The Pivotal Role of Attitude in Youth Sports Performance

What can reveal the most about an athlete, can make or break a game, and can reach viral status? That’s right. Attitude.

Verkhoshansky's Depth Jumps Create Gains in Max Strength

Depth jumps provide a great way to develop explosive strength and power, as well as start-stop speed, a need for most athletes.

3 Training Approaches That Will Destroy You

As a coach, sometimes it’s about stopping people from hitting their own self-destruct button.

The Line Between Hypertrophy and Strength Is More Grey Than Black

Some people say they're training for hypertrophy and others say they want to get stronger. Is this distinction accurate?

Judo for BJJ Practitioners (Athlete Journal 26)

This week I had a chance to add some judo techniques into my training, and I think it will go a long way in helping prepare for the New York Open.

7 Simple Ways to Get More Greens in Your Diet

There's no disputing the nutrient value of leafy green vegetables. And these tricks are great for sneaking greens into a fussy child’s (or fussy adult’s) diet.

Here Comes the New Absolute Cut Gi from Shoyoroll by Viking Wong

From the runways to the mats, acclaimed fashion designer and BJJ brown belt and Viking Wong explains the new Absolute cut.

How to Coach the Newbie Who Just Won't Slow Down

We live in a society in which unrealistic expectations are the norm, and extreme measures are regarded as the solution.

When CrossFit Coaches Leave: Backstabbing or Dream Chasing?

There is a tension in the world of CrossFit. The glee of growth versus the backstabbing, disloyal coaches that leave you to start their own affiliates.

Conjugate Method: A Better Way to Plan Your Training Week

Can you have it all? Yes, kind of. This method allows you to genuinely address all your needs each week.

Whole-Body Vibration Training Works

A new study asked whether or not we should consider including whole-body vibration equipment in the gym.

Nature's Best Cocotein Coconut Water (Product Review)

We all know that coconut water is a great way to rehydrate after training. Add some protein powder, and it's even better.

A Library of Yoga Workouts - Hundreds of Free Yoga Flows

From vinyasa flows to sport-specific yoga sequences, there is something for everyone in this collection of yoga workouts.

Are You Sure You're Getting Enough Vitamin D?

A lack of vitamin D may be the cause of chronic fatigue, osteoporosis, and joint pain.

3 Reasons Exercise Is Good for Breastfeeding Women

Nursing a child places a unique and significant demand on a woman's body, and exercise is the perfect way to meet those demands.

3 Ways to Set Your Gym Apart From the Competition

If you want to be competitive you can be first, be best, or be different.

In Defense of the Kipping Pull Up

I won't disagree that the kipping pull up looks silly and isn’t a real pull up, but I’m tired of reading criticisms based on shoulder mechanics that have zero basis in reality.

To Get Stronger, Variety Is Key

A new study explored four different methods of varying intensity and exercise to build size and strength.

Training for Long-Term Success With Eva Twardokens - Breaking Muscle Radio, Ep 2

In this episode, we talk to Eva T. about being an athlete, being healthy, and having fun.

The Fitness Customer Is Always Wrong

In fitness, what the customer wants is not necessarily what the customer needs. I'm going to outline what they want, versus what trainers need to provide.

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