The Bigger Picture of Weightlifting Program Planning

To be a good weightlifting coach you must understand the full scope of what you are coaching, and the order in which to address it. I'm going to break it down, component by component, and show you.

Balancing Your Fats Might Be Good for Your Health

Taking fish oil isn't just about getting your omega-3s, it's also about creating a balance between omega-3 and omega-6 fats. What happens when this ratio is wrong? Science takes a look.

Video: Sean Waxman - Olympic Weightlifting Drills: Snatch Balance From the Toes

Need help with your snatch technique? This drill will reinforce foot placement and balance while also improving basic snatch mechanics.

Athlete Journal: Patrick McCarty, Entry 5 - 3/27/2013

It's week three of the Open and I've moved up to thirteenth place in my age group. Today I'll tell you how this adventure started a year ago.

The Official Durkin: How Patrick Cummins Became an MMA Fighter

Patrick Cummins never meant to become an MMA fighter, but it turns out he's pretty darn good at it. Find out how wrestling has helped his career, how he trains, and what his plans for the future are.

True Balance: How to Set Joy-Oriented Goals

Sometimes doing something for enjoyment and doing something in pursuit of a goal can seem at odds with each other. But I think it's possible to meld the two into a beautiful practice for improvement.

On Being Strong: How CrossFit Ended My War With My Body

For over a decade I battled with my body, trying to make it look how I wanted, how the women in the magazines did. Then one day I discovered the power of my body and finally called a truce.

Techniques for Controlling Competition Anxiety

There are three main ways to deal with pre-competition anxiety - damping it down, thinking about other things, and finally thinking about THE thing. Let's look at them closer.

Carnitine Suppresses Muscle Breakdown

Researchers looked at carnitine supplementation in rats and confirmed it's ability to reduce body fat and suppress muscle loss. It just might be one of the supplements worth taking.

Almost 100 Free Kettlebell Workouts!

Looking for some kettlebell workouts? Well, look no more, because we have nearly one hundred, totally free workouts for you. They are ready for you to download in handy PDF format.

Are Women's Only Gyms Discriminatory?

Let's assume for a minute that not all women's gyms promote pink 2-lb dumbbells. Could they have benefits for members, or are they discriminatory and old-fashioned?

Sport Specific Training: What Specifically Do You Mean By That?

In my day sport-specific training meant something very different than it does today. What does it mean to train effectively for your sport? I'll tell you what works and what doesn't work - and why.

3 Ways to Work Mobility and Stretching Into Your Workouts

As we age, we lose mobility. Or at least most of us do - but we don't have to. Here are 3 approaches you can take to integrating mobility training and staying flexible.

3 Unique Kettlebell and Sandbag Exercise Progressions

Last week we learned why kettlebells and sandbags make great training partners. This week we look at different movement progressions that use both tools, and why these movements are beneficial.

Science Says You Get Better Results With a Coach

Do you have a coach? If not, then you should get one, because research shows that athletes make significantly greater gains with a coached training program versus going it alone.

Athlete Journal: Chris Duffin, Entry 44 - Deload Week

I decided to take a deload week this week so my training was a bit lighter than usual. It was a busy week with travel and running a powerlifting meet on Saturday.

Video: Athletic vs Aesthetic, Part 6 - Body Position and Posture

There's a right way and a wrong way to do most things. Bad practice can lead to bad movement patterns that impact your training in unforeseen ways. Let's look at why proper practice is important.

What We’ve Learned From Ultimate Fighting

The question, "Which fighter wins?" is one that will likely never die. It's the question that spawned the UFC itself. What have we learned from the sport as it evolved? Is there a dominant art?

The Top 10 Worst Training Exercises

As a coach I see a lot of crazy things going on in the gym. These ten, though, have got to be the ten worst movements. I'll explain why they are bad ideas and the alternatives you could do instead.

Raising the Bar: The Truth Hurts (Book Excerpt)

You don’t need anything outside of yourself to get fit - you have all the power. The only equipment you need is access to a bar. I'm going to explain why and how that is.

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