You Can't Out-Train a Bad Diet, But Exercise Sure Does Help

While it's true that you can't out-exercise a bad diet, that doesn't mean exercise doesn't help. A new study explored the effects of high-intensity exercise on your lipid profile.

Athlete Journal: James Kearns, Entry 1 - 1/8/2014

Due to sickness and the New Year, my first athlete journal entry is a bit sparse, but I'm planning to get into action to prepare for my first competition of the year.

Interview with Emily Kwok: On Babies and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

I recently spoke with BJJ black belt about her new role as mother and asked her to shed some light on what happens to female athletes after they have babies.

What Is Healthy Eating? Turning the Food Pyramid Upside Down

Did you know that the official USDA food pyramid is actually the opposite of the food pyramid proposed by the USDA nutritionists?

The Life-Cycle of a CrossFitter, Part 2 - Moving Into Real Fitness

CrossFitters - if you've hit a plateau, you’ve begun to get soft, or you are beginning to feel the early pangs of some sort of injury, then read on.

Training Worthy of a Lifetime

If you told me you decided to spend the rest of your life figuring out the leg press, I’d feel bad for you. But if you told me you decided to spend your life learning a martial art, I’d be impressed.

Rehydration After Weight Cutting: Water Doesn't Cut It

Cutting weight to get into a lower weight class often results in dehydration. A new study asks whether drinking a liter of water can help rehydrate athletes.

Athlete Journal: Chris Duffin, Entry 83 - Ringing in the New Year with 800lb Squats

Between moving to a new gym facility and squatting heavy - 800lbs, to be exact - for the first time in months, I think 2014 is off to a good start.

Product Review: HumanX Kettlebell Arm Guards

It is inevitable that until your kettlebell snatch technique is good you will whack yourself a number of times. The HumanX Kettlebell Arm Guard is perfect for this learning phase.

Working with Special Populations Part 3: Diabetes Mellitus

As coaches, we will likely have someone with diabetes come through our doors. Type 1 diabetes care will differ from type 2 diabetes care, and it's important for coaches to know the difference.

10 Videos on Mobility, Therapy, and Performing Movements Properly by Dave Ayres

By his own admission, CrossFit coach Dave Ayres was not born with natural ability. This is why he finds himself always learning. Here Dave shares his learnings with you through ten of his best videos.

Strength in the Face of Injury: 5 Lessons Learned

Almost two years ago I started having chronic headaches as well as neck and shoulder pain and I had to stop all my favorite exercises. Here are the five lessons I learned from this experience.

This Year, Exercise Less

Hold onto your hats. This is the year I challenge you to exercise less. I know you think I’m either joking or crazy, but I’m (hopefully) neither. Allow me to explain.

Supplement Face-Off: Baking Soda Versus Beta-Alanine

Beta-alanine supplements cost a heck of a lot more than plain old baking soda, but do they work any better? A new study suggests the answer is no.

Athlete Journal: Terry Hadlow, Entry 11 - 1/6/2014

This was week two of phase three. I trained for six days of the week and my legs were fried by the end, but hopefully it will all be worth it after my upcoming meet.

Don't Judge a Book By Its Cover: Instrinsic Motivation vs. External Goals

A study concluded those who were slightly overweight actually lived longer than those who were of normal weight. How can this be and what does it have to do with our goals?

It's Time to Make a Different Kind of Resolution

It’s that time of year when we promise ourselves we will be better. I challenge you to make a different set of resolutions this year. Focus on your body’s abilities, not it’s faults.

The Importance of Respecting the CrossFit Process

There is a process to getting better. Just like anything, you have to develop the little things first. Then, with a little bit of luck and tons of determination, you just might accomplish your goal.

3 Drills for Building Wrist Flexibility

If you are working on handstands or trying to overcome wrist inflexibility and pain, then I would highly recommend doing these exercises every day.

Editor's Picks: The 10 Must-Read Articles From 2013

These articles are funny and clever, researched and knowledged. Of the many articles we published last year, here are ten of my favorites that I believe you need to experience and learn from.

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