Athlete Journal: Jess Papi, Entry 23 - 3/8/2014

As tournament time approaches, I've been training hard and learning some freestyle judo tehcniques to prepare for the big day.

Training Activities for Athletes: The Logical Steps to Determine Their Value, Part 1

So many new gadgets, contraptions, and programs - coupled with the current popularity of boot camps, cross training, and the personal training field - can make training decisions a head-scratcher.

10 Articles to Improve the Performance of Your Hamstrings

For athletes of many sports, the hamstrings tend to be a problematic area. Here are ten articles to guide you through how to improve hamstring strength and performance.

Book Review: "Quick Strength for Runners" by Jeff Horowitz

"Quick Strength for Runners" is an easy-to-follow program that aims to help runners improve performance and prevent injury.

Athlete Journal: Charles Staley, Entry 80 - How Close Are You to Perfect?

if you could somehow know, with certainly, what the fully-realized you looked, felt, and performed like, how different would that be from the current you?

Friday Flicks: Lydia Valentin 140kg Clean Slow Motion

This is Lydia Valentin, a Spanish weightlifter. It is simply the best example we have seen of keeping the bar close throughout the entire lift.

9 Military Strategies to Improve Your Gym and Reduce the Chaos

I have an idea for how you can run your gym better. Here are nine tools inspired by the military that you can implement to improve your gym business and reduce the chaos.

Plantain Protein Pancakes (Recipe)

Sweet potatoes are probably the most famous paleo source of nutrient-dense carbs, but one of my favorites is the lesser-known plantain.

How to Progress Weightlifting in Children and Adolescents

It is increasingly common to see children beginning a serious sport career. However, the age a child can start weightlifting is not a function of chronological years, but one of biological years.

Training to Increase Your VO2 Max

VO2 may be largely genetic, but it can be influenced by training - by as much 15%. That would take me from a 57 to an incredible 65.5 and potentially drop more than twenty minutes off my marathon.

An Analysis of Muscle Fiber Responses to Eccentric Exercise

How would your muscle fibers respond if you did ninety reps of maximal quad training every day for six days? Fortunately, you don't have to find out, because a new study asked just that question.

Athlete Journal: Alli Moyer, Entry 14 - 3/6/2014

Between the CrossFit Open and the Arnold Classic, the last two weeks have been amazing reminders of why I started training in the first place.

3 Keys to Communicating With Teenage Athletes

Coaches of teenagers deal with a giant set of issues unique to that of any other coaches, but the greatest challenge of them all is communication with their athletes.

Weekly Work-In: Week 2 - Create a Personal Affirmation That Works

I never connected with affirmations until I found a one that truly resonated with what I wanted. Use your "work-in journal" to answer questions and create a true intention for your life.

Learning and Training the Proper Technique for the Barbell Snatch

The snatch is a challenging, yet rewarding, lift to master. But, it does take time to learn the proper technique.

Hardstyle, Girevoy, or CrossFit? How to Decide Which Kettlebell Style Is Best

I find it difficult to believe that a simple tool of strength can be used so differently. Here is an overview of their differences (though, there are also many similarities).

Strongman Series: The Yoke

Trained in the correct manner, the yoke carry can be an incredible strength and power builder, not only for strength athletes, but for athletes of any sport.

Thermogenic Aids: Do They Actually Work?

Can taking a pill actually increase metabolic rate? Many studies have said no, but recent research suggests a blend of caffeine and herbs might actually work.

Athlete Journal: James Kearns, Entry 9 - 3/5/2014

This week I trained at a different grappling school and got to work on tightening up some holes in my game.

Video: Review of the Reebok CrossFit Lite TR

If you know me, you know I'm pretty picky about training gear. So when I say this is the best weight lifting shoe I've ever worn, I mean it. I even ditched my Chucks for these shoes.