How to Train, Travel, and Relax During the Holidays

It's the holiday season and for many people that means three things: lots of traveling, training on the road, and (hopefully) relaxation. Here are 7 articles to help you make the most of your holiday.

Core Training for Serious Judo Players

Core strength is important for the transfer of power from one part of the body to another - especially important in a sport like judo. Here's a program I recommend for building core strength for judo.

Athlete Journal: Charles Staley, Entry 25 - Good Numbers

I'm preparing to back off a bit next week and work on my Olympic lifts. In the meantime, I hit some big numbers this week, including 465 on the deadlift and 365 on my squat.

Friday Flicks: Russian Bar Acrobatics

We've seen a lot of acrobatics videos, but this one is literally stunning. We actually yelled out loud (a few times) watching it. Truly awesome and you must see to believe.

Product Review: ithlete HRV Monitor

What if you had a device that could objectively measure when you're overtrained and tell you to rest? That is the goal of the ithlete HRV monitor. Does it achieve its goal? Is it worth the money?

How to Develop the Coaching Eye

If you have spent time around expert coaches, you know they see things normal humans don't. How did they develop this skill? Learn step-by-step how to develop the coaching eye for weightlifting.

Rated R: For Restricted Movement

People my age have no business doing certain exercises. I think there should be a rating system for exercises, with some rated R for "restricted movement" and mature athletes just shouldn't do them.

Warm Up Drills Can Increase Balance and Proprioception

We know warm ups can prevent injury, but they can also be used to increase static and dynamic balance. This in turn can increase skill ability in your sport. Researchers look at soccer to prove this.

Boys and Big Girls Don’t Cry, Unless They Do

If Rosey Grier says it's okay to cry, then I don't feel so bad crying after BJJ or CrossFit training. Sometimes it really is okay to cry, so let's take a look at when and why it happens to all of us.

Product Review: "Beautiful Badass" Program by Nia Shanks

The title says it all: "Beautiful Badass", designed by Nia Shanks, provides video demonstrations, reliable information, and enough programming to keep you strong for a long time.

An Inside Look at a Swimmer's Gear Bag

People ask me frequently what's in my mysterious mesh bag - the one full of my swim gear. Today I'm going to open it up for you and let you know what gear I use on a daily basis.

Peter's Strength Training Holiday Wish List

Coach Peter is our nutrition expert, but he is also a big fan of strength training and Olympic weightlifting. His wish list is a great assortment of quality equipment any strength athlete would love.

Featured Coach: Erwan Le Corre, Part 2 - Freedom of Movement and Mind

Erwan talks about the difference between MovNat and parkour. He also discusses in depth how freedom of movement equates to freedom of mind and freedom in your life.

Autism and Down's Syndrome Improved with Exercise

Much has been made of late of the power of exercise to increase cognitive ability. Researchers proved this again by increasing cognitive ability in patients with autism, Down's, and Prader-Willi.

Video: Bob Takano - Technical Observations on the Clean and Jerk

In this video of a student's clean and jerk, a number of technical items can be observed. I had to evaluate them in order to make the adjustment for the call of the next weight.

Forrest Yoga Ab Exercise: The Inchworm

Today's video is an abdominal movement called the inchworm. This is a great core exercise based off the plank position. You can modify it up or down, depending on your fitness level.

Interview with Emily Kwok: Leading the Way for Women in BJJ

When Emily Kwok first started BJJ there weren't other women around. After becoming Canada's 1st black belt woman, she's now giving back to women and little guys through her camps and DVDs.

Virtuosity with Dusty Hyland - Muscle-Up, Vol 7: The Transition

The transition is where most people struggle in the muscle up. Learn how to properly execute the transition as well as drills you can use to build and strengthen this technique.

Fantasy Christmas List For Weightlifters

While thinking about my shopping I thought of my fellow iron-heads and what they would appreciate under their trees. I propose the following gifts to make their 2013 lifting soar to new heights.

Protein Supplements Might Help Maintain Muscle

Athletes often go through a strength or bulking phase, followed by a weight loss or cutting phase. The question is how to keep muscle while losing fat. Science looks at one strategy.

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