Sunday Seven: The Week's 7 Most Popular Articles, Vol. 82

Every Sunday we post the "Sunday Seven" so you can quickly see the seven most popular articles of the week. This week: female body image, why fascia matters, programming for CrossFit, and more!

Video: Counter-Tactics in Muay Thai: 3 Counters to the Jab

This week we're going to go over three counters to the jab - one close-range, mid-range, and long-range tactic - and utilize our elbows, knees, and roundhouse kick.

Athlete Journal: Jess Papi, Entry 4 - 10/26/2013

It was Hell Week at school, but I managed to still teach some classes and get in a few good training sessions with my teammates this week.

Interview With Low-Carb, High-Intensity Proponent Fredrick Hahn

Fredrick is a long-time professional in the fitness industry. Today he's going to share some great info on training and nutrition that those new to the industry will especially benefit from.

Virtuosity with Dusty Hyland: The Complete 9-Part Handstand Walking Series

Welcome to our Virtuosity video series, featuring Coach Dusty Hyland. This set of nine videos starts with the basic handstand position, and takes you through to handstand walking up and down stairs.

Product Review: About Time Ve Vegan Protein Formula

If you're a vegan athlete , you will want to check out About Time Ve Vegan Protein Formula. This product tastes good and contains a variety of high-quality ingredients.

Athlete Journal: Charles Staley, Entry 63 - Recovering From Worlds

This entry marks my first full week of training following World Championships. I'll be doing Wendler's 5-3-1 program to prep for upcoming events.

Friday Flicks: Liao Hui 198Kg Clean and Jerk in Slow Motion (World Record)

Take a look at this exquisite slow motion replay of Liao Hui's world record breaking 198kg clean and jerk at the 2013 World Weightlifting Championships.

Why Serious Cyclists Should Consider Strength Training

Cyclists sometimes challenge me when it comes to whether or not they should be doing gym exercise. Here is research that shows the amazing benefit strength training has for cyclists.

Simple Steps to Stop Procrastinating About Your Fitness and Nutrition

Procrastination is often an issue of avoidance due to conflict, difficulty, and hesitation. This is a surefire way to achieve a mediocre life and not become the person you truly want to be.

3 Yoga Poses to Strengthen the Hamstrings and Protect the Knees

Try these poses to keep the hamstring engaged when it is stretching. Even if you are not hypermobile, you can benefit from strengthening this muscle group and learning not to lock out the knee.

I Like to Move It, Move It: The Surprising Thing Missing From Your Workout

We all know sitting is the devil, and there is a push to do more posterior chain work in our training. But even then, we're still standing still. Why are we moving more in training?

How You Can Make Your Bones Healthier Now

A recent research review took a look at some common conceptions about how various lifestyle factors affect bone health. It turns out most of them seem to be correct.

4 Videos to Help You be Strong, Mobile, and Injury-Free by Donnie Thompson

Donnie Thompson is a retired powerlifter turned physical therapist. He specializes helping others be strong, mobile, and to prevent or recover from injury. Here are four videos to help you do that.

Tech Review: Sonos Play:1

The Sonos Play:1 is an economical and high-quality speaker system that would work well in a fitness studio with multiple rooms.

How to Do a Safe and Proper Vinyasa

When a teacher says “take a vinyasa,” they mean a specific sequence of movements, and if it is not performed properly, over time you are at risk of injury to the rotator cuff or lower back.

Proper Rack Positioning in the Clean and Jerk (and How to Adjust Mid-Lift)

The clean ends with the bar racked on your shoulders, whereas the jerk starts from there. Even so, many lifters find the need to readjust the position of their rack. Why is this?

Life: The Unknown and Unknowable at High Intensity - But Is It CrossFit?

This past week Reebok sent me to the Netherlands to compete in the Lowlands Throwdown. It was also the worst week of my life. Perhaps life is more like CrossFit than I realized.

9 Strength Training Mistakes We've All Made and How to Fix Them

I think there’s a few aspects of your training that could do with a little shift in perspective. Let’s grab a coffee and take a look at how we can make your training work harder for you.

Carbs and Protein: Do We Need Both After a Workout?

You might have heard you need carbs after a workout in just the right ratio to protein. A recent study suggests when it comes to protein synthesis, you just need protein.

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