"Fat Loss Happens on Monday" (Book Review)

This book by Josh Hillis and Dan John is full of solid workout plans and weight-loss strategies.

Tailor Your Winter Cycling Training Plan Via Heart Rate Zones

Understanding the energy systems you are using will improve your cycling performance.

How to Construct an Effective Tactical Training Program

Too often, general tactical programs lack specific, transferrable value in the exercises and progressions.

A New Kind of Resolution for 2015

This article takes five typical strength training goals and explains how to create focused resolutions you won’t quit on.

The RAIL System: Shoulder Mobility for the Bench Press

Basic movement resets can help alleviate shoulder pain during resisted pressing.

2014 Endurance Athlete Holiday Shopping Guide

Let’s look at the best gifts for improving performance that are also unique.

How Did the DC Brawlers Dominate Grid?

Everyone in Grid made a lot of mistakes early on. Except Justin Cotler, coach of the DC Brawlers.

Freestyle Swimming: How to Tailor Your Kick to Your Event

As you wrestle with how much to train the kick, let the principal of specificity be your guide.

2 Essential Elements of Safe Yoga Practice (Yoga Teacher Training Journal 5)

These are the most important concepts I have learned in my yoga training.

The Difference Between Fear and Love in Fitness

Step back and evaluate whether or not you have a healthy relationship with exercise.

2014 Mobility Holiday Shopping Guide

Here are my no-nonsense mobility gift ideas for the athlete in your life.

10 Killer Tips to Boost Your Squat

It’s time to maximize your squat potential through improving technique, mobility, and execution.

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