Forget the Elite and Train Your Actual Clients

I see so many trainers worry about two specific issues constantly, and then wonder why they’re not successful.

Quercetin Affects Arterial Plaque, Immune Response, and Weight Loss

A new study found the flavonol quercetin has several benefits, particularly when combined with exercise.

2 Healthy Dressings That Won't Ruin Your Vegetables

Vegetables just aren't as healthy when you drown them in chemically-filled dressings. Here are two tasty, healthy alternatives.

Yoga Is the Answer to the Problems Children Face Today

Yoga and mindfulness practices at a young age can benefit youth behavior, focus, attention span, and embodiment.

Runner's Knee: Who Is at Risk and How to Prevent It

How do you know if you are experiencing PFS (runner's knee), as opposed to the normal aches and pains you feel after a hard run?

You Are Not Normal - Here's Why

For the most part, none of us are perfectly average. We need to design programs that are more individually focused.

My 5-Step Program to Rehab Your Competition Addiction

For years I always thought wanting to do more and move forward was always a good thing. But on the inside, I was pushing myself down.

An Uncomfortable Read for Coaches

I’m going to present you with three typical scenarios from the fitness industry. If you recognize yourself in this article, maybe it's time to be a bit more respectful.

Put Up or Shut Up (Athlete Journal 28)

This weekend I will not lose due to lack of training, conditioning, nutrition, or focus. I won’t lose because I beat myself.

Bauerfeind OmoTrain Shoulder Support (Product Review)

I used this shoulder brace to help me recover from a shoulder injury, and it provided noticeable results.

A Periodized Plan for Success as a Personal Trainer

I have a confession to make. I have lied, pretended to be someone I am not, and more than likely wasted the valuable time of people I’ve come in contact with.

Glute Activation Warm Up for Squats and Deadlifts (Video)

I used this last year to prepare for both my squat and deadlift workouts leading up to a world record squat.

5 Fitness Challenges That Will Strengthen Body and Mind

Strength of mind comes from learning to push forward even when uncomfortable. Physical duress is a fantastic way to empower yourself.

CrossFit Is a Great Thing, But Not the Only Thing

What happens when and if the tide turns, and you’ve sunk your entire existence into the religion of CrossFit?

Creatine Works for Soccer Players, Too

Creatine is known for its benefits for weight lifting, but how does it affect performance on the soccer field?

5 Training Tips From Champion Powerlifter Chris Duffin

Chris Duffin is a really strong guy, and his training logs provide a lot of insight for anyone who wants to get stronger.

Re-Wild Your Plate: 3 Easy, Tasty Game Meat Recipes

Wild game meat is high in protein and packed with nutrients. It's also delicious when prepared the right way.

Are Your Clients Holding Your Business Captive?

How does a business stay true to the founder's vision and still allow customers to drive innovation?

A Short Yoga Flow for a Better Overhead Squat (Video)

This flow warms you up with hollow rocks for the core, while opening into a squat, and externally rotating the shoulders as well.

What Physical Therapy Taught Me About Being Strong

What do an athlete and a 65-year old with a knee replacement have in common? A lot more than you think, from my perspective working in injury and surgery rehab.