Athlete Journal: Ruth Anderson Horrell, Entry 7 - 4/25/2013

Training is getting intense as Regionals approach, but I'm taking two rest days each week which allows for more intensity.

Merging Selves: My Continued Development as a Grappler and Its Larger Meaning

My relationship with BJJ is evolving. Sometimes I wear a suit and talk to academics, and sometimes I write about jiu jitsu instead of training. I am merging my lives into one whole.

The ABCs of Vitamins: Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin)

This week, in part three of my series on the ins and outs of vitamins, we will look at the antioxidant, energy-producing power station known as vitamin B2.

Why Weightlifting Training Is Best Done in a Group

Weightlifting might be an individual sport, but it is best trained for in a group setting. Here are the reasons I believe the most successful lifters came from a real team setting.

Why You Need Indigestible Carbs in Your Diet

We know fiber is good for us, but what about other indigestible carbs? Science looked at barley kernels and discovered some amazing properties when it comes to our health.

Video: Sean Waxman - Olympic Weightlifting Drills: The Canella Cross

The Cannella Cross reinforces proper foot placement during the jerk. For this exercise you will need a piece of chalk and a training partner to give you some feedback.

Athlete Journal: Pat McCarty, Entry 9 - 4/24/2013

This week provided a lesson in the difference between quitting and making a judgment call to avoid injury. As promised, I've also included video of my progress on my goals from last week.

The Yoga of Self Defense: Arming Your Inner and Outer Self

As a yogi and a park ranger, I have become aware of the true meaning of self preservation and self defense. Drop the ignorance, not the weapons. Remain practical, vigilant, and peaceful!

The Best BJJ Gear for Women: No Gi, Gi, and Random Girl Necessities

Here is a list of basic gear for women that I’ve tried and loved. I've included the best gear for no gi, my favorite gis, and also some hairstyle tips.

Common Sense Programming for the Intelligent Insect

After writing an article on how specialization is for insects, I received more than one email from people asking how they could create a smart plan. Well, here it is - all laid out.

How to Take Our Goals From Dreams to Reality

Success in the gym is a little like grade school, we have to take it one level at a time or be overwhelmed by the enormity of our goal. Plus, we have to really, really want it.

High Protein Diets Result in Better Cholesterol Scores

Science takes a look at two different diets - one low-protein and one high-protein - and discovered the high-protein diet created better blood sugar control and improved cholesterol.

Athlete Journal: Chris Duffin, Entry 48 - Tips For Improving Your Grip

This week my journal includes my training summary, plus two videos - one training video and a second with some tips on how to improve your grip.

"What's Your Specialty?" How NOT To Find a Niche in the Fitness Industry

You've probably heard finding a niche is a good business move, but there's a good and a bad way to do it. Here are five things to avoid while exploring a new specialty.

8-Week Pre-Competition Training Template for Young Athletes

This eight-week plan outlines how to take build your youth athletes up to competition season or an upcoming event. Workout frequency, intensity, and exercise variety are all addressed.

Product Review: The Rotater for Shoulder Rehab and Prehab

The Rotater is an awesome product for shoulder stretching or strengthening for rehab. It works best for internal and external rotation. Something many of us are lacking.

The Tabata Revolution Explained: What, Why, and How to Tabata

You hear a lot about Tabata intervals. It is an efficient and intense way to exercise aerobically and anaerobically. Do you know where this exercise protocol originated?

Mental Strategies from Professional Strength and Conditioning Coaches

Researchers questioned over 100 experienced strength and conditioning coaches to find out what mental strategies they employed with their athletes. Are you using these techniques?

12 Reps with Hannah Caldas, Swimmer and Scientist

She's an elite swimmer, a hardcore CrossFit athlete, and a professor of neurosurgery. Yes, that's right. Read her answers to the 12 Reps to learn more about this amazing athlete-scientist.

Women and Group Exercise: Theories From a Male Instructor

I have never understood why group exercise is dominated by women participants. I have a few theories on why this is, in regards to dancing, ability to listen, and community.

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