Athlete Journal: Alli Moyer, Entry 7 - 11/21/2013

It aggravates me when people base the “success” of their life on the successes of others, and yet I’m guilty myself of being far too concerned with what others think of me and my progress.

The Necessity of Class Size Caps and Booking Systems for the Small Gym Owner

As a gym business grows, class size can become a problem for many business owners. But if you incorporate a class cap, you also have to figure out how to enforce it.

How Much Overhead Are You Carrying?

Every firm has a certain amount of overhead. In the human body, we can think of our body fat as overhead. How does this overhead affect us as weightlifters?

The Best Paleo Cookbooks 2013: Which Ones to Buy and Why

Reading through the many reviews I’ve done over the last couple years would take a lot of time. So, I’ve put together a guide to all my favorite paleo cookbooks.

Why Athletes Need to Understand the Concept of Torque

The concept of torque is a foundation of human movement and is a core principle in physical therapy, personal training, and weightlifting.

The Best Way to Develop Active Range of Motion

In a recent study, researchers wanted to see which type of stretching improved active range of motion in dancers.

Athlete Journal: Chris Duffin, Entry 77 - Wrapping Up Volume Week

A lot of this week was devoted to wrapping up some volume work from last week. Check out the video for some tips on pause squats and the sumo pulls.

Product Review: Phalanx Fight Company "The Alloy" Women's Rashguard

Phalanx FC has designed a new rashguard for women. With its compression fit, high-quality construction, and sleek design, it's a solid product for female combat athletes.

How to Stay Plant-Based and Survive the Holidays

Holiday stress can lead to overeating and bad food choices. How are we to navigate this time of the year and keep a healthy, plant-based diet? I’ve got five tips to increase your chance of survival.

Video: Strength and Stretch Leg Sequence

This is a sequence of four poses intended to strengthen your hamstrings and stretch your hip flexors. This is an especially useful sequence for runners.

The Meaning of a Hero WOD and Those Who Must Not Be Forgotten

What I am asking for is that we invoke that same sense of honor and tribute when “Amanda” is done as when "Murph," "Badger," or "Michael" comes up in the feed.

Snatch By Numbers: Why You're Snatching Too Much and Too Often

Yes, the snatch is a tremendous full-body lift, and yes, it displays great strength and athleticism. But why are you trying to do it so much? Do you know how little the Russians actually did it?

Is Ultra-Endurance Training Good or Bad for Your Health?

You would think running a marathon every day for seven days straight might have a bad impact on your health, but a recent study suggests otherwise.

9 Insights on Swimming and CrossFit by Hannah Caldas

Hannah Caldas is an international level swimmer with an impressive array of accolades, as well as being a competitive CrossFitter. Here are nine of Hannah's articles using her combined experience.

10 Ways to Go Gluten-Free, Get Lean, and Stay That Way

Some of you might not know exactly what "gluten free" means or what the benefits could possibly be, so here is a quick intro on the gluten-free lifestyle, as I like to call it.

Video: Handstand Push Up Therapy and Mobility

For those of you who are anxious about the handstand pushup, specifically kicking up and being upside down, then we've got a solution for you.

Coach, I Can't Do Pull Ups: 7 Tips to Get You There

There are tons of pull up strategies out there, but not all of them are getting you stronger. Here are seven tips for achieving that beautiful, dead-hang pull up.

The Truth About Steroid Use in CrossFit: Don’t Ever Assume

I do not believe that every person in CrossFit is using steroids. The reason for this I hope can be explained in this article about natural hormone increases brought on by heavy resistance training.

Deeper Squats Win Again

In a recent study researchers wondered whether quarter or parallel squats would activate PAP most. Once again, deeper squats seem to be the winner.

Athlete Journal: Terry Hadlow, Entry 5 - 11/18/2013

This was the final loading week of my first phase of training. When it was all said and done, I felt positive about my progress. I'm looking forward to seeing what the future weeks hold.