Athlete Journals

The physics of size and strength can help you determine your most competitive weight class.
For the most success, avoid these critical oversights when setting your training goals.
It’s not sustainable to kill it in the gym every week. So when your body asks for a few weeks off, just do it.
This is a wonderful gi to roll in, with custom embroidery and plenty of room to move around.
You might not be as good as you once were, but it is still possible to achieve health and fitness at any age.
The more you tell me to shut up, the more likely I am to speak out.
This week was all about getting back in the game after a long holiday break.
Here are the two essential questions you need to answer when planning your deload week.
The loads were light this week, as the focus for the next two weeks is compensatory acceleration training.
This week I worked on my weaknesses and took some advice from a friend about varying my squat stance.
Last week I tested my maxes and had a mock meet to help gauge where I am and where I need to improve.
Last week Scranton MMA held its first ever promotional event, and I got to be part of it.
As the new year approaches, think about your average daily habits and look for opportunities to improve them.
Learn about technique, programming, recovery, and more in our most popular weightlifting articles.
Between drilling, rolling, and going to judo this week, I'm feeling pretty confident.
I challenge you to explore your personal system of training and assess what's most important to you.
The craziest thing happened this week: all of my lifts felt amazing, on every workout.
Finals week is kicking my butt, but my elbow feels much better and I’m back to regular training again.