Weightlifting for Kids: How to Attain Crucial Parental Buy-In

We must make sure the sport is appealing and safe for the child - and matches the parent’s expectations.

3 Forgotten Factors in Building Muscle

There are many variables that go into muscle building, today we focus on the negative part of the rep, the time under load, and getting a pump.

The Concept of Free: What Are Your Customers Worth?

Many successful businesses compete with free. Let's look at some real world examples.

How to Prevent ACL Injuries in High School Athletes

Young athletes are not taught how to move properly - basic things like squatting, running, and landing mechanics.

Cyclist's Syndrome: What You Don't Know Might Hurt You

For men, this syndrome can be painful and cause many unpleasant side effects - including erectile dysfunction.

Midstance to Midstance Running Program Does Not Affect Performance

A new study found the MMR running method affects gait, but not performance.

Good Vibrations (Athlete Journal 30)

My body was feeling good this week, and I planned my workouts carefully to get in as much volume as I could.

Could Head Trauma Bring an End to Football?

Nothing can bring down the NFL. Nothing except a lack of players to fill the shoes of the current ones. Would you let your kid play football?

How Long Do You Want to Do BJJ? Training for Longevity

The way you train, eat, and sleep is going to determine how long you can stay on the mats.

Why the CrossFit Hopper Model Is Broken

The hopper model relates to selecting workouts at random. Surely there are better ways to program CrossFit?

10 MORE Things I Know About Protein That You Don't

If you're like 99% of the people who read part one of this series, you probably learned some stuff. So here are ten more tidbits.

Almonds Enhance Athletic Performance More Than Cookies

You might be disappointed, but cookies lost by a long shot.

Raising and Coaching Healthy Kids: Meet Our Kids' Fitness Team!

Fitness is a habit best begun in youth. Learn more about each of our kids' fitness experts.

A Tutorial for the Clutch Lever (Video)

This week, Al Kavadlo teams up with his brother Dan to explain the clutch lever.

Your Mental State vs. Your Success

Exercise is healthy. But sometimes our approach to it is not. Our mentality when we walk into the gym can do more damage than junk food ever could.

Jiu Jitsu Is Awesome (Athlete Journal 35)

Jiu jitsu is the one thing I feel completely comfortable doing. I don’t have to worry about being judged or criticized. I just do it.

Why You Can't Compare Resistance and Repetition Efforts

Use all tools available to get stronger. But understand the devices you train with cannot be compared with each other.

Grip Strength for Lifters, Climbers, and Fighters

There are three types of grip - crush grip, pinch grip, and support grip. But how do you train these?

Athletic Greens (Product Review)

Athletic Greens has a well-rounded ingredients list that might fill some of the gaps in your diet.

It's the Effort That Counts (Athlete Journal 92)

New studies are suggesting the numbers of repetitions per set matters much less than how hard you push yourself.