Vital Proteins (Product Review)

There are a lot of missing links in the modern diet, and collagen from animal sources is one of them. These supplements are an easy fix.

My Competition Results (Athlete Journal 94)

I competed in the 2014 100% Raw! Federation’s American Challenge last weekend, and was happy with the results.

World Pole Dance Winner 2014 - Bendy Kate (Video)

Pole dance requires strength, flexibility, and endurance, and includes climbs, spins, and inversion. Functional, anyone?

Manbake Protein Bar, Nut Butter, and Beefcakes (Product Review)

We all need a treat sometimes, and these products are delicious and suitable for many different diets.

How Often Should You Compete in Weightlifting?

Weightlifting does not really have a competitive season. So the question arises for newcomers: "How often should we compete?"

How to Reach Freak Level Fitness

You’ll be amazed at the difference this approach can make. You’ll be strong, fit, and recover from hard sessions almost instantly.

HMB Study Results Too Good to Be True

The latest finding on HMB supplementation could be more about profit than performance.

A Way to Meditate: For People Really Bad at Meditation

For those of us who meet frustration every time we attempt to be still and focus, one option is a walking meditation.

6 Exercises to Fight Bad Posture in Kids

There is a silent plague striking kids today, and it's not obesity or diabetes. It's what I call "f-shoulders."

A Beginner’s Guide to Structuring Your Swim Workout

When you head to the pool for a swim workout, do you ever wonder what you should be doing?

A Challenging Sandbag and Kettlebell Workout (Video)

This workout takes you through four tough movements to build a strong foundation for the weeks ahead.

The 7 Laws of Training According to Dr. Fred Hatfield

Hatfield was a national-level college gymnast and squatted over 1,000lbs at the age of 45. He's done all this by following specific principles.

Bands Are for Pushing, Not Pulling

Truth be told, I shed a tear every time I witness a band-assisted, short range-of-motion pull up.

A Lesson in Study Design (and the Bench Press)

A new study offers new insight into the repeated bout effect and how it relates to the bench press.

Consistency and Focus (Athlete Journal 23)

With the New York Summer Open about a month away and an event in a few weeks, I've been spending a lot of time training.

"Digestive Health With REAL Food" (Book Review)

This book empowers readers to address their gut health through diet and other lifestyle changes.

11 Amazing BJJ and MMA Gifts for Father's Day

Turn Father’s Day up to eleven! If you haven’t finished shopping for the fighting dad in your life, there’s still time.

15 Great Training Plans - Is One For You?

You asked, we listened: our workouts now post one full week at a time. From kettlebells to triathlon to strongman, we cover the spectrum of athletic pursuits.

Take Nothing for Granted: 9/11, CrossFit, and Breath

When your breathing gets the hardest, when you are clamoring for breath, dig deep and go a little harder.

How to Coach New Clients: Don't Go Too Far

Don’t try to get new clients back in shape in a day. That’s a massive error on the first play.