Athlete Journal: Charles Staley, Entry 45 - Back On Track

With a solid 475 pull, no shoulder pain, and minimal soreness after a few hard sessions, I feel like I'm getting back on track this week. I included several videos in the entry this week as well.

Friday Flicks: Lu Xiaojun Clean and Jerk in Slow Motion

This video from world record holder Lu Xiaojun is an example of the strength and flexibility you'll find in world class athletes. It's smooth, effortless, and, we daresay, beautiful.

Injury Prevention: The Most Important Goal in Every Training Session

As a teenage competitive bodybuilder I made some training mistakes that resulted in emergency back surgery. Now, I'm going to share with you what I learned from that experience.

Meditation: It Does A Body Good

Meditation is one of the most beneficial aspects of yoga, and I've experienced its mental and physical effects firsthand. Here are some tips that helped me with my own meditation practice.

Good Swings Are Fast Swings

I'm going to pick on the American swing again, but this time because I want to discuss why and how we choose our tools and the weights associated with them. Is heavier actually better?

Eating Deli Meat Is Killing You and Your Heart

Rather than blame all meat for heart disease, scientists compared unprocessed and processed meat and found some horrifying results in regards to your deli meat.

Book Review: "The Paleo Coach" by Jason Seib

"The Paleo Coach," by Jason Seib of Everyday Paleo, is a unique resource for coaches and clients who need an extra push with paleo eating and living.

5 Tips for Successful Sparring in Martial Arts

You've got to spar if you really want to train muay Thai, but in my experience a lot of people don't want to do it. Here are some tips for getting started.

ABCs of Vitamins: Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine)

This week, in part six of my series on the ins and outs of vitamins, we will look at the mood influencing, body clock regulator known as vitamin B6.

What It’s Like: How to Use Analogies in Teaching and Coaching

Since the use of analogy is ubiquitous in the human experience, it makes sense to consider how best to maximize their power in our teaching and coaching. Read on for a few suggestions:

5 Mistakes You Might Be Making With Your Weightlifting Belt

We're going to look at how to make the best of a simple but effective training aid - the weightlifting belt. Here's how to use it. Are you using yours properly?

Science Examines Yoga's Powers of Preventative Medicine

Science took a look at yoga to see how it effects our gene expression, particularly in relation to immunity and using yoga as preventative medicine.

Video: Sean Waxman - Olympic Weightlifting Drills: Romanian Deadlift

The Romanian deadlift, or RDL, is an excellent exercise for strengthening the entire posterior chain. Here are few tips to make sure you do it right.

Little Fish in a Big Pond: A Lesson in Competition and Humility

Sometimes the worst thing that can happen to an athlete is to win his or her first competition. Because the wrong attitude can lead to a very humbling experience later on.

Athlete Journal: Pat McCarty, Entry 14 - 5/29/2014

We sometimes forget the importance of the gym environment. The community at your box is like water - when the water rises, all of the boats are lifted up. How’s the water in your box?

Bodyweight Strength and Conditioning Circuit for BJJ

I have developed the following bodyweight circuit for use in class during a warm-up or for students to do at home. It is made up of seven exercises with repetitions done for one minute each.

What to Pack and How to Train While Traveling

You don't have to lose ground with your fitness while you travel, but you do need to train smart - and pack smart too. Here's what I pack.

Why Yoga? 5 Ways Yoga and Sports Go Hand in Hand

I grew up an athlete first, but my mother's successful battle with cancer brought yoga and meditation into our lives, and changed my path forever.

Science Says Meditation Improves Both Health and Performance

Science took a look at which genes were affected by meditation and discovered it has previously unknown benefits to our ATP and our insulin function.

Athlete Journal: Chris Duffin, Entry 52 - Putting Weight On the Bar

It’s finally time to quit messing around and start putting some heavy weight back on the bar. I plan on competing a couple times this summer and want to be ready.

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