The Value of Competition (Athlete Journal 36)

Competition forces you to take a look at your game and actually think about what caused your bad position or loss.

My Fantasy Gi - How I'd Design a Perfect BJJ Kimono

I thought it would be fun to create a mock-up based on my favorite features of the gis in my collection.

An Effective Stretch for Tight Hips or Low Back Pain (Video)

Today we are are working on stretching and lengthening your hip flexors - the iliopsoas muscles.

Why I Hope to Lose All My Clients

Sometimes we get caught in a trap of coaching the coachable. Nurturing the rock stars, while we allow the less coachable to fade.

Why Everyone Needs a Training Camp Experience

Ever wondered what it would be like to wake up and have no responsibilities other than to just go and train?

Caffeine Probably Won't Help Your Biceps Get Stronger

Research on the use of caffeine for strength has been a mixed bag. A new study sheds some light on how caffeine affects lifting.

The Dia Method: 10 Minutes Flat Post-Pregnancy Fitness System (Product Review)

Navigating postpartum exercise can be difficult, but this system created by Leah Keller takes away the guesswork.

Contest: Design the Breaking Muscle T-Shirt

Enter your design for the new Breaking Muscle T-shirts

Regarding the Current State of S&C Coaching

Mark Rippetoe called out collegiate strength coaches for dubious methods and lackluster results. Like it or not, he has a point.

Do You Give Good Phone? A Guide for Growing Your Business

Customers who get their issue resolved tell around four to six other people. So every time your phone rings, it's an opportunity.

A CrossFitter’s Guide to Interval Weight Training

I’d encourage anyone looking to incorporate assistance and specialty exercises into their CrossFit programming to give IWT a try.

Sports Drinks Show Minimal Effect on Tennis Players

You would think sports drinks would aid performance in a two-hour tennis match, but they seemed to have little impact.

An Eventful Trip to the Physio (Athlete Journal 49)

I finally got in to see the physio about my wrist. Unfortunately the day after the visit, my hand was even worse.

The 6 Most Important Things Martial Arts Taught Me About Life

Next to my family and my faith, I have learned more about life from the martial arts than through any other endeavor.

Stability for BJJ: Why You Need It and How to Get It

If sports involve movement and the definition of stability is a state of something that is not easily changed, why would you want to be stable?

5 Mistakes You're Making When Ordering Gym Shirts

Here's how to avoid the headaches and just get down to what matters - bringing your community together.

The Fitness Existentialist: It Starts With You

Actively limit the amount of jive turkeys that you allow into your process of self-improvement. Change starts with you.

Can Yerba Mate Help You Burn Fat During Exercise?

Yerba mate is known for its effects on metabolism. Does it work during exercise, too?

3 Tips for Solid Wrist Push Ups (Video)

This week, Al demonstrates the wrist push up, also known as a back-of-the-hand push up.

5 More Tips for Achieving Your Goal Physique

It's time to look at five additional tips to keep you on target for that better body without wasting your time on worthless pursuits.

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