A Self-Help Guide for Members of the Short Hamstring Club

Are your hamstrings the bane of your athletic existence? Here's some help from coaches who know their stuff.

Use Old-School BJJ Moves to Keep Your Opponents Guessing

Incorporate these submissions to surprise opponents and improve your BJJ game.

Yogic Anatomy: Mapping the Mind-Body Connection

Follow in the steps of the great yoga sages and learn how to go beyond the physical realm of your own practice.

Beyond the Bar Path: Reinforcing Movement Patterns in Weightlifting

Training a new weightlifter should involve the development of baseline athleticism.

The Difference Between Age and Maturation in Youth Weightlifters

What periods of development we can capitalize on, and what periods we must approach with caution?

Successful Pull Ups for Beginners: Say No to Bands

Bands are much like drugs - once you get hooked, it is difficult to get off them.

Combat Asymmetrical Sports Postures With 2 Simple Fixes (Video)

These will help athletes in sports like snowboarding, golf, tennis, surfing, or racquetball.

Sleep to Win: How Your Mattress Could Be Affecting Your Training

Is your mattress wreaking havoc on your sleep patterns - and your training, too?

What Separates a CrossFit Coach From a Weightlifting Coach?

I earned my CrossFit L1 in 2010 and for some reason thought I was qualified to coach lifts. I was horrible.

Do This Quick Yoga Flow for a Calmer, Happier Holiday

Gain a centered place of gratitude and a dose of perspective with this quick yoga flow.

Train Barefoot to Increase Your Lifts and Avoid Injury

Your feet just take you from point A to point B, right? You don’t need to train them. Oh, but how wrong you are.

5 Ways to Improve Your Defense and Win More Fights

For a fighter, being a proficient defender is the key part of not getting hit - or at least getting hit less.

Post-Competition Reflections (Athlete Journal 10)

This week I reflected on my strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats after my last powerlifting meet.

“The Paleo Kitchen" (Book Review)

This new book from Juli Bauer and George Bryant is full of delicious recipes, and a gorgeous photo accompanies every one.

Whey Protein vs. Casein Protein: Which Is Best For What?

If you don’t know what type of protein you are consuming, you might be impeding your fitness goals.

Strongman Profile: Siegmund Klein Teaches Us a Different Way to Squat

On the hunt for new moves to improve your strength? Check out this classic exercise that's likely new to you.

30 Minutes of Exercise Per Week Improved Health in Overweight Clients

A new study found short workouts led to significant health benefits.

Alpha X Earth Runners (Product Review)

If you’re looking for a good pair of barefoot running sandals, you should investigate these.

How to Avoid the Void of Holiday Overeating

Some things to consider before going overboard this holiday season.

5 Plank Variations and How to Spice Them Up (Video)

To become strong and stable, include the plank and its several variations in your bodyweight regimen.

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