Your Search for the Perfect BJJ Gi Belt Is Over

This new belt from Flow Kimonos proves a gi belt is not just a piece of fabric you tie around your waist and forget about.

Failure to Innovate: Will Your CrossFit Gym Thrive Or Survive?

If you look at any business that either failed or started failing, you find one thing in common - failure to adapt to change.

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The government is still missing the boat on a number of nutritional issues. But we can’t expect them to change everything at once.

Use Yoga to Get to Know Your Kids Better

Yoga helps keep kids physically active, but there are many more benefits for emotional support and bonding.

Be Able to Do Everything: Match Your Tool to Your Goal

My personal aim is to always find the best and easiest solution that will also deliver the most benefit.

6 Mobility Exercises for an A$$-to-Grass Squat

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Top 10 PT Test Mistakes (and 12 Weeks of Free Workouts to Fix Them)

I have seen thousands of fit people who train often but still fail fitness tests because they did not get specific in their training.

Reverse Dieting: What It Is and Why You Should Try It

Reverse dieting can help athletes who need to cut weight quickly avoid the post-event slump.

Talkin' About Lockouts: Partial Reps for Overhead Strength

If your goal is to increase the amount of weight you can press over your head, sometimes you need to be a half-repper.

Wobble in Your Office Chair to Combat the Effects of Sitting

The Swopper Muvman chair keeps you moving, even while seated.

Planche Push Up Drills for Ultimate Strength and Control

In a planche push up, you balance on just your hands. Learn the principles and progressions to get you there.

Why You're Wrong and There's Nothing Wrong With That

Using the paleo diet as an example, I’ll cover the science behind why so many people are wrong.

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Coaches and parents, help youth identify and conquer sports performance anxiety.

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The stress that fire and smoke can bring to the body is intense, but maintaining a high level of conditioning will keep you safe on the job.

Revolutionize Your Running for Performance and Injury Prevention

"The Running Revolution" is a great resource on running form and self-assessment.

The Curse of Achilles: How to Prevent and Heal Achilles Tendon Injuries

Eighty percent of Achilles tendon injuries occur during recreational sports. Who is at risk, and how do you cope during recovery?

Love Connection: A Valentine's Yoga Sequence for 2

Have fun and get more mobile, while building communication and bonding with a friend or loved one.

Our Family’s Whole30 Journey - From a Teen’s Perspective

If you're considering doing a Whole30 in the future, here are some reflections from a teen's perspective.

4 Balance Exercises to Improve Your Bike Handling

Developing your balance will enable you to respond to changing environments such as ground surfaces and changes in direction.