Essential Training Etiquette for Cycling and Swimming

Training for a triathlon? Getting into swimming and/or cycling? There's some very important etiquette you need to understand and some of it could be the difference between injury and safety.

Is Rate of Perceived Exertion a Useful Strength Training Tool?

Rate of perceived exertion is often used in running training. Example: Run at a pace you determine to be "moderate" or 5 on a 10-point scale. Is RPE useful in strength training? Science investigates.

Product Review: Primal Life Organics

Primal Life Organics creates gluten-free, organic, vegan products that cater to athletes. I had the opportunity to try out six of their products, and will be going back for more.

Escalation of Commitment: How We Justify Bad Behavior

In thinking on the grapplers who allegedly raped a female teammate, I'm trying to understand how people can do this - how we justify our behaviors, big or small, and what questions to ask ourselves.

Dangers of Open Water Swimming: Sun and Salt

The sun and the salt are staples of open water swimming, but they both also present dangers. Luckily these dangers are both easily prevented and treated. Read on to save yourself some discomfort.

Size Matters, Bro! The Misinterpretation of the Henneman Size Principle

Broscience is all over the gym. Even where you least suspect it. Maybe you've heard of muscle recruitment and the Henneman Size Principle. Did you know most people have it all wrong in application?

Featured Photographer: David Brown - BJJ and Skateboarding

David Brown loves the capturing the individualism and expression of Brazilian jiu jitsu and skateboarding with his camera. Here are some of his favorite (and completely beautiful) images.

Scientifically-Proven Tips for Faster Sprinting

Scientists took a close look at sprint performance and determined four things that made a difference in run times. Even though they're small, these techniques can make a big difference.

Video: Bob Takano - An Example of Excellent Technique

This video of a former national champion at a recent Olympic lifting meet exemplifies perfect snatch technique. Watch and learn!

Sally’s 8 Week BJJ Tournament Training Program: Strength & Conditioning

After my first tournament experience I devised a plan to create the best strength and conditioning program for BJJ ever. Luckily I've also had the help of Joel Jamieson and BioForce HRV.

Dear Willow: How Do I Fit In At My Gym?

I'm a 17-year-old who just joined a CrossFit gym. Everyone is older than me and I'm having a hard time getting into the community. Can you give me advice on fitting in?

Why You Should Never Hit a 1RM Again

My clients rarely, if ever, attempt a 1RM. They get plenty strong without it and stay injury-free. Let me explain why you should most likely never go for a 1RM again.

What Kind of Competitor Are You?

What kind of competitor are you? Do you like to be head-to-head or out in front? Or do you avoid competition? I was recently confronted with my own psyche and I'm ready to keep exploring.

Sitting at Your Desk Is Eating Your Muscles

Even if you exercise before or after work, sitting all day may be catabolizing your muscles. Science took a look and gave recommendations on how often you need to move to prevent this.

Athlete Journal: Chris Duffin, Entry 35 - Testing My Limits

I saw the surgeon this week about my bicep. In the gym, I did a lot of experimenting, trying to see how far I could push my limits in spite of the injury. Turns out I can still do quite a bit!

Weightlifting vs the World: Rivalry Amongst Sports

Olympic weightlifting has long been a rogue sport, mostly by its own doing. How did we isolate ourselves? And is the tide changing? I think so - let's take a look at why and how.

Average Is Crap: The Painful Truth About Making Gains

I have a small daughter and a growing business, but I still find time to train and to keep getting stronger. How? It's no mystery. Sacrifice. Many talk big, but few are willing to actually do it.

3 Sandbag Exercises You Should Add to Your Training

Perhaps you already love your training routine, but you want to add in the benefits of sandbag training. Here are the 3 exercises I would add in to any program and why I recommend them.

Wired Kids: How Screen Time Affects Children's Brains

Studies have shown screen time affects a child's brain, and may have lasting effects. Nevertheless, the average American child still spends 7 hours a day looking at a screen. Why is this the case?

Why Proper Sleep and Melatonin Are Absolutely Essential

We know sleep is important for us, but do you know why? New research examines the amazing antioxidant effects of melatonin. It's so powerful it can combat deadly cancer drugs.

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