather easy question to answer.

The 2014 Top 10 Fitness Blog Contest Winners Announced!

You nominated twenty blogs. Our judges looked them over and evaluated them. And now, the Top 10 Fitness Blogs of 2014 have been chosen!