How You Can Make Your Bones Healthier Now

A recent research review took a look at some common conceptions about how various lifestyle factors affect bone health. It turns out most of them seem to be correct.

4 Videos to Help You be Strong, Mobile, and Injury-Free by Donnie Thompson

Donnie Thompson is a retired powerlifter turned physical therapist. He specializes helping others be strong, mobile, and to prevent or recover from injury. Here are four videos to help you do that.

Tech Review: Sonos Play:1

The Sonos Play:1 is an economical and high-quality speaker system that would work well in a fitness studio with multiple rooms.

How to Do a Safe and Proper Vinyasa

When a teacher says “take a vinyasa,” they mean a specific sequence of movements, and if it is not performed properly, over time you are at risk of injury to the rotator cuff or lower back.

Proper Rack Positioning in the Clean and Jerk (and How to Adjust Mid-Lift)

The clean ends with the bar racked on your shoulders, whereas the jerk starts from there. Even so, many lifters find the need to readjust the position of their rack. Why is this?

Life: The Unknown and Unknowable at High Intensity - But Is It CrossFit?

This past week Reebok sent me to the Netherlands to compete in the Lowlands Throwdown. It was also the worst week of my life. Perhaps life is more like CrossFit than I realized.

9 Strength Training Mistakes We've All Made and How to Fix Them

I think there’s a few aspects of your training that could do with a little shift in perspective. Let’s grab a coffee and take a look at how we can make your training work harder for you.

Carbs and Protein: Do We Need Both After a Workout?

You might have heard you need carbs after a workout in just the right ratio to protein. A recent study suggests when it comes to protein synthesis, you just need protein.

Video: Sean Waxman - Olympic Weightlifting Drills: Snatch Pull to the Knee

The snatch pull to the knee is an exercise that helps improve the strength of the muscles involved in pulling the barbell off the floor during the snatch.

Athlete Journal: Alli Moyer, Entry 5 - 10/23/2013

This week a woman at my box made it into the 100+lb snatch club before I did. I'm going to spend my time and energy working, not envying, so I can get there too.

What Would William Wayland Do? WW Talks S&C for MMA and BJJ

If I saw William Wayland walking towards me in BJJ class and we were the only two people left not rolling, I would most likely fake an injury or pretend to be sleeping.

Use Scientific Method to Do Handstand Straddle in 3 Practice Stages

Upon blundering through the handstand straddle one day, I realized my approach was chaotic and unfocused. I was practicing consistently, but I was getting inconsistent results.

Test and Retest: How to Use Race Results to Prepare for Your Next Obstacle Course

Using a Spartan Race as an example, let’s look to see what can be changed from my last race to ensure better performance next time around.

SkinnyFit: CrossFit’s Other Dirty Little Secret

Why is there a subculture of skinny-hawking bikini-body programming starting to creep up at CrossFit boxes? I happened upon a box’s website the other day and found this: 2013 BIKINI CHALLENGE.

Science Tests the Effectiveness of the TRX

TRX exercises have become increasingly popular over the years. A recent study investigated the effects of TRX on pressing exercises, compared to stable surface training.

Athlete Journal: Chris Duffin, Entry 73 - Recovery Mode

Considering I was recovering from a heavy volume workout last week and fighting off a cold, I spent most of this week in recovery mode, but still got in some training.

DVD Review: "Yoga for Energy and Stress Relief" by Rodney Yee

Taking time to relax should be easy, but it's also easy to make excuses and skimp on your unwind time. Rodney Yee's new DVD is a great relaxation resource if you're fatigued from workouts or life.

Video: Squat Therapy - How to Get Your Bum Moving Properly

This video will teach you how to move your bum properly, as well as an important drill for improving all aspects of your squat.

Is There A Connection Between Poultry and Prostate Cancer?

Men have a 1-in-6 chance of being diagnosed with prostate cancer. Research shows there are two foods that potentially have a negative impact on this cancer progression and growth. Are you eating them?

6 Things You Need to Think About When Writing CrossFit Programming

What do programmers think about before writing a training plan for an individual or group? I spoke with two experts and here's what they had to say about creating workouts and a long-term plan.

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