In Pursuit of the Elusive Double Unders

Double unders are one of the most frustrating movements in CrossFit. Trust me, I know. Here is what I've learned about how to do a double under - it's part technique and part equipment.

Product Review: King Kong Bag

The search for the perfect gym bag is a never-ending one for most athletes. I may have found the best one yet, though, in the new King Kong bag. So many pockets and seemingly indestructible.

Isometric Exercises Just Prior to Rowing Improve Sprint Times

Post-activiation potentation, or PAP. Lifting heavy and sprinting hard. Turns out the lifting heavy part helps you go faster. Now science examines isometric PAP and rowing sprints with good results.

Video: Bob Takano - Lift Like Lindsey

Here are some videos of my first training sessions and competitions with Lindsey Valenzuela, taken in 2010 and 2011. As you will see, she progressed quickly.

Dear Willow: I Am Afraid of Handstands - Help!

I am wondering how to get over the fear of doing handstands in yoga. I'm feeling my "inability" to do a handstand is not a physical limitation, but rather, it is only a fear that holds me back.

Product Review: Inverted Gear White Panda Gi

The first time I saw the panda logos I thought they were a little ridiculous. But Inverted Gear has won me over with their affordable and comfortable Panda Gi. It's one of my favorites.

CrossFit and the Modern Canadian Military

I've spent 9 years in the Canadian military and have, thankfully, seen PT evolve. I've seen firsthand the amazing benefits of CrossFit. It prepares the modern solider better than any other approach.

Andrew's Hardstyle Holiday Wish List

Andrew is our resident endurance freak and kettlebell expert. You can say he has a taste for the extreme. Check out his wishlist for the thrill seekers on your holiday buying list.

The Pros and Cons of the Incline Press

Back in my day we did a lot of pressing lifts to train for our Olympic lifts. Included in these was my favorite, the incline press. Here are some of the things you need to know to do it correctly.

Unilateral Exercise Improves Endurance On Both Sides

Did you know if you do exercise or skills on one side of your body, it can carry over to the non-worked side? A recent study examined gene expression in the rested side of the human body.

Athlete Journal: Chris Duffin, Entry 31 - Rehab, Week One

After my meet I couldn't even sit down on the couch without feeling extreme pain. After a week of rehab, I'm not quite back to my normal self, but I'm getting there.

Dissecting Anti-Nutrients: The Good and Bad of Phytic Acid

If you’ve ever tried paleo, chances are you’ve heard of the anti-nutrient phytic acid. But did you know that it’s not all doom and gloom? There are actually some beneficial properties to phytic acid.

I Move, Therefore I Am: 10 Philosophy Lessons About Fitness

Philosophers aren't just a bunch of old bookworms. From Plato, to Nietzsche, to Rousseau, they have long acknowledged the importance of movement and exercise.

The 3 Biggest Mistakes in Developing Fitness Programs

Every workout has a weakness, but over-complicating workouts is not the answer. Here are three mistakes I see coaches make when creating workouts that can be easily fixed for better results.

Pregnant Athlete Journal, Week 12: 3-D Baby and a CVS Test

This week I finally got the CVS test done, and it wasn't nearly as stressful as I imagined. I also think my heart rate monitor is picking up both me and the baby? Plus, amazing 3D pics of the baby!

Danette's Athlete-Foodie-Mom Holiday Wish List

Danette is a mom-vegan-chef-CrossFitter and she knows how to treat herself right. Check out her list for some excellent choices to spoil your athlete-foodie self this holiday season.

Can Your Brain Detect a Lopsided Barbell?

Is the brain capable of detecting small imbalances in a loaded barbell? Does it matter that the plates match on each side? Science takes a look at what happens when you load the barbell all crazy.

Athlete Journal: Andrew Read, Entry 30 - When Training Goes Right

When training goes right it goes right. Every now and then you get a little kick, a surge beyond what you expect. This has been that week - and it came just in time for my half ironman next weekend.

4 Things Men and Women Can Teach Each Other in the Gym

Men and women might seem alien to each other in regards to their gym behavior, but really we're just on opposite ends of a continuum and could learn some good lessons from each other.

Hamstring Training for Cyclists

For cyclists, one key area to focus on when weight training to improve your performance is your hamstrings. Here are three exercises you need to be doing, and how to plan your workouts.

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