Science Says You Really Need a Post-Workout Massage

Just fifteen minutes of massage can have significant effects on proprioception and strength after an intense workout.

Real Functional Training Is Simple: Montessori Realism in the Gym

When we lose sight of simplicity, our so-called functional training can actually backfire.

2014 T-Shirt Design Contest Winners

We received several excellent submissions to the T-shirt contest. You chose these two in a tie!

The Dip Error You Don't Even Know You're Making

Learn to change direction quickly, without hesitation, and you will be able to jerk anything you can clean.

The Biggest Mistake You Are Making With Digital Marketing

Here's a little secret. Your number-one objective with any digital marketing campaign is to acquire an email address.

The Unhealthy Competition Bug: Is Your Gym Infected?

Along came the CrossFit Games. As the sport grew, so did a noticeable caste system within many boxes.

The Two Best Exercises for Increasing Your Vertical Jump

Ever since I can remember, I’ve wanted a higher vertical jump. Here are the two things that make a difference.

Periodization, Rest, and Injury Prevention (Athlete Journal 40)

These three principles have helped me stay on the mats and be successful in tournaments this year.

The U.S. Government Is Full of Bad Ideas About Food

If we changed dietary guidelines, educated the public, and lowered obesity numbers, many diseases of Western society would fall.

Rockin' Green Athletic Wear Detergent (Product Review)

Rockin' Green is eco-friendly and it effectively cleaned my disgusting BJJ gear.

The Muscle Clean: The Best Way to Teach the Clean to CrossFitters

Teach your clients how to clean competently using this detailed, by-the-numbers system.

Circuit Training Doesn't Get You Fitter

Something to note here is the definition of fitness for most textbooks - VO2 max. Lifting heavy weights quickly doesn’t improve it.

Science Finds the Best Way to Calculate Resting Energy Expenditure

How do you find out many calories you burn each day? These formulas can help.

How Does Your Yoga Practice Serve You? (Yoga Teacher Training Journal 2)

"Push." "Pull." "Spread." "Flex." "Tense." Just a few of the words you should never use in yoga class.

Rediscover the Lost Art of Breathing for Health and Well-Being

Once you feel the benefits of conscious breathing, you will crave them and come back for more.

Sandbag Misconceptions: The Truth About Effective Sandbag Training

“Sandbags? Really? We talking about sandbags?” Look through these three points for a new look at sandbags.

You Are Going to Die, So Stop Wasting Time on Facebook

No matter how much we argue, there will never be a be-all and end-all when it comes to exercise and nutrition.

The New Age of Physical Therapy

There's something simple that can help you perform better and feel better. And you should be accessing it before you get injured - not after.

Nutritious Movement With Katy Bowman: Breaking Muscle Radio, Ep 6

Primal movement, pelvic floor health, and how to perform and feel better? What more is there to talk about?

The 2014 Worlds Masters Weightlifting Championships (Athlete Journal 53)

Traveling across the world has its ups and downs, and my recent trip to Copenhagen was no exception.

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