Alcohol Impairs Hypertrophy and Messes With Your Hormones

A new research review found alcohol can inhibit muscle growth by as much as thirty percent.

Want to Be Healthier? Pick One of These Simple Tips

Find one thing from this list to focus on and go for it. Stick with it for a month and see what happens.

Cossack Squat Variations for Improved Strength and Mobility

The Cossack squat is a great drill for flexibility, for mobility, and as a dynamic warm up for any lower-body activity.

Free 12-Week Beginner Workout Program - Get Started!

Here are the plan, the goal, and the principles of our new beginner program. Achieving your goals is not only realistic, but guaranteed.

Train Like an Old-time Strongman: Free 4-Week Program

The commonality in training of old-time strongmen was constant practice and progressive overload. Not constant extreme effort or constant exhaustion.

Phosphatidic Acid Increased Muscle Gain in Just Eight Weeks

In a new study, phosphatidic acid worked, both in petri dishes and in humans.

Not Getting the Results You Want? Time for a Reality Check

If you're disappointed in your results, it's time to shore up your training. Are you doing all the following things? Take this quiz!

5 Progressions for the Pistol Squat (Video)

This week, Al demonstrates a step-by-step approach to mastering the pistol squat.

You're Doing It Wrong: 6 Better Ways to Train

Hitting a wall in your training? Are your personal records stuck? Wishing you had time to accomplish more, but just can't make it work?

Seminar Time With Phil Migliarese (Athlete Journal 40)

Scranton MMA held a seminar featuring Phil Migliarese last Saturday, which marked the official merging of our affiliations. It was also an amazing training week!

How to Stop Your Lower Back Pain

How miserable it is not to be able to go to the gym, follow your training plan, or possibly even tie your shoes. How can you get back to feeling good and back to training?

"The Life Plan Diet" (Book Review)

Jeffry Life's book is a helpful resource for anyone who wants to get healthy or stay in shape through diet.

Charles Staley's 5 “Secrets” to Lifting Success (Athlete Journal 97)

Recently someone asked what I attribute to my lifting success as an older athlete. Here's my response.

Cliff Diving in Ireland - Red Bull World Series 2014 (Video)

The incredible cliffs of West Ireland provide the perfect setting for cliff diving, a sport of finesse and beauty.

Cyclists: How to Combine Races and Training for a Successful Summer

Let’s look at your goals, your schedule, and how you can arrange your training to have both fun and progress this season.

The Unexpected Key to Better Performance and Recovery

It turns out the problem with training in heat isn’t dehydration, but something else entirely. This is very different from what we've been told.

Is Steady State or Interval Training Better for Cardio?

Steady state cardio gets a bad rap sometimes. Recently science put this common conception to the test.

Sworkit Circuit Training App (Tech Review)

If you're looking for workouts to do while traveling this summer, Sworkit is the perfect app for you.

Pause Reps for Gains During Injury (Athlete Journal 3)

Now that I've gotten back to strength training, I'm using pause reps to get the most out of my sessions.

The Pivotal Role of Attitude in Youth Sports Performance

What can reveal the most about an athlete, can make or break a game, and can reach viral status? That’s right. Attitude.