The Problems Recruiting Young People to Weightlifting

Getting young people involved in weightlifting is a challenge for many reasons. Is it possible to combat these reasons or is it just part of our culture that weightlifting will remain a niche sport?

What You Drink Doesn't Matter, Just Stay Hydrated

Wondering what the best thing to drink is in order to stay hydrated? Science says it doesn't matter, just drink something. New research looked at both the physical and mental impact of hydration.

Product Review: Body First Stevia Liquid Extract and Powder

Body First Stevia extracts comes in liquid and powder form. Both are very affordable and offer a sweet and carb-free alternative to sugar and/or artificial sweeteners.

Katy Bowman and the Biomechanics of Human Growth: Barefoot Babies

Biomechanics isn't just for elite athletes and physical therapists. Katy Bowman, founder of the Restorative Exercise Institute, discusses 'baby biomechanics' and what feet have to do with it.

Why Screening and Corrective Exercise Should Be the Foundation of Every Exercise Program

What is a "screen" and what is the goal of corrective exercise? Let's take a look at how to screen, what the goal is, and how we can examine and correct the basic squat movement.

5 Killer Pushup Variations for Greater Gains

What if I told you that certain types of push up may be even more beneficial for building muscle mass and strength than bench presses, dumbbell presses, or dips? Seems crazy, right? Well, read on.

Improve a Child’s Grades With Exercise

Many parents and kids write physical education off as an unimportant class, but research shows P.E. not only helps your children's physical health, but it increases their learning ability as well.

Athlete Journal: Andrew Read, Entry 34 - Impending Doom

I only have eight weeks of training left until Ironman Melbourne. My training sessions are getting longer and harder, and I'm starting to feel a sense of impending doom as the event approaches.

4 Simple Fitness Resolutions You Overlooked

How are the New Year resolutions going? Did you pick something too big or maybe need some baby-steps to get you to your goals? Here are 4 simple things you can change right now.

Keep Moving Forward: Knowing When to Run, Walk, or Crawl

A quotation from Martin Luther King, Jr. struck me as being relevant to how we should look at our training. Knowing how to modulate our intensity, care for ourselves, and keep making progress.

Understanding and Caring for Your Feet

Our feet are literally the base for all our movement, and yet they are often overused and neglected. Let's take a closer look at the foot and ankle, and talk about how to keep them performing best.

How to Train Strength and Conditioning for MMA

Are you a trainer looking to prepare fighters for MMA matches? Or maybe you're an MMA fighter looking to get stronger? Coach Sabina Skala shares her expertise and her training program.

You May Not Need the Post-Workout Carbs After All

Turns out you may not need those post-workout carbs. New research shows no difference in protein absorption between those who consumed protein and those who combined carbs and protein.

Sunday Seven: The Week's 7 Most Popular Articles, Vol. 43

Every Sunday we post the "Sunday Seven" so you can quickly see the 7 most popular articles of the week. This week: an interview with Valery Fedorenko, meal planning, tips for your squat, and more!

Successive Approximations: What the Berimbolo Taught Me About Learning

When you start to learn something, sometimes you get one part right and forget two others. It seems to take a while to come together. Why is this and what can we learn from how we learn?

Athlete Journal: Julie Warren, Entry 6 - A Week of Highs and Lows

I got great times on my 5K and hill run this week. Unfortunately I also experienced some of worst lower back pain in my life. Forecast for the coming week: lots of heat, ice, stretching and yoga!

Hormones 101: 8 Articles For Athletes

Hormones can be our best friends or our worst enemies. Here are 8 articles about hormones and their role in staying strong and healthy.

Book Review: "The RKC Book of Strength and Conditioning"

This book includes sections from all the superstar coaches of the RKC, along with 45 kettlebell workouts. If you're a fan of kettlebells, you'll probably want to check this one out.

Athlete Journal: Charles Staley, Entry 29 - Making Friends With the Squat

I was hoping for a 385 squat this week and I nailed it. Then I hit a nice triple deadlift at 450. To top it all off, I had an epic 'Glute Off' battle with Bret Contreras. It was a good week.

Friday Flicks: Mariusz Pudzianowski - World's Strongest Man

What's the world's strongest man look like? Chances are a lot like Mariusz Pudzianowski, five time world title winner. Check out this amazing highlight video.

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