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In an age where technology has increased our entertainment options, adults and youth need to be enticed to work out.

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My next competition is less than two weeks away, and I'm feeling pretty confident but still being cautious.

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Wari Om is sharing the wisdom of yoga with people all over the world.

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No fighter can get lucky 46 times in a row, no matter who he or she fights. So what makes Mayweather so different?

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FMS Suggests Low Injury Risk in Experienced Distance Runners

A new study used the FMS to determine whether distance runners are at an increased risk for injury.

Inside the Dome of Strength (Athlete Journal 7)

I knew the Chicago StrongFirst Certification weekend was going to be big, but I didn't anticipate how amazing it was going to be in real life.

4 Leg and Core Strengthening Exercises for Snowboarders (Video)

Ben shares four exercises to help you get in peak condition for snowboarding.

3 Parts Programming, 1 Part Attitude

Training is both a science and an art, especially when it comes to creating programming. There are rules, and there's also your mindset.

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School kept me busy this week, but I managed to make it to an amazing seminar over the weekend.

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There is some truth to steady state cardio for fat loss. However, it’s not quite that simple.

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If you like protein bars for their convenience and flavor, do yourself a favor and get a box of these bars.

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