Older Adults Need Well-Rounded Routines

Knowing what it takes to stay fit as we age is important. In a recent study, researchers wanted to find out if running was enough to maintain general fitness in older adults.

Event Review: HACKFit Boston

As someone who follows technology and fitness closely, there was no way I was passing up the opportunity to attend HACKFit Boston. The event brings together fitness and technology in a unique way.

Catching the Bounce, Part 1: The Clean

This is about one of the tricks of the trade used by elite lifters that might be of use to those of you cleaning substantial weight in the squat style. This technique is called "catching the bounce."

Pregnant and Weight Lifting? You May Want to Reconsider

I have to admit, I cringe a little when I see a pregnant woman in a CrossFit class. Pregnancy is incredible, but places a huge demand on the body. Here are my tips for navigating this time.

What Your Butt-Winking Dog-Squat Is Doing to Your Poor Innocent Knees

Being a physical therapist and CrossFit coach allows me to look at movement from a unique perspective. In the CrossFit box, that look is visually painful most of the time.

What Strongman Training Can Teach Us About Getting Strong

Strongman-strong is a special kind of strong. We can learn a lot from taking a look at the basic principles of this training - whether you aim to be a strongman or simply a strong man.

Less Is More: New Studies Investigate Carnitine Dose-Response

Carnitine is a popular sports supplement, but not a lot research has been done on the best dosage for performance. A new study suggests that more may not necessarily be better.

Video: Sean Waxman - Olympic Weightlifting Drills: Power Snatch From Blocks Below the Knee

The power snatch from blocks below the knee is an exercise to help improve the speed of the barbell throughout the pull.

Product Review: Fenom Pearl Weave Gi

The Fenom brand offers gis that are made for women, by women. They are also high-quality gis and have quickly become the new grey t-shirt of my grappling wardrobe.

The Great Egg Debate: 4 Reasons You Need to Stop Eating Eggs

Eggs. Nature’s perfect food, right? I used to think the same way, but with a wealth of incriminating evidence piling up, eggs have lost their luster for me.

Book Review: "Faster: Demystifying the Science of Triathlon Speed" by Jim Gourley

This new book looks at the science involved in going faster and some of the biggest fallacies regarding bikes, run technique, and pacing strategies, all based on scientific research.

The Slippery Slope of Novelty WODs in CrossFit

Birthday WODS, and their ilk, are just an indicator or a much larger issue - you don’t program. Think about it. If you have room in your schedule for birthday WODS, then you don’t have a schedule.

Echinacea Shown Ineffective at Improving VO2 Max

Echinacea is well-known as a supplement for the immune system, but does it have other benefits as well? A recent study suggests when it comes to VO2 max, the answer is no.

Athlete Journal: Chris Duffin, Entry 69 - My Views on Ab Training

This was a lighter week because I was fighting off a cold, so I've included a video explaining my perspective on abdominal exercises.

5 Simple Steps to Guaranteed Results in the Gym (and in Life?)

You go the gym and you’re not getting the results you want. Don't worry - achieving your goals is done one step at a time and using these tips you can make more effective progress.

Product Review: Farmaesthetics New and Nursing Mothers Set

The New and Nursing Mothers set from Farmaesthetics contains 6 products to pamper new moms. I used it during pregnancy, labor, and postpartum.

Athlete Journal: Alli Moyer, Entry 3 - 9/24/2013

In the past, competing in figure has injured me, mentally. Right now my focus is preventing that from happening again, and here's how I'm doing that.

The Shakedown on Salt: Is it Good or Bad for You?

Salt has been given a bad rap, but I often get cravings for it after a workout. I decided to take a deeper look into the research on salt to find out if it really is such a bad thing to be eating.

The CrossFit Dilemma: Why Can’t I Lift More Than THAT Person?

Many athletes may wonder why they are not able to lift more than the person next to them. Let's look at different body types and how to work with your genetic musculature to make strength gains.

Longer Strides, Faster Steps Key to Sprinting

A new study asks what technique athletes should do to get maximum acceleration from short sprints. The key seems to lie in stride length, leg strength, and a good start.

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