What Does Active Recovery Actually Mean? How to Define a Recovery Ride or Run

When an athlete asks about doing a recovery ride or a recovery run, a coach needs to offer more than, “Do this activity at this intensity for this long.” There needs to be a real understanding.

How to Practice Perseverance in BJJ, MMA, and Life

What you believe and who you listen to will dictate your results in jiu jitsu and in life. I hope these words of champions will help you to push through tough times and fulfill your own dreams.

Is Red Meat Really Dangerous? Or Do We Actually Need It?

Meat intake is on the rise in the United States, with red meat being the preferred choice of the American people. So is it okay to eat it or is it the red devil that some make it out to be?

The CrossFit Games Open: Let Go of the Leaderboard

Your position on the leaderboard and in your box is completely arbitrary, based on the huge variable that is everyone else. Why would you define yourself according to variables you cannot control?

Why 10 x 3 Is Best for Strength and Size

Everyone knows typical gym training begins with three sets of ten. But what happens when you do ten sets of three? Give it a try for six weeks and see how fast you grow in size and strength.

The Reliability of the NFL-225 Bench Press Test

New research confirmed the NFL-225 test is a reliable indicator of strength and endurance in football players.

Weightlifting Development for Children: The Importance of the Long Term Approach

Physiologically, adults and kids are both made up of bone and muscle tissues, they have the same organs, and they need the same fuels. So, why is it you can’t train them both the same way?

Book Review: "The Paleo Dieter's Missing Link" by Adam Farrah

Adam Farrah's book is an excellent primer on what the paleo lifestyle is and how it should fit your individual needs.

The 3 Biggest Things I Learned From Working With Disabled Clients

As a coach I have been fortunate to work with many disabled people. It’s because of those experiences I am able to face my own aging body and physical limitations with gratitude and with humility.

Plyometrics: Terms, Definitions, and Proper Planning

The need to implement plyometrics into periodized training comes from the observation that there are a number of strong athletes who fail to transfer their strength into efficient movement.

Getting Control of Overhead Movement: 5 Basic Drills to Prepare the Body

Everyone needs to perform overhead shoulder movement. Here are five drills to activate muscles, layer movements together, and prep for overhead work.

Sochi Winter Olympics 2014: Is it Okay to Switch Citizenship Just for a Gold Medal?

People change citizenship all the time. But when it comes to the Olympics, is it okay for someone to leave their country for no other reason than to have a better chance at winning gold medals?

The Relation Between Rest Interval Mode and Duration in Sprint Training

A new study found when it comes to recovery mode and duration, the interaction between the two is what matters most in optimizing sprint performance.

Athlete Journal: Terry Hadlow, Entry 19 - 3/3/2014

This week I switched up my normal training routine a bit to accommodate my work schedule, with good results.

4 Reasons Why Everyone Should Participate in the Tactical Strength Challenge

The StrongFirst Tactical Strength Challenge is based on functional and varied exercises that challenge an athlete's strength and endurance. Are you signed up?

How to Work Up to a Full Range of Motion Handstand Push Up

Here are two ways to change handstand push ups in order to make them exactly as difficult as you need it to be. These two ideas will allow you to create useful progressions for yourself.

Embracing the Flexed Lumbar Spine in Lifting

Watch any professional sport, you will see flexed, loaded lumbar spines. Watch wrestlers and world record deadlifts - spinal flexion is used and it is loaded. Why do people not understand this?

Does Your Trainer Know the Difference Between a Ferrari and a Nova?

Consider who you really are. If you are training as a paid athlete, you take risks - you are expected to. If you're the average person, you should be contemplating the cost-benefit of your training.

20 Finalists Announced: 2014 Top 10 Fitness Blog Contest

The nominations are in, the votes are counted, and twenty websites made the finals! Now the judges decide who wins this year's Top 10 Fitness Blog awards. Did your favorite make it?

Adrenaline Is the Early Bird's Best Friend

A new study provides insight into why people are able to wake up at the crack of dawn and actually get a good workout.