9 Perspectives on Coaching and Weightlifting by Bob Takano

Bob Takano is a highly regarded weightlifting coach with experience in coaching all levels of lifter from beginners to national champion. Here are nine of his articles and videos for you.

Off-Season Strength Training for Cyclists: A Well-Planned Transition Phase

Part of prepping for next year's cycling season includes an effective transitional phase to start off-season training. The proper design of this phase of training pays big dividends later.

Super Sets: What They Are and 4 Ways to Do Them

Joe Weider was the founder of bodybuilding as we know it today. He also created the "Super Set Principle," and think what you want about bodybuilding, but these are great for building strength.

Multiple Studies Agree: Occlusion Training Works

Isn't it nice when scientific research seems to agree about something? According to a recent review, there's universal agreement that occlusion training helps build muscle strength and size.

How to Determine Your Jerk Grip Width

Last week we talked about the snatch grip width, so naturally this week we are going to move on to the clean and jerk.

Mobility and Movement, Session 2: Yoga and Mobility for Front Rack Flexibility

Here are some tips to help learn external rotation and mobilize key parts of the body required for the front rack position.

The Cost of Eating Well: How to Eat Better for Less Money

A lot of people thinking eating well has to be expensive, but I'm here to tell you that's not true. The cost can be a lot less than you think, and here's how to do it.

The Rabbit Hole of Back Pain: What Your Doctor Doesn't Want You to Know

Doctors don’t want you to understand your problem for fear they will lose money and your relatives that they told you to bring to them. Here's what you need to know to educate yourself on the matter.

Weightlifting Shoes: Why You Need a Pair, What to Look For, and When to Wear Them

If I had a pound for every time I’m asked about Olympic weightlifting shoes, well, I’d be able to afford plenty more pairs of shoes. Here's everything you need to know about weightlifting shoes

Big Heavy Squats Can Help Treat and Prevent Osteoporosis

A new study shows squats might have yet another health benefit - improved bone health in women with osteoporosis and osteopenia.

Video: Sean Waxman - Olympic Weightlifting Drills: Snatch Pull

The snatch pull is an exercise used to strengthen the pulling muscles, or reinforce pulling mechanics.

Book Review: "Well Fed 2" by Melissa Joulwan

Unlike your average Hollywood action flick, Melissa Joulwan's second paleo cookbook, "Well Fed 2" is a worthy sequel, with all the sassiness and deliciousness of her first book.

Ricardo Almeida Talks About Life, BJJ, and Raising a Child With Autism Spectrum Disorder

When Ricardo's son Renzo was diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder, the family switched to eating gluten and casein free - but they all still train jiu jitsu.

Understanding the Oxidative Energy System and How to Properly Feed It

This system is our primary source of ATP at rest and during longer duration physical activity. Understanding how to fuel it can help increase performance in endurance events.

Isometric Training: What It Is and How to Do It Correctly

I'm going to explain why and how isometric training works, and then give you two different protocols you can follow.

How Novice and Intermediate Runners Should Train For a Marathon

Thinking about running your first marathon? A recent study investigates the best way for novice and intermediate runners to train for a marathon without getting injured.

Athlete Journal: Chris Duffin, Entry 72 - My New Toy

I picked up a new GymAware data collection toy, which will be a big help in my training. I also included my first video on misunderstood cues.

The Outlaw Experience: A Weekend at the Outlaw Olympic Lifting Specialty Camp

Is the Outlaw Olympic Lifting Specialty Camp worth the time and money? Without a doubt, and here's why.

Back On My Feet: Running to Combat Homelessness

Back On My Feet combines running and community to combat homelessness. I recently had the opportunity to speak with one member about his experience.

5 Running Tips for the Non-Runner (From a Non-Runner)

As a reformed running-hater turned running-lover, these are my top five tips to improve your running, both in the physical sense of being better at it and in the mental sense of enjoying it.

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