Show Respect to Earn Respect: Prioritize Doing the Right Thing

While we deserve to have our priorities respected, we also need to have limits to our passions and respect others. Here are 3 ways to respect others while still being obsessed with your training.

Product Review: The "Beautiful Badass Bodyweight Workout Guide" by Nia Shanks

Nia Shanks has put together yet another amazing training guide - the "Beautiful Badass Bodyweight Workout Guide." With this program, you really don't have much of an excuse not to get stronger.

Athlete Journal: Ruth Anderson Horrell, Entry 1 - 2/28/2013

It's crazy to think that my CrossFit journey began with an hour a day of training in my brother-in-law's garage. Now I meet CrossFit legends all the time and am even training with a few.

Portion Distortion: Calculate How Much You Burn and Avoid Unwanted Calories

It's possible to overeat even when it comes to healthy foods. Restaurants are serving us more and more, too. So how do you know how much you need and how much you burn? Here's the math.

5 Week Sandbag Workout Program: Week 1 - Get Started

Get started on 5 weeks of sandbag workouts starting today. Not sure why you should use a sandbag? I'll give you 10 reasons why you should consider adding it to your training routine.

Jonathan Bailor's Video Exposes the "Secrets" of Nutrition

Looking for an easy way to explain healthy eating to your friends? Jonathan was, too, so he made this video (after he did years of geeky science reading) to help us spread the good nutrition word.

What Is Effective Training for Older Adults?

If you have clients over 60 you may be wondering what the best way for them to work out. Researchers recently looked at older women, and found out they can do a whole heck of a lot!

Video: Sean Waxman - Olympic Weightlifting Common Error #4: Not Using Your Legs Properly

It's very common for new lifters to use their back or arms to lift the barbell off the floor and forget about their legs. This exercise will help reinforce proper leg use in your lifters.

Athlete Journal: Patrick McCarty, Entry 1 - 2/27/2013

The Reebok CrossFit Games Open is almost here, and the other day I had one of those days where I felt like a complete beginner despite all my training and hard work.

Product Review: Damage Control “Bubba Teeth” 3D Mouthguard

My Bubba Teeth mouthguard not only makes me look very attractive in tournament photos, it’s a great conversation piece. It also fits amazingly and I'm sure it's going to last me for years of training.

Snore No More: Relieve Neck Tension (And Your Loved Ones)

I was recently informed that I snore. What? Before me and my relationship came to blows, I decided it was time to investigate my neck position during the day and found the cure to my snoring dilemma.

1+1=3 (or FMS + HKC = All You Need)

The FMS and HKC certifications appear to be a collection of progressions. But upon closer inspection they could be all the training you need. Here are the reasons why.

Why Do People (Even Coaches) Resist Weight Training?

People say weight lifting doesn't help you get better at sport, or that it will make you muscle-bound, or any number of things. Why do people resist the practice of weight training so much?

Your Diet Can Change Your Genes

You know you have the genes your parents gave you, but do you know behavior can change how those genes "express" themselves? A good diet can change your genes and keep you healthier.

Athlete Journal: Chris Duffin, Entry 40 - Tactical Strength Challenge

A change of pace is coming up. I’ve decided to compete at the end of April in an event called the Tactical Strength Challenge, so I'll be changing up my training to get ready.

Six Easy Ways to Enhance Your Brain Health

As we get older, we take increasing care of our bodies, but we need to care for our brains for the long haul, too. Here are six simple things you can do to keep your brain quick for years to come.

The Better Angels of Our Competitive Nature

I was born with a fierce competitive streak and it took me a while to learn how to use it productively. Here's what I learned - the best parts of being competitive and the gifts it brings me.

Do You Know What Your Core Really Is and What it Does?

The following movement screens will allow you to assess your core stability and conduct core strength tests to see how you measure up. See if you actually know how to use and move your core.

Katy Bowman and the Biomechanics of Human Growth: The Necessity of Monkey Business

Monkey bars are often blamed for injuries. Katy Bowman's kids have them in their bedrooms. Learn why she thinks babies - yes, babies! - should cultivate upper body strength and how to do it safely.

Doing Cardio First Lowers Your Testosterone and GH

Strength first or cardio first? A new study looks at hormone levels 24 and 48 hours post workout and finds lower testosterone, growth hormone, and TSH when athletes did cardio first.

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