The Thin Blue Line Must Be Strong

Getting stronger makes officers more effective in subject control and use of force incidents, as well as bolstering confidence and presence.

4 Reasons You're Not Getting Deep Enough in Your Squats

Whether it’s a no rep or a bro rep, it’s all the same when it comes to squats. Nobody wants to squat shallow.

Small Band Load Increases Power and Speed

In a new study, use of elastic tubing during the clean pull improved performance in competitive Olympic weightlifters.

Diet and Drilling Adjustments (Athlete Journal Entry 17)

This was one of my best training weeks of 2014. I'm dialing in my diet and have changed my approach to drilling.

Combat Skin Combat Warrior Rashguard and Tights (Product Review)

Featuring the ancient Chinese mythical creature called the Qilin, the Combat Warrior rashguard and tights top my list of favorites.

How Food Addiction Can Impact Your Mood

Approximately 67% of Americans are classified as overweight and obese. But the rate of mood disorders are also increasing.

What Not to Do Before Your Triathlon Race

You’d be surprised what you can learn about yourself, and about others, on race day.

Third Time’s the Charm: Going to the CrossFit Games

The road to the 2014 Games was different than in previous years, with the addition of the Masters Qualifier, a new training mindset, and being a year older.

How to Train the Boomers Safely and Effectively

The fitness industry is in for a big change soon. If you’re a coach or trainer you need be aware of how it will affect your business.

Antagonist Pairing Shows Great Promise

Antagonist paired sets seem to improve performance, but rest intervals are key.

"Sexy By Nature" (Book Review)

Stefani Ruper presents her unconventional approach to sexiness in this fun and informative book.

The Science Behind Why "I Think I Can" Actually Works

Your brain's number one priority is self-preservation. If it doesn’t function your body dies. So above all else, it prioritizes it's own protection.

How to Alleviate the Symptoms of Premenstrual Syndrome

Even if you have not been diagnosed, you can use alternative therapies, nutrition, and physical exercise to help with your symptoms.

Three Ways to Build More Powerful Legs for Golf

What do stance, stability, and leg power have to do with how far the ball travels? Or how accurate you are?

When You Hit the Wall in Training: 5 Ways to Fix It

Ideally, desired adaptations will occur without an over-accumulation of stress. But for some, there's just no getting around that wall.

The Top Ten Ways to Test Your Body

If you don’t know what’s going on inside your body, then how do you know you’re not one of those people who are healthy on the outside, but unhealthy on the inside?

Contrast Training Benefits Youth Soccer Players

Youth athletes may benefit from adding a simple bodyweight program to their training, says a new study.

When Typing Interferes With Training (Athlete Journal 25)

The week ended with a bit of pain in my elbow and wrist, but otherwise it was a solid training week.

Why Fitness Professionals Shouldn't Eat (or Sell) Energy Bars

As trainers, we eat bars to energize workouts or as meal replacements and we sell clients the same bill of goods.

Virtuosity with Dusty Hyland - Bent Arm Press to Handstand, Vol 5: Spotting the Shoulderstand

This week is about spotting and becoming better athletes in the process.