C-Section or Vaginal Birth? Considerations for a Strong, Informed Birth Experience

Here are a few differences between the two birth options, from personal experience.

A Beginner's Guide to Running Gear

As long as you have a pair of running shoes, you can run! But how much of the other stuff is worth investing in?

Open Your Mind and Say Yes to Your Coach

Before you ask your coach for advice, make sure you are truly willing to change your behavior.

Are You Addicted to Exercise? The Tell-Tale Signs

Is there such a thing of too much exercise? And if so, what are the signs that you are taking it too far? Check this list.

Hormonal Response to Kettlebell Swings: A Scientific Analysis

A new study analyzed the kettlebell swing's effects on hormones and heart rate.

Quality Time in the Weight Room (Athlete Journal 29)

The PanAmerican Championships are right around the corner, so I am trying to get in more alone time in the gym.

How You Can Use Comparison, Instead of Letting It Abuse You

The key to keeping our sanity and loving the lives we lead depends on the comparisons we allow ourselves to make.

2 Drills to Injury Proof Your Ankles

It’s never fun to get hurt. But the truth is your ankles can become a lot more indestructible than most people would imagine.

Body Composition or Skill: Which Is More Important for Jumping?

A new study explores the athletic traits needed for jump performance.

Introducing the Special Forces Workouts (and a Must-Read FAQ)

The Special Forces workouts for current and aspiring operators start today. This FAQ will help you get the most out of the program.

4 Bodyweight Deadlift Alternatives (Video)

In the first of a new calisthenics series, Al Kavadlo shares four exercises for the posterior chain.

It's Time to Face the Hard Reality of Fitness

Facing the truth was a common and important theme from this past week's writing, so here are my picks for your must-read articles.

7 Insane Leg Workouts That May Make You Take Up Basket Weaving

Many avoid working the legs even though there is a huge upside to it. Are you willing to get after it?

School's Out For Summer (Athlete Journal 34)

Finals are finally over, and I'm excited to train and compete during the summer months!

MMA Workout: To Develop Movement, Strength, and Power

A solid ring (or cage) presence is all about quality movement, power, and conditioning. This workout can help you reach your potential as as fighter.

CrossRope 2.0 (Product Review)

The CrossRope is definitely one of the best jump ropes I’ve tried, and I recommend it to anyone.

Grinding Out Heavy Sets (Athlete Journal 91)

Lately I’m focusing on work, rather than saving myself on my warm ups so that I can display my strength at the top set.

Roger Federer: Playing Tennis Through Google Glass (Video)

Watch Roger Federer as you've never seen him before - through his own eyes.

Look After Your Back: Preventative Measures for Firefighters

The following tips can help firefighters inside the gym, outside the gym, and at work.

5 Steve Jobs Quotations and How to Apply Them to Your Training

"Your time is limited, so don't waste it living someone else's life.”