4 Ideas to Consider When Opening Up Your Gym Business

Looking to opening up your own gym business? Help is at hand, not just from me but from those who have done it before. Here are a few things I would look at if I was in your shoes.

How to Prepare Your Mind and Body for Basic Training

If you wait until the first day of basic training to start preparing you will fight an uphill battle. Going in physically and mentally strong will provide you with the confidence you need.

Why a Little Resistance Training Gets Better Results Than a Lot of Conventional Exercise

Why does heavy resistance training get better results than riding a bike? This video breaks it down through science.

How Bands Are Actually Holding You Back

It wasn’t until I attended the current CrossFit Gymnastics certification that I realized bands are not essential, and can even be a crutch to an athlete’s progression.

On Not Giving a S%&# About BJJ: Don’t Judge

I have allowed BJJ to influence my choices throughout my life. So nobody found it more unexpected than I when I spent the final months of 2013 not giving a flying f*ck about it.

Fast Food Is Only Part of the Picture

Fast food is often demonized as the root cause of the obesity epidemic, but a new study suggests the Western diet is more to blame.

Athlete Journal: Terry Hadlow, Entry 12 - 1/13/2014

This week was my first competition, so I changed my schedule around a bit to prepare for it. The event went well and gave me a good idea of where I need to go in my training.

Book Review: "Which Comes First, Cardio or Weights?" by Alex Hutchinson

In an attempt to set the record straight and dispel many of the myths in and around fitness, author and scientist Alex Hutchinson wrote his latest book, "Which Comes First, Cardio Or Weights?"

The Whole Life Challenge: Changing the World Whole Lives at a Time

The WLC is an eight-week game that involves a baseline workout, recruiting friends and family to be on your team, and logging daily points for practicing good habits.

Unlock the Door to Your Athletic Potential

Your body is like a locker stored with tremendous athletic potential. Fortunately, there is a way to crack your neuromuscular code and open the door to amazing athleticism by building smart muscle.

Is Stability Training Dumb?

Years ago I was lured into "corrective exercise" and "functional training" by a back injury. I can tell you what I learned from that experience - and what I do now (and it's not standing on a Bosu).

Free Triathlon Workout Program: Join Us in Training for a Sprint Triathlon

Join us on this easy-to-follow plan as we get you started toward successfully completing your very first sprint-length triathlon.

The PAP Effect: Does It Apply to Sprinting?

Plenty of studies have shown the PAP effect in regards to weight training. A new study asks whether it also improves sprinting performance.

Video: Ben Musholt - 4 Dynamic Plank Variations

In this video, Ben demonstrates four dynamic core stability exercises from the plank family - plank splits, side planks, plank side crunches, and side plank leg swings.

Sunday Seven: The Week's 7 Most Popular Articles, Vol. 92

Every Sunday we post the "Sunday Seven" so you can quickly see the seven most popular articles of the week. This week: the CrossFit process, missing links in your training, pistol squats, and more!

How to Build a Foundation for Athletic Success

I always tell my students, “You will always revert to the most basic when put under pressure.” But if your basic foundation is strong as hell, then no matter comes at you, you’ll keep kicking ass.

Athlete Journal: Jess Papi, Entry 15 - 2/11/2014

2014 is off to a good start! I’ve been enjoying my time off from school, my gym is getting a lot of new students who are eager to learn, and I’ve been getting a ton of great training.

The 8 Most Hated Exercises

I recently conducted a poll to find out which exercises you hate but know are good for you. Here are the top eight exercises, based on 76 responses and listed from least to most reviled.

10 Top 10 Lists of 2013 (Plus Editor's Top 10 Picks)

At the turn of the year, it's nice to sit back and take a look at the top articles of the year gone by. Here they are along with an overall Breaking Muscle top 10 and "Editors Picks."

Product Review: ProBar Bolt Fruit Chews

ProBar Bolt fruit chews provide a delicious, energy-boosting, organic pre-workout snack in four different flavors.

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