Weekly Work-In: Week 8 - Use Visualization to Achieve Your Sports Goals

Visualization can help you achieve strength, flexibility, reduced time, or a large feat like completing a marathon.

The Trials and Tradeoffs of Being a Competitive Athlete

Valerie Worthington's journals portray the immense value and annoying struggles of competing in BJJ.

The Genie in a Bottle: Anabolic Steroids and Youth Athletes

As a parent or coach, you need to take steps to educate youth athletes about the problems of using anabolics.

Power Optimization Part I: Old Time Strongmen

In this series of articles I will attempt to answer what is best: power optimization or power efficiency? Let's start with how old-time strongmen trained.

What Does "Certification" Mean?

The public seems to demand that all instructors are certified. This seems to provide comfort, but how useful is it?

Everything You Need to Know About the Iliopsoas

Learn the importance of the iliopsoas muscle group, how to strengthen it, and how to lengthen it for those who are tight in this area.

Blood Lipid Profiles Not Improved by Decreased Milk Consumption

People with high lipid levels are often told to reduce dairy intake. Does it actually help?

You Win Some, and You Lose Some (Athlete Journal Entry 15)

Last Saturday I competed in the New York Open and lost my very first match to a guy who beat me two years ago.

Is Low Calorie Dieting Dangerous?

The research clearly states that low calorie dieting has the potential to negatively affect our health.

How Should an Injured Athlete Recover? William Wayland Explains

Strength and conditioning super genius, William Wayland, answers a few of my questions to help all of us stay healthy.

How to Perfect Your Pre-Race Ritual Before Race Day

How can you expect to perform your best on race day if you don’t practice everything - your nutrition, your equipment set up, and everything else?

The Impending Crisis in Youth Sports

If youth are not miniature adults, why do we continue to subject kids to a watered-down adult sports model?

5 Pieces of CrossFit Gym Etiquette You Need to Know

I once heard a comedian say, “There is a weirdo on every city bus…and if there isn’t, you’re it.”

Study Tests Unconventional Methods of Military Physical Preparation

Military training protocols that include strength training, flexibility work, and other less common methods might be better.

Paleo Wraps (Product Review)

If you've started eating paleo and miss tortillas, these wraps are the perfect substitute.

The Paleo f(x) Experience: Food, Fitness, and a Lot of Fun

At Paleo f(x) I learned a lot about fitness, nutrition, happiness, and even hallucinogenic mushrooms.

How to Beat Shoulder Pain (and Still Lift)

If you're fighting shoulder pain to get under the squat bar, give these compression techniques a go.

How to Manage Pre-Race Anxiety

Anxiety or stress, if elevated, can result in a variety of negative reactions. Learn to control it.

Why Slouching Isn’t The Only Bad Posture

Overextension is the opposite of slouching, but is no lesser of the two evils.

I Don't Do CrossFit Anymore

I don’t do CrossFit. I don’t teach CrossFit. I don’t recommend CrossFit. But if you do it, love it, and learn from it, then I’m genuinely happy for you for all of that.