So You Think You're Badass? 12 Tell-Tale Signs

Have a read through the list. Have you got what it takes? Are you truly hardcore? Here are twelve dead giveaways that you are one seriously badass mofo.

Mouthpieces Are for Protection, not Performance

Using mouthpieces to improve performance is becoming more common and commercial products are available now for the purpose of enhancing performance. Do they really work?

Featured Photographer: Shaun Cleary - CrossFit and Surfing

Shaun Cleary has always been the guy with the camera. As a professional photographer, Shaun strives to capture the passion and intensity of athletic events.

Super D Video: Arching the Back for Greatness

Let's talk about maintaining back integrity. Stop looking like a turtle when you deadlift. Lock, load, and maintain that arched back position throughout the lift.

Sally Arsenault's BJJ Holiday Wish List

If you have a friend or family member who has gotten the BJJ bug, here's a list of gifts from BJJ practitioner Sally Arsenault.

How Barbell Knurling Differs and How This Impacts Different Lifters

Let's talk about barbell knurling. How does it differ between barbells? How does it affect different lifters? How do you prep your hands to deal with it?

Doctor Your Skull, Protect Your Brain: How to Heal Yourself From Impacts

If you are an active person, then it's likely you've experienced trauma to your precious head and brain. Here's what you can do to heal symptoms from impact to your skull.

Let's Twist Again: Why You Need Twists in Your Training

When people come to see me and say they want to improve their running, I often will work with them on crawling and rolling. I always look for the easiest fix, and here's my logic behind this.

The Great Injury Debate: Is CrossFit Dangerous? We May Never Know

Rather than say there is no problem, I would much rather see a conversation around long-term fitness that allows CrossFit participants to remain injury free.

DOMS: The Good, the Bad, and What It Really Means to Your Training

Despite the inconvenience of DOMS, a common belief is this soreness translates to progress, a job well done, and your ticket to inevitable Gainz™. Is this correct?

Athlete Journal: Chris Duffin, Entry 79 - Thanksgiving Training

This week was Thanksgiving, so I put all those extra calories and carbs to good use during my holiday training.

4 Tips for Acclimating to Winter Training

Don’t let the winter cold stop your training, but rather, come into spring with a great base for the year. Use the winter as a training cycle and not a period of hibernation.

5 Mental Cues to Bulletproof Your Brain for Training

How you mentally handle hardship when it arises can make or break your ability to stay on a fitness regimen. Consider the following five tips for when life is trying to get you down.

Chet Morjaria's Olympic Weightlifting Holiday Wish List

What do you buy an Olympic weightlifter? This wish list contains a wide range of options to suit all budgets and lifters.

Video: Ring Dip Therapy

Here's how to properly scale and progress the dip, including how to avoid the Frankenstein dip and the exercise-induced epilepsy-dip. (Plus: mobility tips for the dips.)

What Science Has to Do With Our Comments on Fitness-Related Articles

Everyone has a different opinion in the fitness arena. But remember your comments may be representing more than just yourself.

A Not-So-Scientific Look at Injury in CrossFit

Recently researchers released one of the first scientific studies on injuries in CrossFit, but they decided to replace the laboratory with online CrossFit forums.

Athlete Journal: Terry Hadlow, Entry 7 - 12/2/2013

This was the first week of my next training phase. Next week, the weights will move up in intensity and things will get interesting.

Kids Are Fatter, Sicker, and Slower – What Can We Do About It?

We have a responsibility to protect children - all of us. We have to step up as a society and care for our children and get them well.

Coach Checklist: What to Look For When Hiring Instructors

Your team is your family and what power your business. These are important things you need to examine before bringing a new member into your business team.

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