Book Review: "Everyday Paleo Around the World: Italian Cuisine" by Sarah Fragoso

The newest in the series of paleo cookbooks from Sarah Fragoso, this one takes the genre in a new direction - specifically, to Italy and traditional Italian food.

Sunday Seven: The Week's 7 Most Popular Articles, Vol. 75

Every Sunday we post the "Sunday Seven" so you can quickly see the seven most popular articles of the week. This week: coaching, CrossFit, pull ups, sleep, grip strength, and more!

The Wai Kru: What That Funny Dance Muay Thai Fighters Do Really Means

If you've ever watched a traditional muay Thai match then you've seen the dance the fighters do before the bout begins. It's known as the wai kru and it has deep meaning and history in Thai culture.

The Inverse Relationship Between Max Effort, Short-Term Complex Skills and Multiple Repetitions

What does that mean? That means you can't do highly technical stuff for long without getting fatigued and injured.

10 Links to Give Life to Your Deadlift

Are your deadlift numbers stuck to the ground? Here are ten articles to help you pick them up.

Product Review: Kill Cliff Recovery Drinks

Finding a recovery drink that is convenient, tasty, and relatively healthy can be a challenge. I recently got to try two products by Kill Cliff and found they provide all three.

Athlete Journal: Charles Staley, Entry 58 - Another Solid Week

Another solid week in the books, including a 455lb pull on a very thick bar. This should be equivalent to about 500lbs on a normal bar. My bench press is also coming along nicely.

Friday Flicks: Highline Slacklining

Welcome to highlining - an extreme sport in which athletes travese a length of webbing that is suspended high above the ground. Take a deep breath before you press play!

MIL/LEO/FF or Anyone Else Short on Time: 3 Fast Workouts to Switch It Up

Aside from the physical and mental stress of your job, your schedule can make it hard to stick with a fitness routine. Here are workouts I use and suggest for a high payoff in a short time.

Beyond the 2-Handed Swing: 5 Effective Kettlebell Movements You May Be Neglecting

There’s a lot more to the world of kettlebells than just the two-handed swing. Here are five of the most effective movements that you may be accidentally leaving out of your workouts.

Flexibility Is Like Any Other Discipline - It Takes Discipline

Flexibility is called by experts "the last frontier of human performance." And like any other aspect of performance, it takes time, practice, and discipline.

The Effects of Weights on Anaerobic Power

Is weight training using a high-intensity, slow-cadence protocol better for anaerobic power than more traditional weight training? A new study suggests that there is little difference between the two.

Psychology in the Weightlifting Arena, Part 6 - Discharging

After you relax, center your mind, visualize the lift, ground your body, and charge up your lungs, you are ready to lift. During that lift you have one other process to consider - discharging.

Deloading 101: What Is a Deload and How Do You Do It?

Plain and simple, a deload is a short planned period of recovery. Here are four ways to do it and why you absolutely must include it in your training.

6 Ways You Might Be Over-Coaching Your Clients

Over-coaching is the use of excessive input by the coach in any given situation. The input becomes detrimental to the athlete’s development. Here are six ways you might not realize you're doing it.

The CrossFit L1 Cert Doesn't Make You a Coach

The idea you can take an L1 course just a CrossFitter on a Saturday morning and emerge Sunday afternoon a coach is pure fantasy. I know this because I was the world’s worst CrossFit coach for 2 years.

Muscular Endurance and Strength Training: An Ideal Combo for Endurance Athletes

There's been a lot of buzz about strength training for endurance athletes. A new study suggests a good concurrent training program can improve performance up to 5 weeks after it ends.

Video: Sean Waxman - Olympic Weightlifting Drills: Clean Pull to the Knee

The clean pull to the knee helps improve strength and mechanics for the first pull.

Interview with Jesse Bellevance of Killer Bee Kimonos

Recently I had the chance to speak to the owner of Killer Bee Kimonos about how he got his start in martial arts. Turns out, an unprovoked attack inspired his first steps into the martial arts world.

How to Safely Lift and Do Yoga When You Have a Bulging Disc

Once your doctor has cleared you for activity there are some simple modifications you can make to your movement to allow you to continue lifting and practicing yoga.

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