Alternate Day Fasting Reduces Body Fat and Cholesterol

A recent study was a slam dunk for alternate day fasting. Read on to learn how this method of fasting helped everyday athletes manage weight and cholesterol.

Athlete Journal: Terry Hadlow, Entry 6 - 11/25/2013

Rest week, the necessary evil. I’ve just begun the kick-start process, and took some time this week to evaluate the first phase so I can be better in the next.

Off-Season Strength Training for Cyclists: Building a Strong Foundation

This month’s article deals with creating a foundation of strength, preparing the body for more intense strength and power training later.

Training Partials for Stronger Tendons and Bones

Partials are any exercise where you purposefully do a shortened range of motion instead of the full range. Partials don’t take the place of full-range lifts, but are used as a adjunct to them.

The 2013 List of Best Stocking Stuffers for the Athlete

The prices range quite a bit on these products, so you should be able to find something to fit any budget, but I promise they'll all fit inside the stocking itself.

Anti-Inflammatories: Green Tea, Ginger, and the Athlete

I am not planning on stopping the things I do for my workouts, but I am willing to use deliberate recovery measures and supplementation to battle the resulting inflammation.

Is Jiu Jitsu for You? You Decide

In my mind, the only person who can answer the question, “Do I belong in BJJ?” is the person asking it. It all boils down to the answers to three questions you need to ask yourself.

Restricted Blood Flow Builds Bigger Muscles

The most recent study is yet another win for occlusion training. Researchers investigated the short-term effects of reduced blood flow during training.

Sunday Seven: The Week's 7 Most Popular Articles, Vol. 86

Every Sunday we post the "Sunday Seven" so you can quickly see the seven most popular articles of the week. This week: pull up tips, steroid use within CrossFit, hamstring flexibility, and more!

Video: Ben Musholt - Basic Parallette Bar Skills

Here are four basic bodyweight exercises for you to do on a set of parallettes: the incline push up, the bodyweight dip, the tuck hold, and the tuck planche.

Athlete Journal: Jess Papi, Entry 8 - 11/23/2013

I always envied people on the West Coast because I thought they had more competitions, seminars, and open mats, but this week I found out I might have been looking in the wrong places.

20 Ways to Burn 500 Calories

Knowing that calorie intake is paramount for fat loss, what type and amount of exercise can you add? Here are activity suggestions that burn 500 calories based on your body weight.

Training Through Adversity: 8 Stories of Finding Strength Through Sport

Read how these inspirational men and women conquer the adversity in their lives through their sports.

Product Review: BlenderBottle ProStak

If you’re looking for a multi-purpose sports bottle that can hold all of your nutritional needs in one convenient place, keep your eye out for the release of the BlenderBottle ProStak.

Athlete Journal: Charles Staley, Entry 67 - Tactical Strength Challenge

In addition to my powerlifting schedule, I’ve decided to compete in Strong First’s Tactical Strength Challenge on April 12th, so I've added a few things to my training.

Friday Flicks: Female Warriors - BJJ Submission Highlights

Stop whatever you are doing, and spend a few minutes watching this no-holds-barred highlight reel of female BJJ submissions.

The Accumulation of Marginal Gains: Gear Tips for Cycling Faster

Based on a number of studies, I set about searching for cycle equipment and clothing that would be easy to purchase without breaking the bank - and would improve performance.

The 2 Fundamental Roles of Footwork in the Jerk

Jerks are often lost in front, and much of the time this can be attributed to improper actions of the legs and feet.

3 Stretches to Help Achy Wrists and Prevent Carpal Tunnel

A lot of people have wrist pain during yoga or lifting. This pain can impact a your ability to complete a workout. Here are three poses to stretch achy wrists, as well as tips for safety.

Why 70% Can Make You Stronger, Faster, and Healthier

One of the benefits about getting older is you start to see how things are connected. Those subtle relationships can be the key to unlocking amazing returns on training.

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