"The 28 Days Lighter Diet" (Book Review)

This book by Ellen Barrett and Kate Hanley aims to help women manage their menstrual cycles, and not vice versa.

An Average Session With Clients With Down Syndrome

People with Down Syndrome have excessively lax joints and poor muscle tone and coordination. The emphasis needs to be stability and strength.

Progressing the Pistol Using the Rings: Why I Was Wrong (Video)

I've changed my mind about using the rings to advance your pistol skills, and here's why.

The Science and Psychology of Motivation for Athletes

What is motivation? And I don’t just mean the basic definition, but the science of how motivation works. What motivates you versus me?

The Dynamic Duo of Shoulder Impingement

If the link between overhead movement and shoulder injury is merely a correlation, then what’s the cause at the heart of it?

HIIT Helps Maintain VO2 Max, But Not Soccer Skills

High intensity interval training is good for some aspects of sports performance, but not necessarily all of them.

Expanding Your Athletic Horizons (Athlete Journal 16)

The start of the 2014 figure season is coming up, and to be honest, I'm not sure whether I want to compete or not.

The Max Effort Black Box Program Adapted for Weightlifters

Prior to a national weightlifting competition, I took a non-traditional approach to my training. What follows is an outline of the program I created.

The 4 Paradoxes of Boxing (and Fighting)

Having studied boxing and the martial arts for many years as both student and teacher, I have come to accept that to fight is to face uncertainty and paradox.

Things Are Changing in the BJJ Competition World

The BJJ game is changing in ways being missed by many in the community. Are you keeping up?

3 Things I Learned While Sitting Out the CrossFit Games Open

Did you participate in the Open this year? What did you learn from making that choice?

7 Exercises to Optimize Shoulder Health With Kettlebells

The shoulder is a dynamic and amazing joint and we need to keep it as strong, mobile, and stable as we possible can.

Study Questions the Effectiveness of Oxygen Supplementation

Many athletes use oxygen supplementation to help them train for events at high elevation. But does it actually work?

Kettlebell Complexes and Yin Yoga (Athlete Journal 5)

Three weeks out from StrongFirst, my kettlebell work is going strong and I've continued to integrate yoga in my training.

Ben Musholt - 2 Plank Wall Traverse Variations (Video)

This is a fantastic whole body movement, and a fun progression from the basic static plank.

Are You a Follower of Fitness Dogma or Your Own Perspective?

Think you fall into the trap of assumptions and dogma? Read these pieces and consider how you're training.

2 Ways to Pivot Out From an Attack in Muay Thai (Video)

Today I'm going to show you how to use the hook and the cross to counterattack.

Pre-Tournament Taper Week (Athlete Journal 27)

This was a lighter training week due to school, sickness, and preparation for the Boston Open next weekend.

Training Activities for Athletes: The Final Steps to Determine Their Value, Part 5

When it comes to adding in a training activity, ask yourself this: is this unproven activity necessary in light of your limited time?

Women Are Not Small Men: Essential Info for Female Athletes

In order to help you understand the special aspects about women and fitness, we've put together the info we feel most strongly about here at Breaking Muscle.