A Day in the Life of a Muay Thai Fighter

While studying abroad I had the opportunity to train with professional fighters. It was a brutal but life-changing experience. Here's what a typical day looked like.

5 Ways Doing Karaoke Can Benefit Your BJJ Training

Because I view everything in terms of what life has to teach me about BJJ and vice versa, I found some parallels between the fun I had at karaoke and the lessons I try to learn as a grappler.

3 Questions Every CrossFitter Needs to Ask Every Day

Competition can be a double-edged sword, and is an often-criticized part of CrossFit. Much of this can be avoided by asking a few simple questions, and doing some appropriate goal setting.

Get a Grip: 3 Ways to Grip a Deadlift and How to Get Your Grip Stronger

When it comes to deadlifting, you have three grips to choose from - the hook grip, the double overhand grip, and the mixed grip. Let’s look at each and explore what they each have to offer.

Evidence for Direct Core Work Found Lacking

Ask any average person on the street how to get nice abs and they'll probably mention crunches. A new research review suggests you're probably better off doing deadlifts and squats.

Video: Sean Waxman - Olympic Weightlifting Drills: The Clean Pull From Blocks Below the Knee

Last week we learned the clean pull from blocks above the knee. This week we'll move the blocks a bit lower and continue to work on our extension.

Athlete Journal: Pat McCarty, Entry 17 - 6/19/2013

Last Monday I decided to include “ring handstand pushups” in my warm up, with some unpleasant results. Now I'm making a vow: no more crazy shenanigans until after Carson.

Top 5 MMA Shorts for Men

If you train in BJJ or MMA then you know that the right pair of grappling shorts make a big difference. Here are the five best shorts, based on performance, durability, and construction.

Meditation for the Athlete: 8 Steps to Get You Started

As an athlete, you know that giving your mind time to recover is important, and visualization can be a tool for success. Here's how to quiet the mind and get started on this beneficial practice.

Book Review: "Strong Curves" by Brett Contreras and Kellie Davis

With this book, Brett Contreras has created an effective and simple-to-follow strength program designed just for women. And who doesn't want a nice booty, anyway?

Project Mayhem: Sign Up and Tell Complacency to #$@% Off

Join me in Project Mayhem. Find something that scares you and sign up for it. Look complacency in the eye and tell it to f' off. If you never feel pain, you're never really alive.

Hormones and Muscle Growth: An Overrated Correlation?

Everyone knows hormones are important for building muscle, right? A new review of the research suggests they might not be as important as we think they are.

Athlete Journal: Chris Duffin, Entry 55 - Turning Up the Volume

This week I made some real progress on my squats - five singles with 600 pounds plus chains. I felt a little tweak in my shoulder during the bench press but managed to still get in some volume.

Book Review: "Fit & Healthy Pregnancy" by Kristina Pinto

"Fit & Healthy Pregnancy" by Kristina Pinto is an excellent resource for pregnant women who want to maintain their fitness before, during, and after pregnancy.

And Then What? What Happens After We Reach Our Goals

And then what? This question is about what happens after we’ve reached the goal. It's a question about the long term, who we are, and what we’re seeking at a deeper level.

Yoga for Strength Athletes: Triangle and Side Angle Poses

If you're a strength athlete who wants to improve performance, here are 2 yoga poses that only take 5-10 minutes and can increase your ability to generate torque.

Why All Surfers Should Be Doing CrossFit

This article is directed at those who can surf but do not have access to the surf every day. Here's how CrossFit can help you get the most out of your time in the water.

Foot Placement and Movement in Olympic Weightlifting: How to Create the Most Power

Olympic lifters didn't always squat. They used to do all split lifts. So how much should your feet move? And which is better, the power jerk or the push jerk?

Maximize Your Strength and Gains With This Simple Rep Scheme

What's better for hypertrophy: less sets and higher reps, or more sets with fewer reps? And how do rest intervals play in? An upcoming study suggests lower rep schemes might be more effective.

Athlete Journal: Andrew Read - Spartan Race Training, Entry 2

Right now I'm at a point in my training where I'm basically embracing the suck. On the bright side, I've found that it's been much easier to keep up with my training during a long trip to the U.S.

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