The Role of the Menstrual Cycle in Exercise Recovery

Estrogen levels appear to have a significant impact on exercise recovery, so women can optimize their workouts by taking their cycle into consideration.

Eat, Drink, and Be Healthy: How to Fuel Your Performance

Nutritionist Brad Sly gives you a better understanding of how food and supplements affect your health and athletic performance.

"High Protein, No Powder" by Tiffany Terczak (Book Review)

If you need to mix up your smoothie or protein bar routine, this book provides fun recipes for both grain-free and vegan diets.

How to Learn From Both Success and Failure

While we may indeed learn through failure, we can also learn through our successes. In a recent paper, some scientists examined exactly how.

Breaking Down the Headstand or Handstand Push Up, Part 1: The Handstand

Here are several progressions that will help you on your way to a strict headstand push up.

Why Does the Front of My Shoulder Hurt?

Anterior shoulder pain is often a sign of some degree of shoulder impingement. Here are three steps to deal with it.

The Science of BJJ: How Grappling Makes Its Own Natural Laws

I’ve come to realize that there are many examples of how the unique ecosystem known as Brazilian jiu jitsu follows its own physical and natural laws.

Football Linemen More Susceptible to Heat Illness

Between 1960 and 2009, 123 high school football players died from heat-related illness. A new study suggests the risks are highest for linemen.

Tournament Time and a Stubborn Elbow (Athlete Journal Entry 22)

This week was the week of my tournament. I was excited and ready for it, but unfortunately my elbow didn't feel the same way.

The Reasons Why You Should or Shouldn't Be a Trainer

I’ve had many individuals approach me with questions about being a trainer and whether to become one. Here’s the advice I've told them.

Coaching Education Approaches: Some Thoughts on the Instruction of Weightlifting

As a lifelong follower of weightlifting, I can say interest in the sport is at an all-time high. So there will continue to be a need for competent instruction.

Why Stretching and Warming Up Are Not the Same

It appears that stretching before activity is not going to help prevent injuries. So what is the answer?

Ultimate Guide for Lean Gains, Part 1: Carb Cycling

By maximizing the anabolic power of insulin with carb cycling, it’s possible to shred fat and build muscle simultaneously.

The Origins and Application of the Max Effort Black Box Concept

Years ago, i began implementing dedicated strength training along with the CrossFit template design. As a result, I noticed that my clients’ loading moved closer to what was prescribed.

Antioxidants Have Mixed Effects on Performance

We know antioxidants are good for our health, but do they affect athletic performance? A new research review shows mixed results.

Just Call Me Hofer McTwisty (Journal Entry 4)

This week I share a video of one of my favorite stretches to do after a workout or yoga session.

Ben Musholt - 5 Kneeling Get Up Variations (Video)

In this video, Ben demonstrates the basic kneeling get up along with five challenging variations: prisoner, weight plate, kettlebell, barbell, and dumbbells.

Blood Doping, Deal Breakers, and WTF Moments

As a female, I can't help but be fascinated by the images of women in the fitness world. For that reason, two particular articles made my picks this week, as well as five others you shouldn't miss.

Tournament Season Begins (Athlete Journal Entry 25)

My first tournament of the year didn't go quite as well as I had hoped. But I still enjoyed it and am happy that competition season is in full swing!

Training Activities for Athletes: Skill Training Research and How to Apply It, Part 3

Skill training continues to be misunderstood by the masses, and is thus in dire need of further discussion.