The Myth of Groupon: 6 Critical Things to Consider Before Offering an Email Deal

Let's look at what really happens when you do a heavily discounted email offer like Groupon, including the potential for insulting your current clients and the tiny amount you actually earn.

Is the Valsalva Maneuver Safe and Effective?

Using the Valsalva maneuver is a standard practice in weight lifting. But is it effective and safe? A recent study addresses those questions.

Sunday Seven: The Week's 7 Most Popular Articles, Vol. 73

Every Sunday we post the "Sunday Seven" so you can quickly see the 7 most popular articles of the week. This week: pull ups, the athlete's manifesto, the adrenal system, and more!

Video: How to Defend the Rear-Leg Roundhouse Kick

In this video we examine how to properly block the rear-leg roundhouse kick. We cover three important details that make or break this technique.

6 Forgotten or Misunderstood Facts of Physical Training

I know reality sucks, but you need to be aware of the nonsense out there so you can implement a training program that is realistic and practical to your genetic endowment.

Post-Workout Nutrition: 10 Articles To Help You Fuel Your Training

Fueling your training doesn't just take place before your workout. Read these ten articles to learn the ins and outs of how you should eat after you train.

Product Review: Skins A400 Men’s Half Tights

I was excited to try my new Skins compression gear for running and martial arts. Although I didn't magically transform into Hercules on the mat, I was impressed with the comfort and quality.

Athlete Journal: Charles Staley, Entry 56 - Seven Weeks Out

Despite a 515 miss on the deadlift this week, I had a solid bench press and squat session. Overall, I'm feeling confident about Worlds, which are just seven weeks away now.

Friday Flicks: Street Trial Rider Danny MacAskill's Imaginate

Sit back and enjoy this journey through the mind of street trial rider Danny MacAskill. The video took two years to make - but we think you'll agree it was worth it!

A Soldier's Creed - In the Gym

A lot of us can learn from the Army's “Soldier's Creed.” Let’s take a look at what defines a soldier in the context of our time in the gym.

A Comparison of Carb Back-Loading and the Renegade Diet

You may have heard of both these diets. Well, I decided to give them both a go. Here's my experience, the theories behind the diets, and what each plan is best for.

Get Bigger Guns With Kettlebell Cleans

If you hit this workout twice a week for a month I guarantee you’ll be surprised - not just at how your arms grow, but at how many factors like your pull ups and your conditioning grow too.

Creatine: Timing May Make a Difference

Nutrient timing is a hot topic in sports nutrition. A recent study investigates whether it's better to take creatine before or after your workout.

The ABCs of Vitamins: Vitamin B9 (Folate or Folic Acid)

It is fairly common to have low levels of folic acid in your system. Deficiency can be linked to mental fatigue, depression, irritability, muscular fatigue, poor growth, and gingivitis.

April Luu: Apex Predator and Elite Spartan Race Competitor

Have you ever watched a nature show and seen the look in a shark’s eyes just before it eats the baby seal? That is the same as April Luu looks when she is on the start line of an obstacle course.

Athlete Journal: Allison Moyer, Entry 1 - 8/22/2013

This is my first journal entry and I'm also 11 days out from the IFBB North American Championships. In the bodybuilding world, I'm a bit of a two-legged unicorn and here's why.

Cheryl Nasso: "Thank You CrossFit. You Saved My Life!"

Cheryl Nasso competed in the 2011 CrossFit Games, but for decades before she struggled with a life-threatening eating disorder. She credits the discovery of CrossFit for changing everything.

The Athlete's Manifesto

You have expectations of your coaches and your gym, but do you hold such expectations of yourself? It’s time to commit to being an active part of your own success. Print this out and follow it.

Your Diet Can Improve Your Brain Power

Most athletes want a combination of brains and brawn, not just muscle power. A new study explores the connection between diet, cognitive performance, and disease.

Video: Sean Waxman - Olympic Weightlifting Drills: Press From Split Position

The press from split position is an exercise to help strengthen the athlete's position in the split of the jerk, as well as improve the balance in that position.

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