Book Review: "Dumbbell Training for Strength and Fitness" by Fred Fornicola and Matt Brzycki

"Dumbbell Training for Strength and Fitness" is a comprehensive guide to the dumbbell, with exercises as well as helpful information.

Athlete Journal: Charles Staley, Entry 55 - On the Right Track

This was a quality training week, with an easy 370lb squat and also an easy 225lb x 3 bench press. Everything feels on track.

Friday Flicks: 86-Year-Old Gymnastic Granny

Watch as 86-year-old Johanna Quass stuns the TV presenters with the strength, skill, and beauty of her parallel bar routine, followed by an equally incredible floor routine.

Training During the Cycling Season: Time to Focus on Mobility and Skills

I find that in-season training is most beneficial when I focus on two areas - recovery between events (mostly in the form of mobility work) and specific skill training session.

5 Drills to Help You Achieve Your First Pull Up

In the last article I wrote about pull ups, I looked at ways to isolate problems and correct them. In this article, I’m going to give you a few substitute exercises and the reasons for using them.

Spot Reduction Works...Sort Of

Just when we thought spot reduction was a thing of the past, a new study comes out to rehash the topic. So what happens when you work only one leg for 1000 rep sets? Probably not what you'd expect.

Tech Review: Gymboss Interval Timer App

I think Gymboss may have outdone themselves with their interval timer app. It has all the functionality of the Gymboss timer with a friendlier interface - plus, no batteries required!

#RealKnowledge Twitter Chat Highlights: Richard Airey

We had a great discussion with RunningWOD founder Richard Airey during our #RealKnowledge Twitter chat. If you missed it, here are some highlights from the conversation!

DIY Beast Mode Gear: How to Build Your Own Barbell

I am living in Japan where heavy lifters are rare and gym equipment is very expensive. So I decided to build my own barbell from scratch. Here's how I did it, so you can do it too.

Psychology in the Weightlifting Arena, Part 3 - Controlling Internal Noise

It is important to know that you give your inner voice power. Just as you can think negative thoughts about your performance, you can transform your thoughts into positive, productive ones.

The Best and Safest Way to Treat Neck Pain, Strains, and Stiffness

It is imperative in the case of neck injury to have the proper diagnosis before beginning treatment. Home treatments can negatively impact your recovery - or even make the problem more sinister.

Adiponectin: The Magical Fat-Burning Hormone?

Adiponectin is one of the most abundant hormones in your blood, and one of its roles is fat and sugar metabolism. A new study tried to determine how it's stimulated, with questionable results.

Video: Sean Waxman - Olympic Weightlifting Drills: Snatch Deadlift From Blocks Above the Knee

The snatch deadlift from blocks above the knee is used to create neuromuscular facilitation for subsequent snatch training, as well as helping to strengthen the torso.

Product Review: RVCA VA Rashguard

Not only is the VA rashguard by RVCA an amazing product, but the company is built on unique and community-driven concepts. This rashguard has become a staple in my grappling wardrobe.

3 Yoga Poses to Increase Overhead Shoulder Mobility

I regularly see athletes with strong upper backs and shoulders struggle with limitations in how high they can raise their arms without pain. Here are poses to help restore the range of motion.

The CrossFit Games Open Is Broken, Part 2: Inbreeding and the "Appearance of Impropriety"

CrossFit has exploded into a high-profile sport. That means they need to go full pro and lose the inbreeding. What do I mean by that? Read on.

Turn Up the Volume: The 2 x 7 x 52 x 10 Rule

An experienced colleague let me in on a little secret for creating world-class athletes: 2 x 7 x 52 x 10. In other words, turn up the volume. It works for beginners, too.

Race Performance Shown Unrelated to...Fitness?

You would think fitness would be a pretty big factor in race performance, right? A new study showed the highest performing athletes aren't always the fittest in terms of lab measurements.

Athlete Journal: Chris Duffin, Entry 63 - 605lb Hook Grip Hold

I haven't worked on my hook grip in a while, so decided to give it a go this week. Check out the video for some helpful stretches to do before squatting sessions as well.

Book Review: "Beast Tamer" by Andrew Read

"Beast Tamer" is full of progressions and information for athletes and coaches. Regardless of your fitness level, this book is well worth a space on any strength enthusiast’s bookshelf.

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