Friday Flicks: Team Hoyt

This week's video features Team Hoyt, a father-son duo. If you don't know their story don't miss it. Grab some tissues if you're the sentimental type - it's a tearjerker!

Product Review: The Ultimate Sandbag

Sick of getting sand in your face when you train with your homemade sandbag? Check out the Ultimate Sandbag for a professional take on old-school training.

Dispelling The Myth of the Spiritual Yoga Guru

Being a spiritual guru (whatever that is) doesn't mean your life is perfect. In fact, I contend I'm a better yoga teacher because my life is flawed and my knowledge is imperfect.

You're Going to See This Again: Fitness Trends Are Talking and You Need to Listen

The fitness industry is giving us some real clues right now, but are you paying attention? Bodyweight and movement-based training are trends for a valid reason.

Two New Studies on Static Stretching ... Are Completely Conflicting?

Two new studies about static stretching say totally different things. One says it decreases strength for only 10 minutes, the other says 24 hours. Who is right and how can this happen?

Book Review: "Sane and Simple Nutrition" by Nia Shanks

"Sane and Simple Nutrition" by Nia Shanks provides simple, flexible tips to help readers break free from "OCD eating habits" and the guilt that sometimes comes with following strict diets.

Eat What You Want: Your Macros and the Truth About Carbs

You can eat anything you want as long as it fits within your caloric budget and macronutrient split. Whether you get your carbs from donuts or oatmeal, you can still improve your body comp.

It’s Up to Her: Professional Athlete Phaidra Knight Controls Her Destiny

Phaidra's grandfather told her she could do anything, and so she did. From law school, to pro rugby, to an eye on the Olympic bobsled team, Phaidra believes in reinvention, adventure, and giving back.

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome: What Is PCOS and How to Treat It With Diet

PCOS affects an estimated 5-10% of women of reproductive age. While it was once thought to be a fertility problem, we now know it's an metabolic disorder treatable with exercise and good nutrition.

How You're Sabotaging Your Posture and Your Time in the Gym

Most of us pay attention to posture in the gym, but not outside of it. But most of your day is spent outside the gym, so you're actually practicing and refining bad posture all the time.

Fasting Does Not Negatively Affect Muscle Gain

Scientists studied the effects of weight training while fasting by observing Muslim bodybuilders during Ramadan. It turns out not eating after your workout might not matter.

Why We Prefer Individual Sports Over Team Sports

Many of us grew up in team sports, but we didn't stick to them and chose an individual sport instead. Why do some of us prefer individual sports, and what are the pros and cons of this?

Video: Sean Waxman - Olympic Weightlifting Drills: The Jerk Balance

The jerk balance reinforces the idea of stepping through during the jerk. Combine this exercise with the Canella Cross drill from last week.

Athlete Journal: Pat McCarty, Entry 10 - 5/1/2013

In order to really compete, you need a coach and you need programming. The question for us masters - and for any athlete really - is what program? Or should I say, whose?

Getting to Know Your Serratus Anterior: Strengthen Your "Wings"

The serratus anterior might not be the most visible of muscles, but it's quite important for our breathing and our movement. Find out how it works and how to strengthen it.

BJJ Needs You: Be Part of the Competition by Volunteering

Competing isn't the only way to participate in a BJJ tournament - you can also volunteer to work at the event. There are a lot of different volunteers needed to make it a great day for the athletes.

Stop Sucking and Train More

The reason you’re mired in mediocrity is because you simply aren’t putting in the hours needed to get the result you want. Many people say they’re really committed, but few do the work.

What's Happening In Your Blood After a Workout

What is going on in your blood during recovery? And when are you actually recovered? Scientists looked at markers for inflammation and injury and how long they stick around after a workout.

Athlete Journal: Chris Duffin, Entry 49 - 2013 Tactical Strength Challenge

I was sick this week but still competed in the Tactical Strength Challenge as I had planned. I have some video from the event plus a bonus video of toddler-assisted mobility work.

Facing the Pain: Let It Be Your Guide

Pain can't be avoided in our lives - either in the gym or outside of it. But how we handle our pain can determine what we learn and how successfully we move forward.

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