The Great Egg Debate: Why You Should Eat Eggs, Why You Shouldn’t Not Eat Eggs

Eggs have had a tough ride in recent years. However the current evidence shows that for almost everyone eggs are a fantastic source of protein, fat, antioxidants, and vitamins.

10 Things I Hate About You (At the Gym)

I’d just as soon some of you not you come to my gym. Between those of you who aren’t friendly and those of you who smell like a vat of cologne, I’ll probably end up with a fairly small gym membership.

Pimp Your Push Up: 3 Common Mistakes and 5 Challenging Variations

Push ups - the purest, most powerful tool in your training arsenal. That is, provided you know how to use it! There's doing push ups - and there's doing push ups well.

Goal Setting Improves Motivation in Athletes

So you've made a bunch of training goals, but are you motivated? A new study shows that making the goals at all is a good first step to athletic success.

Product Review: Eating Evolved Dark Chocolates

Eating Evolved's slogan is "It's food, not candy," and it's true. These chocolates are a delicious treat for anyone who loves real chocolate.

Sunday Seven: The Week's 7 Most Popular Articles, Vol. 80

Every Sunday we post the "Sunday Seven" so you can quickly see the seven most popular articles of the week. This week: female body image, CrossFit censorship, avoiding burn out, hypertrophy, and more!

Video: How to Throw Muay Thai Knee Strikes

We'll start with exactly what part of the knee you should be striking with and then discuss how to throw the most powerful knee strike possible.

Athlete Journal: Jess Papi, Entry 2 - 10/12/2013

Today I share my experience at the No Gi Pan Ams, which happened three weeks ago. It was probably the most important competition I’ve done so far.

The Overhead Press: The Actual Difference Between Seated, Standing, Dumbbell, and Barbell

A study compared a seated and standing barbell overhead press with a seated and standing dumbbell overhead press.

From Grok to Groupon: 12 Articles to Debunk Common Fitness Myths

Here are twelve articles to dispel common fitness myths, and set you back on the straight and narrow.

Product Review: BlenderBottle SportMixer

The SportMixer from BlenderBottle is easy to clean, free of harmful chemicals, and it doesn't get smelly like other bottles I've tried.

Friday Flicks: 2013 Artistic Gymnastics World Championships

It's difficult to describe the beauty, grace, and fluidity of these male gymnasts at the 2013 Artistic Gymnastics World Championships.

A Glossary of Cycling Events: Road, Off-Road, and Track Racing

Criteriums? Omniums? Cyclo-cross? Downhill? What are these things? Here is my short guide to cycling-related sports that you may like to try, maybe as a challenge or just a bit of a change.

Want to Cut Down Recovery Time? Eat More Plants

When it comes to recovery, oxidative stress and inflammation are important things to fight. And it turns out the most powerful tools to do that can be found in the produce aisle of the grocery store.

Good Movement Is Corrective: Why the Squat Might Be Better Than Screening

How can you hide corrective exercise within regular training so clients do what they need, rather than just what they want? Here's how.

The Strength to Survive: Cancer's Nothin' - I Do CrossFit

I love my CrossFit Murdock family. I know the strength and endurance I achieved from the six solid months I was going there saved my life through this journey known as breast cancer.

Heart Rate Variability a Good Intensity Measure

Heart rate variability can be measured by some heart rate monitors, and a new study suggests tracking it might be a good way to evaluate workout intensity.

Examining the "Why" - Why Do You Exercise and Is It Working for You?

Are you working out because it's beneficial and enjoyable? Or are you doing it because you're trying to fix something from the past?

Tech Review: Withings Pulse

The Withings Pulse is one of the newest activity trackers on the market. I recommend it for anyone who wants to track heart rate, activity level, and sleep patterns.

5 Training Lessons Learned From My Obnoxious Big Brother

During my younger years my brother hated the fact that I existed. But as we got older his contempt disappeared and he became a sort of mentor. Here's the most important things I learned.

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