Your Food and Your Mood: Carbs, Depression, and Cognitive Decline

The use of antidepressants is up 400% and Alzheimer’s disease costs the US $100 billion annually. Could it be our current recommended dietary guidelines are a contributing factor to this epidemic?

DVD Review: "Desert Runners"

I’m not prone to either exaggeration or emotion, but I thought "Desert Runners" was one of the most entertaining stories I’ve seen in ages. I loved every second of it.

The Top 4 CrossFit Open 14.3 WTF Moments

From the announcement to the workout itself there were a variety of perplexing moments. Here is the definitive collection of accumulated 14.3 official "WTF?" moments.

Military-Style Training: Is Running With a Weight Vest Effective?

One way to change up your cardio training is by taking a note from the military and adding weight to your locomotion, and a new study investigated the best way to do it.

Virtuosity with Dusty Hyland - Bent Arm Press to Handstand, Vol 3: Frogstand to Shoulderstand

Season three is all about the bent arm press to handstand. In episode three, Dusty covers inversion - the frogstand and the shoulderstand.

4 Tips for Getting Your Mojo Back - Running Mojo, That Is!

One minute you are getting faster and stronger, and feeling as if you're on top of the world. Then all of a sudden something happens. What do you do? How do you get your running mojo back?

Review: "Exploring Functional Movement" Featuring Gray Cook and Erwan Le Corre

"Exploring Functional Movement" is an invaluable resource for anyone who has an interest in natural movement or wants to learn how to prevent or treat pain, dysfunction, or injury.

Understanding Periodization: A Brief Explanation for Coaches and Programmers

Periodization can be a tool to help your athletes continue to make gains and to ensure sound programming. Remember, the idea behind CrossFit is “constantly varied” - not actually random.

Why Extreme Workouts Matter: Strength = Freedom = Happiness

Being strong is being free. The fitter we are, the more freedom we have. The more freedom we have, the happier we are and the closer to self-actualization we get.

Book Review: "Iced" by Gary Reinl

Ice is a common treatment used by athletes, doctors, and parents for a variety of reasons. But is it really effective? Gary Reinl's book explains why the answer is "no."

Body Fat Measurements and Safety in Youth Wrestling

Along with intense training, youth wrestlers and their coaches face an added challenge - monitoring body fat. A new study investigated the most effective ways to do it.

Athlete Journal: Terry Hadlow, Entry 21 - 3/17/2014

I've got a sore elbow, but overall it was a good week of preparation for my upcoming meet, which is only two weeks away now.

10 Deal Breakers That May Be Sabotaging Your Fitness Goals

You have a relationship with your health and fitness. But have you been throwing up red flags and deal breakers when it comes to your success? Here are ten you might be guilty of.

Product Review: Reebok Checklight

There's a general concensus that parents, coaches, and athletes need to be more conscious about brain health, and the Reebok Checklight helps you do just that.

2 Flexibility Drills: The Keys to Progressing Your Pistol

Flexibility is the factor that holds most people back from doing a pistol. Here are two great approaches to build that flexibility.

The Armor Building Kettlebell Complex and 4 Other Beastly Strength Builders

A fellow in great distress came to me through email and inquired as to which of my kettlebell complexes are best for the accruement of strength.

Regain and Build Your Original Strength Through Crawling

The movement of crawling is being touted as a rehabilitative, restorative, and even a performance-enhancing movement. It would even be hysterical, if it weren't for the fact that is completely true.

Study Sheds Light on the Best Indicators of Fatigue in Baseball Pitchers

Knowing when an athlete has reached his or her limit is a key element of coaching. A new study examined the best ways to determine fatigue in baseball pitchers.

Product Review: Ozeri Touch Digital Bath Scale

I recently replaced my old scale with the new Ozeri Touch, and found it to be reliable, affordable, and even attractive.

Video: Ben Musholt - 3 Dive Bomber Push Up Variations

In this video, Ben demonstrates three variations of the classic dive bomber push up: a wall-plank dive bomber, a renegade row dive bomber, and a BOSU ball dive bomber.