Kettlebells, Ironman, and Bruce Lee: 10 Articles By Andrew Read

These 10 articles cover everything from kettlebells, to martial arts, to Ironman, but they're all written by the same person: endurance athlete, Senior RKC, and trainer Andrew Read.

Product Review: Gorilla Wraps

Gorilla Wraps are wrist wraps designed to help stabilize the wrist for weight lifting. They were designed with CrossFit in mind, so they are adjustable to fit the variety in your workouts.

Athlete Journal: Charles Staley, Entry 39 - Hard Work

I realized this week that I've been focusing more on performance than on hard work. I decided to rededicate myself to hard work and adjusted my training a bit to reflect that decision.

Friday Flicks: Highlights From Ironman Kona 2012

Feeling a little low at the end of the week? Watch this video of highlights from last year's Ironman Kona for a little weekend inspiration. The scenery isn't too shabby either!

How to Achieve Bite-Sized Bits of Balance in Life

My life is a mess, and I’m doing my best to keep up. I've discovered that bite-sized bits of balance are more attainable and can make all the difference in my day. Here's how I do it.

Understanding the Healing Modalities of ART and NKT

After exploring different healing methods, the two types of therapy I discovered to be most impactful were active release technique (ART) and neurokinetic therapy (NKT).

How to Stretch Like the Professionals

The fitness industry is filled with idiots, many of whom conduct confusing studies about stretching. The truth is most people need more of it, but they should do it like real athletes do.

What Determines Reaction Time and How to Improve It

Scientists examine the factors affecting reaction time and determine they are less neurological and more dependent on things we can actually train and improve.

Athlete Journal: Ruth Anderson Horrell, Entry 6 - 4/18/2013

My asthma started acting up this week so I had to ease off a bit in my training. I was frustrated about it but some tragic news put things in perspective for me.

Book Review: "Beautiful Babies" by Kristen Michaelis

"Beautiful Babies" is one of my new favorite nutrition books for the reproductive years. The book is a primer in traditional nutrition for fertility, pregnancy, and feeding babies.

The Importance of Ownership and Initiative in Your Training

If you want to achieve your fitness goals, then you need to take ownership of your training. Take the initiative instead of asking your coach the same questions day in and day out.

Telltale Signs You’re Dealing with a Grappler

I’ve noticed a few idiosyncrasies in my behavior that have the potential to out me as a grappler among people who don’t already know I am one. Read on to see if any of this sounds familiar.

The ABCs of Vitamins: Vitamin B1 (Thiamine)

Vitamin B1, also known as thiamine, plays a large role in maintaining healthy skin, hair, eyes, and liver. It can also cause some strange diseases if you don't get enough of it.

Mastering the Chin-Up: 7 Variations to Beat Gym Boredom

As awesome as regular chin-ups are, why just stick to one variation? To really get the most bang for your buck, you should be doing different types of chin-ups.

You Need to Do More Than Play Your Sport to Be Better at Your Sport

It's common to hear coaches say the best way to get conditioned for a sport is to play that sport. New science proves that idea false and shows a need for structured training.

Product Review: Gawakoto Kalabaw Rashguard

I've been eyeing the Kalabaw rashguard since Bong posted a photo of it on Facebook in May 2012. I finally got one and it's the most comfortable I've ever rolled in.

Athlete Journal: Pat McCarty, Entry 8 - 4/17/2013

Now that the Open is over and the dust has settled, it’s time to start setting goals for for the Games. My goal for next week is to string together 3 no-false grip muscle-ups.

Finger and Wrist Stretches to Combat Your Modern Lifestyle

This series of stretches relieves tension in the fingers, wrists, forearms, and elbows. Great for athletes, massage therapists, techies, bartenders, and people with carpal tunnel syndrome.

Do Cartwheels: Why You Need Learning and Fun in Your Training

I've discovered training is much more enjoyable when I'm outdoors and when I'm learning new things. How do you keep challenging yourself, and are you still having fun?

Video: Sean Waxman - Olympic Weightlifting Exercises: Clean Grip Overhead Squat

The clean grip overhead squat improves mobility in the shoulder girdle as well as torso strength. Combine this drill with the clean grip snatch exercise from last week.

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