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Contrast Promotes Recovery (Athlete Journal 98)

Take a look at my training plan, and you'll notice I vary movements, sets, and reps throughout the week. Here's why.

Charles Staley's 5 “Secrets” to Lifting Success (Athlete Journal 97)

Recently someone asked what I attribute to my lifting success as an older athlete. Here's my response.

Weekly Training in Preparation for Worlds (Athlete Journal 95)

I'm eighteen weeks out from the AAU Powerlifting World Championships. Here's my training plan.

My Competition Results (Athlete Journal 94)

I competed in the 2014 100% Raw! Federation’s American Challenge last weekend, and was happy with the results.

5 Tips for Learning New Skills (Athlete Journal 93)

This week I've been thinking a lot about the learning process and how it relates to complex movements.

It's the Effort That Counts (Athlete Journal 92)

New studies are suggesting the numbers of repetitions per set matters much less than how hard you push yourself.

Grinding Out Heavy Sets (Athlete Journal 91)

Lately I’m focusing on work, rather than saving myself on my warm ups so that I can display my strength at the top set.

Put Yourself in a Position to Win (Athlete Journal 90)

Leaving my gym bag at home turned out to be a good mistake, as I set a new beltless deadlift record.

Erring on the Side of Caution (Athlete Journal 27)

My next competition is less than two weeks away, and I'm feeling pretty confident but still being cautious.

The Three Stages Of Technique Proficiency (Athlete Journal 89)

One of the highlights of my training this week was a failed lift, and this is why.

Bench Press Tips (Athlete Journal 88)

This week I found a way to work around my cranky shoulder during the bench press.

Big Lifts and Bodyweight Adjustments (Athlete Journal 87)

With my meet coming up, I'm focusing on adjusting my weight and staying healthy and on track with my training.

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