The Original Worm (Product Review)

Tired of suffering through your foam rolling sessions, only to experience no relief? The Original Worm might be just the thing for you.

The Goldilocks Question: Is Your Gym Too Big, Too Soft, or Just Right?

If you're trying to select a gym and don't know how to choose, the childhood storybook character might have a lesson for you.

Can Meditation Cause Harm in the Wrong Hands?

Should mediation be used to make members of the military better at killing or business people better at business?

Death by Food Pyramid: When Science Is Not What It Seems

Did you know the food pyramid was not originally meant to prescribe eating high amounts of grains?

Build a Better Warm Up for a Better Work Out

Warm up may not the sexiest part of your day, but you know what else isn’t sexy? Being an immobile and injured ball of meat.

When It Comes to Food, Options Can Be Obstacles

Having more options might not always be a good thing, especially for men, says a new study.

Miami Isn't the Best Place to Lose Weight (Athlete Journal 27)

Last week my wife and I celebrated our ten-year wedding anniversary in Miami. Not the best place for weight loss, but it was worth it.

Jaco Women's Training Tights (Product Review)

I've been wearing these tights for years now, and they remain one of my favorite items in my training wardrobe.

My Post Pregnancy CrossFit Comeback

No one talks about after the baby. They don't talk about how hard it is to take six weeks off or the shock it is when you hit your first workout.

Studies on Aspartame Don't Tell the Whole Story

Aspartame has been widely vilified recently, but do you know why? Let’s break it down and examine each of its components.

The 3 Best and 3 Worst CrossFit Workouts

Just because one can, doesn’t mean one should. It’s the quickest way to “CrossFitter’s doin CrossFit” immortality.

Training Masks: Ideal for 40+ Athletes, Bad For Altitude

I think every person on the planet has these masks wrong right now, including the company that makes and sells them.

Nature Already Made an Effective Recovery Drink

With evidence mounting against man-made recovery aids, a new study turns to the water you find deep within the earth.

If You Want to Succeed, Put in the Work (Athlete Journal 22)

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking lately about the concept of success and how we define it, in our training and in life.

"Nutritional Grail" (Book Review)

Research, stories, and recipes - when it comes to optimizing your diet, Christopher James Clark's new book has it all.

Plan for the Unplanned: How to Write a Program for Youth Athletes

It's all too easy to write the perfect session, only to wind up coaching kids who don't want to engage with your program today.

Get Rid of Your Garmin to Boost Your Performance

When was the last time you ran without any pace or time goals? Ditch the Garmin and focus on enjoying your runs.

Make an Impact With These Top Eco-Friendly Fitness Clothes

What we buy makes an impact not only on our economy, but also on our environment. Here are my recommendations.

The 4 Most Important Exercises You’re Probably Not Doing

These exercises are the cream of the crop when it comes to improving your alignment, stability, and motor control - often overlooked aspects of training.

Alcohol Impairs Hypertrophy and Messes With Your Hormones

A new research review found alcohol can inhibit muscle growth by as much as thirty percent.

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