Video: Ben Musholt: 4 Single Leg Exercise Variations

In this video, Ben demonstrates four single leg exercises variations, making use of kettlebells, a weight plate, a barbell, and a bench.

Sunday Seven: The Week's 7 Most Popular Articles, Vol. 93

Every Sunday we post the "Sunday Seven" so you can quickly see the seven most popular articles of the week. This week: honoring an injured athlete, how using bands is holding you back, and more!

Athlete Journal: Jess Papi, Entry 16 - 2/18/2014

It's been a fantastic week with some positive changes for my gym, my diet, and my training.

4 Tips For In-Season Training Success In Hockey

The off-season isn’t the only time to focus on athletic improvement. Here are four tips for in-season training that will keep your players strong and support their game performance.

14 Strongman Articles to Strengthen Your Knowledge

Strongman is about as raw and basic as it gets. We can learn a lot from strongmen of old and modern day strongman competitors. Here are fourteen articles full of information to get you strong.

Product Review: ProBar Core

The Core bar from ProBar is a delicious post-workout snack packed with protein and high-quality ingredients.

Athlete Journal: Charles Staley, Entry 73 - Sadiv Sets

This week I started using a new method for my deadlifts and also set yet another 10-rep personal record in the kettlebell snatch.

Friday Flicks: Sasha DiGiulian - First Ascent Sport Climbing in South Africa

Enjoy this video of accomplished young climber Sasha DiGiulian completing a stunning first ascent in Waterval Boven, South Africa.

Prenatal Yoga - The Art of Slowing Down and Listening

Every pregnancy is different. But whatever the case may be, simply meditating and sending love to the unborn baby is essential for creating a lifelong connection between mother and child.

How to Build a Better Pedal Stroke

How often have you heard the advice to pedal in circles? I decided to put this to a personal trial and have been using all sorts of measurements to examine and improve my pedal stroke.

Book Review: "Nom Nom Paleo: Food For Humans" by Michelle Tam and Henry Fong

"Nom Nom Paleo: Food for Humans" transports me back to my childhood love for books. Not only is it full of amazing recipes, but it's also carefully designed and fun to read.

Don't Throw Away the Scales

There’s one piece of advice that often gets thrown around that is flat out wrong. That is the advice of telling people to throw the scales away when seeking to lose weight.

Calorie Burn for Bodyweight Exercise May Be Underestimated

A new study suggests bodyweight exercise might burn more calories than we previously thought.

Tech Review: runzi running cadence - injury coach app

This free app from runzi provides cadence coaching and impact data for footfalls during running and walking activities.

Welcome to The NRG Games - Fun, Family, and Fitness

NRG Games is the brainchild of gymnastics coach Chris Lofland. At it's core is the desire to bring a healthy, active awareness about fitness opportunities to the local community.

5 Tips for an Effective Home Yoga Practice

As a yoga teacher, I work during the time of most yoga classes that I would like to take myself. So, I often end up practicing at home. Here are my five tips to establish a good home practice.

Size Does Matter - Managing Weight Cutting in Weightlifting

A well-planned and well-executed weight loss of between 1.5 to 2% of body weight should have no negative influence on competition results. How is this to be done, and done safely?

Why Your "Max" Isn't Your Max - The 6 Types of Actual Maxes

Here is my breakdown of the types of maxes we all encounter throughout our strength journey, and how to makes sense of them.

Since I Was Nine, I've Hated My Thighs

I remember sitting in the back seat of the family car. It was 1985 and shorts were short then. I looked down at my thighs as they spread across the prickling fabric, as they expanded while at rest.

The Importance of Sprint Momentum for Contact Sports

Sprinting speed is an important factor in many sports, but in contact sports sprinting momentum might be a better way to gauge performance.