Our New Firefighter Training Program Launches Today!

If you are a firefighter or aspiring to be one, this new training program is for you. Here's what you should know before you begin.

My First Workout After Achilles Tendon Surgery (Athlete Journal 2)

I did my first workout post-surgery, and am finding I feel better if I'm moving, even if I need to modify exercises.

7 Steps to the Freestanding Handstand Push Up (Video)

Take your time to go through these inversion drills. Display control throughout the whole movement.

Do You Have a Healthy Relationship With Your Workouts?

Sometimes our workouts are our best friends, and sometimes we feel like the jilted ex. This week's articles are about the different ways we relate to our training.

Hard Work Is Worth the Sacrifice (Athlete Journal 39)

Even though it’s challenging to train as much as I am right now, it’ll all pay off at my next meet.

The Incremental (But Intense) Circuit Workout

Why am I promoting this workout? It's simple to understand, easy to implement, and it will work if you work.

Use Play to Become Fitter and Stronger for Longer

Serious athletes may see play as a waste of valuable training time, but is it really?

VolcaNO Pre-Workout Supplement (Product Review)

Nitric oxide is growing in popularity, and this product makes it easy to reap the benefits during your workouts.

Training vs. Testing (Athlete Journal 96)

If you’re a competitive athlete, the time for testing your maximum capacity is in competition, not in training.

The Strength of Wimbledon Tennis - Andy Murray (Video)

What is behind Andy Murray's rise? What has driven him forward and upward, year upon year?

What Firefighters Know About Asking for Help That You Don't

When you need help, call on the Rapid Intervention Team in your life, whether it’s your mind, your coach, or your partner.

Why It's Not All About the Weight You Are Lifting

Weight is important. But speed of movement is an informative index to evaluate efficacy of training.

The 3 Elements of Training and How to Order Them

I believe proper training is made up of three things. And only when the previous step is locked in place will the next one be achievable.

Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy: Can It Help You Recover Faster?

Are you injured and need to get back to competing? Some of the world's top athletes are using PRP to do just that.

Simple Tools to Improve Your Meditation

As you continue on your meditation journey, here are some tools which will help you to practice regularly.

The Worst Thing You Can Say to a Child Athlete

The words you say to kids make an impact, and this one phrase can put shackles on them that are hard to remove.

What to Do (and Not Do) on Competition Day

Complacency and lack of consideration of all aspects of competition can cost you many kilos on your total.

Why You Should Drop the Marathons for 5K Races

Seeing yourself get faster, fitter, and leaner by doing shorter, higher-intensity runs might be just what you need.

4 Kettlebell Brands: Which Is Best for You?

Which kettlebell is best for which purpose? Which one is the best deal? Which one is most durable? Here are the answers to all those questions and more.

Why Do We Train? Finding Purpose in Movement

I propose that we, as generalists with no specific attachment to any one competitive discipline, adopt a new mindset.