Why You Need Phytonutrients and the 4 Best Places to Get Them

It's important we eat enough fruits and veggies. Here are the reasons why, and here are some of the best (and tastiest!) ways to get them in every day.

Run Further, But Hurt Less? Reduced Muscle Damage Seen in Ultramarathons

Surprising research shows longer races might be safer and less damaging to athletes.

Who Cares About Your Snatch?

While you're spending years perfecting your snatch, I'm busy getting fit and having fun. Drop the high-level stuff and actually get in shape.

What Motivates CrossFitters?

Burpees, wall balls, double unders, handstand push ups - what makes CrossFitters do what they do? A new study takes a look at what motivates the CrossFit athlete.

Featured Photographer: Karl Buchholtz - Swimming and CrossFit

Karl Buchholtz is inspired by the grace of swimming and the grunge of CrossFit. Capturing these dynamics on camera is his talent, as you can see in this gallery of images.

But What Do They Mean? An Analysis of Weightlifting World Records

Here is an analysis of the current world records across all age categories. I wanted to see how consistent percentages of snatch to clean and jerk were across weight and sex categories.

Mobility and Movement, Session 3: Mobility Drills for the Overhead Position

This week's session focused on overhead mobility, which I find is one of the toughest positions for strength athletes to achieve.

Horton FAIL, Waxman SMASH: How Sean Waxman Helped Me See the Light

A few years ago I made a big mistake. I got a lot of attention, but at a big expense. And it was the Incredible Hulk Sean Waxman who helped set me straight.

20 More Tips That Will Make You Better at Olympic Weightlifting

Part of my job as a weightlifting coach is to simplify the complexities of the sport, and provide you with a framework of concepts from which you can hang your lifts and experiences.

How Much Rest Do You Really Need Between Plyometric Sessions?

One day of rest between plyometric sessions is pretty standard advice. However, a new study suggests that for experienced athletes, it may not make a difference.

Video: Sean Waxman - Olympic Weightlifting Drills: Snatch Pull From Blocks Above the Knee

The snatch pull, or extension, from blocks above the knee is an exercise used to reinforce the mechanics of the second pull.

Product Review: Gameness Female Top Dog Rashguard

Not only is it named for my favorite dog breed, but the Gameness Top Dog rashguard is also comfortable, high-quality, and pretty cute.

Stick it! How to Do Precision Jumps for Distance and Accuracy

In the parkour community, broad jumps in which you land upright with minimal impact are known as “precision jumps.”

How Leptin Helps Us Avoid Getting Fat

Leptin is an important hormone that controls how much body fat we store and how much food we consume. When working properly, leptin helps us maintain a healthy weight and stops us from overeating.

Fitness Competitions: When a Good Idea Goes Very Wrong

Fitness throwdowns and competitions have literally exploded. And in some cases s#$% is out of control. Here's what NOT to include in your competition, and some advice on how to organize a good event.

Don't Crash: How to Give Useful Coaching to Your Clients

The biggest problem I find with coaching is that my explanation of the movement is too advanced for the client.

How Does Time of Day Affect Your Workout?

Is it better to hit the gym first thing in the morning or wait until evening? A new study investigates the role of time of day in workout effectiveness.

Athlete Journal: Chris Duffin, Entry 74 - Speed Work

This week I continued working on speed and explosiveness, without going to failure on any of my core lifts. I also included video of some of the assistance work I do on a weekly basis.

The Best Supplements for Special Forces Operators Doing Training and Field Work

Nutrition in the field is hardly ideal, but there are a few supplements that can make the life of an operator much easier and boost performance as well.

Video: Body Position and Mobility in the Chest-to-Bar Pull Up

This week I'm going to address mobility, movement, and good body position in the chest-to-bar pull up. Think, "lovely and tall."