3 Things I Learned While Sitting Out the CrossFit Games Open

Did you participate in the Open this year? What did you learn from making that choice?

7 Exercises to Optimize Shoulder Health With Kettlebells

The shoulder is a dynamic and amazing joint and we need to keep it as strong, mobile, and stable as we possible can.

Study Questions the Effectiveness of Oxygen Supplementation

Many athletes use oxygen supplementation to help them train for events at high elevation. But does it actually work?

Kettlebell Complexes and Yin Yoga (Athlete Journal 5)

Three weeks out from StrongFirst, my kettlebell work is going strong and I've continued to integrate yoga in my training.

Ben Musholt - 2 Plank Wall Traverse Variations (Video)

This is a fantastic whole body movement, and a fun progression from the basic static plank.

Are You a Follower of Fitness Dogma or Your Own Perspective?

Think you fall into the trap of assumptions and dogma? Read these pieces and consider how you're training.

2 Ways to Pivot Out From an Attack in Muay Thai (Video)

Today I'm going to show you how to use the hook and the cross to counterattack.

Pre-Tournament Taper Week (Athlete Journal 27)

This was a lighter training week due to school, sickness, and preparation for the Boston Open next weekend.

Training Activities for Athletes: The Final Steps to Determine Their Value, Part 5

When it comes to adding in a training activity, ask yourself this: is this unproven activity necessary in light of your limited time?

Women Are Not Small Men: Essential Info for Female Athletes

In order to help you understand the special aspects about women and fitness, we've put together the info we feel most strongly about here at Breaking Muscle.

Blaistix Beef Snack Sticks (Product Review)

If you're a beef jerky lover like me, these beef sticks should be on your list of products to try.

High Reps for Hypertrophy (Athlete Journal Entry 84)

For aesthetic and strength-building reasons, I've been doing higher reps in my training these days.

161kg Deadlift-Clean-Squat-Jerk-Complex: James Tatum (Friday Flick)

James Tatum only started weightlifting in 2011. Here he performs a tough weightlifting complex at over double bodyweight.

"The Paleo Approach" (Book Review)

Sarah Ballantyne's book presents diet-based solutions for the 50 million people who are suspected of suffering from autoimmune disorders.

Strawberry Lemonade Gelatin Gummies (Recipe)

While bone broth and soups are great, you may want to switch it up and include these gummies to supplement gelatin in your diet.

Get to It: A Lesson in Positivity Through Fallen Heroes

I can guarantee that Boston firefighters Walsh and Kennedy, despite the risk of the job, loved what they did everyday.

How to Physically Prepare for the RKC (or Any Event or Certification)

You can never be too conditioned, too strong, or too fit for an event, cert, or seminar.

Measuring Training Load: What Works? (And What Doesn't?)

Measuring the external load of a workout is simple, but assessing what's going on inside is another story. A new study has some tips.

Weekly Work-In: Week 6 - Getting Past the Ego

If I can get past my ego and realize I am acting based on a past experience. I can question whether that experience has value in the present.

Intelligent Exercise and Ancestral Wellness at Paleo f(x) 2014

This three-day event is right around the corner, and it's not just about food.