The Dark Place of Competition (Where We Learn and Grow)

Training is a safe place. But it is only in the deep waters of competition that we can truly learn about ourselves.

For Weight Loss, the Scale Can Be Your Friend

A new study suggests daily weighing provides beneficial feedback and motivation for weight loss clients.

Manduka LiveOn Mat, GO Free 2.0 Backpack, Yoga Towels (Product Review)

These are high-quality products for the dedicated yogi, at a price that can’t be beat.

Yoga Drill to Strengthen the Core and Activate the Glutes (Video)

With this exercise we are specifically recruiting the strength of the glutes and the rectus abdominis.

An Easy Method to Teach a Perfect Weightlifting Start Position

Here's how we get a new athlete to approach the bar and simply set his or her back correctly without much thought.

Can Chocolate Help Fight Metabolic Syndrome?

Got a sweet tooth and don't know how to satisfy it? New research says chocolate is a good option.

How Women Should Train for Optimal Testosterone Levels

For females athletes, well-planned training is key to the best hormonal balance and response.

My Last Powerlifting Meet of 2014 (Athlete Journal 9)

My last meet of the year was full of ups and downs, but overall I'm happy with how things went.

7 Reasons You Aren’t Losing Weight (or Keeping It Off)

You're going to need to do more than count calories or exercise to stay lean. Here are some tips for success that you might not expect.

3 Fundamental Core Exercises You Need in Your BJJ Strength Program

Grapplers require a strong core to help prevent motion and to transfer power from the hips.

4 Commitments You Can Make to Have Happy, Healthy Holidays

This year, I’m challenging myself (and you) to take the stress out of the holidays.

Developing Explosive Hip Power for Improved Speed and Performance

Great athletes have great hips. And all athletes need hip mobility, stability, and explosiveness.

"The Paleo Approach Cookbook" (Book Review)

This cookbook makes for a fantastic first book for someone making a serious exploration into his or her health.

4 Step Progression to the Front Lever (Video)

Master this difficult hold, and leverage the strength gains into your overall athleticism

The Top 5 Exercises to Strengthen Your Neck

Balance and locomotion, lower risk of injury, and quality of breathing - possessing a strong neck has an upside for anyone.

3 Recipes to Get Your Kids Excited About Vegetables

“You gotta eat your vegetables.” This mantra doesn't have to lead to tears, tantrums, and arguments.

My First Competition as a Purple Belt (Athlete Journal 59)

I competed at my first tournament as a purple belt on Saturday, and I took second place in the division.

"Build Your Running Body" (Book Review)

This book provides new and experienced runners with many years' worth of solid information.

Strength and Conditioning: The Way Arnold Would Do It

Return to the golden era of bodybuilding with a full month's worth of old-school, hardcore workouts, chock full of exercises that have withstood the test of time.

Why Your Session Price Doesn't Matter to Clients

The first thing you must focus on, which is often overlooked, is the value you provide for your clients and gym members.

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