6 Potential Missing Links in Your Training

Are you making mistakes or missing elements in your training and coaching that you're not even aware of? Not after you read this article!

Earning My Stripes (Athlete Journal 46)

I hurt my elbow and had to deal with a cold for two days, but it was still a great week.

"Eat the Yolks" (Book Review)

Liz Wolfe's ability to ride the line between stick-to-your-guns and reasonable makes this one of the best nutrition books I've read in years.

4 Nutrition Lessons That Can Benefit Anyone

These lessons will benefit anyone who wants to improve their nutrition, regardless of which diet camp he or she falls into.

3 Steps to Improving Your Performance (Athlete Journal 103)

When you think about your training as a system composed of several interrelated components, you're likely to succeed.

Exploring Parallels of Sport and Dance (Video)

What makes sport and dance the same? Is sport an art form? Is dance a sport? Watch the video, explore the parallels, and make your own mind up.

"Paleo By Season" (Book Review)

Peter Servold's cookbook uses a seasonal approach to take your cooking skills to the next level.

5 Tips for Practicing Yoga Outside

Get outside and practice - and feel how being with nature helps you connect even deeper to the sense of being with yourself.

The Number One Rookie Training Mistake

If you don't listen to this advice, then chances are you're going to fail your RKC or SFG test.

What Do Inflammation Markers After Intense Exercise Tell Us?

Team handball players are the perfect athletes to test response to intense exercise.

5 Easy Ways to Get More Plant-Based Protein

The AHA might recommend eating more animal products to improve heart health, but not everyone feels the same way.

Breakfast Is for Champions: Why Kids Need a Morning Meal

Unfortunately, many people who skip breakfast are those who need it most - young and growing athletes.

How Tonnage Calculations Can Make You a Better Lifter

What are you doing with all those numbers in your lifting journal? Do you know the formulas you should be using to plan your training?

Greasing the Groove: How to Make It Work for You

This training method provides a great way to build the neurological skill to move heavy objects. Here's why it works and how to best use this approach.

A Programming Plan for Injury Free CrossFit

Your mission as a CrossFit coach is to challenge the client in your gym, get them stronger, and lead them on the path to mastery and competence.

For Hypertrophy, Longer Rest Periods Are Key

Traditional hypertrophy programs often use short rest periods, but a new study suggests this might not be the best idea.

Changing Up My Training (Athlete Journal 32)

Injuries, illness, tournament struggles, and all the other obstacles I faced earlier this year seem like a distant memory now.

Don't Stink and Wash Often: Hygiene for BJJ Gyms and Athletes

Did you know that if you show up to class with a cold sore, you could infect everyone you roll with?

The Violence Conundrum: 11 Lessons Learned Through Fighting

Man is wolf to man, and violence results. What can we learn from it?

The Mistake That's Costing You Pounds in Your Cleans

There is a phenomenon in CrossFit that is remarkably consistent across all time zones, borders, and accents. It’s the hitch and bounce.