3 Natural Movement Strategies to Make the Most of Injured Time

Just because you're injured doesn't mean it's time to give up. Here are three strategies to better yourself as you recover.

Improve Your Strength Endurance With the Double Kettlebell Snatch

Give the double kettlebell snatch a try if you're looking to test strength, create endurance, and challenge your coordination.

Your Paleo Guide: Myths Versus Facts

The paleo diet may not be as healthy as you think. But don't lose hope, we can still learn from our ancestors.

Walking: The Simple Path to Feeling Sexier and Living Longer

Walk more. As health advice goes, it’s not exactly earth shattering. But it’s often ignored.

Joint Pain and Weather: 4 Tips to Ease Discomfort

Does weather change influence joint pain and function? Fact or fiction, there are things you can do to feel better.

3 Protein-Packed Recipes for Pumpkin Lovers

Now that summer is at an end, the stores are full of not-so-healthy pumpkin-spiced products. Here are three better options.

Dominate Your Next Event: Replicate Race Demands in Training

Here's a simple way to create an interval-based turbo session that will simulate your favorite (or least favorite) race course.

The Psychology Behind Integrity: Cutting Out Cheating in the Gym

You're on rep ten and your buddy is on rep twenty. No way, right? What influences the fudge factor and what can we do about it?

Frequency and Variety: Smart Strength With Charles Staley

When it comes to recovery, training variety, and using the scale for body composition, there are some guidelines to consider.

Soldier Suicide and Memorial WODs: We Can Do More

Becky Sefscik was a veteran of the U.S. Navy who suffered from PTSD and committed suicide. What can we do to prevent this in the future?

Smart Ways to Manage Your Lifter's Performance

From setting goals to managing your lifters at competitions, there are some guidelines to keep in mind as a coach.

Put in the Work: How I Beat SEALFit Kokoro Camp

When you're training for an event as intense as Kokoro, there's no way around it - you have to put in a lot of work. Here's how I trained for success.

Lessons From Bull Riders: How to Train Strength and Flexibility

An intriguing question from a bull rider got me thinking about how to train for adaptability, not just strength.

Endurance Is Not a Dirty Word

The argument of HIIT versus LSD has been waged for the previous century, but it finally seems things are heading in a positive direction.

Building on Quicksand: How and Why to Strengthen Your Feet

Without a focus on your feet, you’ll sacrifice speed, strength, and power.

Successful Internet Marketing: Consistency Is King

Success with Internet marketing comes with frequency and quality of posted content. How do you rate?

The Truth About Your Benching Pain (It's Not Biceps Tendonitis)

A little knowledge may take you down the rabbit hole, but it will also take you on a better path to ultimate healing.

Get Tough: A Beginner's Guide to Impact Training

Time under load toughens the body and helps prevent injury for long term health and safety.

Strength and Nutrition: Smart Strength With Charles Staley

Wow, a variety of reader questions this week on bicep curls, powerlifting, and paleo.

Learn to Run Strong, With Andrew Read, Ep 18

Andrew has as brand-new book out so we decided to ask him how this book came to be, who would most benefit from reading it, and why it was so important for him to write.