Rehab for the Injured Athlete: 8 Articles to Help Heal Common Injuries

If you're like many athletes, you might have experienced an injury at one point or another. Here are some rehabilitative methods for a variety of problems, including shoulder, neck, and back injuries.

Product Review: McNett PT Pod, Mirazyme, and Rank Away Odor Eliminator Soak

No one wants to smell up the locker room, much less the car on the way home from the gym. I had the chance to try a few hygiene products from McNett recently and was pretty impressed.

Athlete Journal: Charles Staley, Entry 49 - Deadlift All-Time PR

I'm continuing to see improvements with the changes I made to my training plan. This week I set a lifetime deadlift PR and also had some solid squat sessions.

Friday Flicks: The Fortress Bar-Barian Requirements

It's Friday and here's a challenge for the weekend, courtesy of The Fortress: 5 muscle ups, 45 dips, 25 pull ups, 55 push ups, and 5 muscle ups in less than six minutes.

An Athlete's Guide to Inflammation: What to Eat and What to Avoid

Some foods promote inflammation, while others alleviate it. Unless you are eating and supplementing with this in mind, you could be seriously impeding your performance in the gym.

Fit for Duty: The Fitness of Fire Fighting

It doesn’t matter if you are FDNY or a volunteer fireman in a small town, fire fighting is one of the most physically demanding and dangerous of all civilian occupations.

Fuzzy Programming: Why a Little Chaos Is Good for Your Training

When it comes to exercise people want an exact road map that says do X and Y, then in six weeks time they’ll be able to do Z. But for the vast majority of our clients, do specifics actually matter?

Controlling Satiety: What We Know About Snacking

It's mid-afternoon and you need a snack that will tide you over until dinner. What's the best choice? A new study explores the relation between portion size, protein, and satiety.

How NOT to Use Thai Pads: The Art of Pad Work in Muay Thai

One of my favorite things about training is working with the Thai pads - as long as my partner knows what they're doing. Here are some tips for using Thai pads the right way.

The Best Laid Plans: Classroom Management for the Would-Be Teacher or Coach

Managing a classroom, be it in a school or a gym, is more than just teaching the material. There are other variables to consider, and other questions for new coaches in particular to ask themselves.

Single Leg Training: 5 Exercises and a Workout Plan

We all have one side that isn't as strong. Single leg exercises are the optimal way to improve your muscle balance, as well as an effective way to add a new training stimulus and exercise variety.

To T or Not to T: The Controversy Over Testosterone Replacement Therapy

The controversy of testosterone use has entered the national conversation. At least it has resurfaced in my life, as a number of my main training partners are on TRT.

33 Reasons to Train Strongman

Strongman training is about true functional strength. Strongman is about getting you strong to a degree that you never thought possible. Here are 33 reasons you need to start doing it.

A New Look At Vegetarian Versus Omnivorous Diets

You've probably heard people tout the benefits of a vegetarian diet. A recent research review is in agreement with those claims, but it's important to always take a critical look at study design.

Video: Sean Waxman - Olympic Weightlifting Drills: Power Clean From Blocks Above the Knee

The final video in our series on the clean pull works on improving acceleration and technique during the extension portion of the clean.

Wax and Wane: Get In Sync With the Moon and Seasons

Our bodies are made up of 60-70% water, and since our bodies are mostly water and the lunar cycles pull on water, you can see how this has an influence on our state of mind.

Behind the BJJ Scenes: What It Takes to Run a Tournament

Organizing a BJJ tournament is so much work, so why do people do it? I spoke with Dan of Marmac Athletics to find out what he does and why he keeps doing it.

Athlete Journal: Pat McCarty, Entry 18 - 6/26/2013

Ask anyone what they love about CrossFit and they'll probably mention the word "community." But like any community, forming a community starts with individuals - with me and you.

The Basic Week: A 7-Day Plan for Building Strength and Fitness

For those of you who want performance and real fitness, you’ll want to listen up. It is possible to train strength and conditioning at the same time, and here's what your week should look like.

What Makes Masters Competition Different From Regular Competition?

How is masters competition different from regular, open competitions? I spoke with weightlifting competitors this past weekend and came up with three key differences.