The 5 Most Effective Strength and Conditioning Exercises for Muay Thai

If you practice martial arts, then you need to strength train in order to maximize your performance. Here are the top five bang-for-your-buck exercises for fighters.

Athlete Journal: Jess Papi, Entry 22 - 3/1/2014

This was a crazy week, but a good one as far as training goes. I'm working on my lower body submissions to prepare for the upcoming tournament.

10 Pieces on Kids' Nutrition and Childhood Obesity

It is important that we give our children the best start in life. Because we all know what kids would eat if it was up to them! Here are ten pieces on kids nutrition to inform and guide you.

Product Review: HumanX AbX

The HumanX AbX improves the quality of your core work and also serves as a mobility device for the thoracic spine.

Join the 300 Swings a Day Kettlebell Challenge and Burn an Extra 947 Calories a Day

Introducing the 300 Swings a Day, 30-Day Kettlebell Challenge for those who want to blast fat, boost muscle, and build 'kettlebooty.' Are you in?

Athlete Journal: Charles Staley, Entry 79 - Turning Up the Volume

The high-rep kettlebell work I've been doing to prepare for the Tactical Strength Challenge has lowered my overall volume, so I plan to bring it back up in coming weeks.

Friday Flicks: Human Loop the Loop with Damien Walters

Damien Walters is a freerunner and stunt double. And this is one insane stunt. Find out what it takes for him to shift his mindset to the do-or-die mentality required to complete this challenge.

Tabata Intervals: A Simple and Effective Protocol For Cyclists and Endurance Athletes

Did you know that one of the original Tabata studies was performed on a bicycle? If you are emerging from your winter training, this might be a simple and effective protocol for you.

Is Gluten Free as Healthy as You Think? 4 Aspects to Consider

Going gluten free is increasingly common these days. But like most trends, marketing seems to take over. Here are four aspects to consider regarding what you’re actually consuming.

The Value of the Get Up: Broken Down Into 6 Pieces

Here's a list of reasons why you should be doing the get up, broken down by section - as in, the various sections of the movement itself. And no, it's not just simply standing up with a bell.

Does Police Training Need a Facelift?

A new study indicates that some police academy training programs might not emphasize the right physical qualities.

Tech Review: Johnson & Johnson 7 Minute Workout App

Baby shampoo isn't the only product made by Johnson & Johnson. If you're short on time and want to fit in a quick but effective workout, check out their 7 Minute Workout app.

How to Strengthen the Abductors and Adductors for Hockey

I am going to teach you how to locate weaknesses that lead to overuse injuries. These issues can be addressed easily by training muscle groups responsible for maintaining hip stability.

Weekly Work-In: Week 1 - Create a Simple Daily Ritual for Body and Mind

Starting this week I'm going to be sharing my "work-ins" with you in the hopes that you can join me in creating a healthy practice for your body and mind - and find the happiness you are seeking.

Product Review: 93 Brand “Arm Drags!” Rashguard

The new women's rashguard from 93 Brand takes its inspiration from the hard-working women of the 1920s, with a nostalgic feel and quality construction.

For CrossFitters: 7 Strategies for Success in Your First Olympic Weightlifting Meet

Strategy is an important factor in weightlifting competition. I've seen many times where a more skilled strategist has been able to defeat a stronger opponent merely by monitoring these factors.

The 6 Main Types of Strongman Events (and How to Train For Them in the Gym)

If you want to train either for strongman or in a strongman manner with limited resources, I'm going to give you options for training each strongman event in a regular gym setting.

Use the FMS to Assess Mobility, Not Performance

A new study on rugby players confirmed that the functional movement screen is best used to gauge mobility and flexibility, as opposed to athletic performance.

Athlete Journal: James Kearns, Entry 8 - 2/26/2014

This was by far the best training week I’ve had this year, and it feels like my Brazilian jiu jitsu and weightlifting are coming together.

Recipe: Ariel’s Artichoke Dip

Although it’s definitely not the same, this simple, delicious, and totally healthy artichoke dip is more than satisfying without any of the gut-busting ingredients of the old standard.