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Member Retention: Is It Important?

Looking at the numbers of people who actually stick around your gym can be scary, but your business will thank you.

5 Things to Ask Yourself Before Hiring a Coach, Personal Trainer, or Programmer

Answering these questions will prepare you to continue in your training, consistently and patiently.

The 10 Types of Coaches and How to Spot Them

Coaching is a journey, full of contradictions and conundrums. Along the way, coaches tend to drop in and out of different coaching styles.

An Average Session With Clients With Down Syndrome

People with Down Syndrome have excessively lax joints and poor muscle tone and coordination. The emphasis needs to be stability and strength.

The Reasons Why You Should or Shouldn't Be a Trainer

I’ve had many individuals approach me with questions about being a trainer and whether to become one. Here’s the advice I've told them.

Are Gym Membership Contracts a Good or Bad Idea?

I firmly believe that approaching contracts with honesty and humanity will build a much better business for you and your team - and your clients.

The 3 Biggest Things I Learned From Working With Disabled Clients

As a coach I have been fortunate to work with many disabled people. It’s because of those experiences I am able to face my own aging body and physical limitations with gratitude and with humility.

4 Questions to Ask Before Taking on a New Client

Today I'll discuss a few good reasons to pre-qualify clients and also give you some concrete steps to go about it.

4 Ideas to Consider When Opening Up Your Gym Business

Looking to opening up your own gym business? Help is at hand, not just from me but from those who have done it before. Here are a few things I would look at if I was in your shoes.

Points to Consider When Choosing a Business Partner or Investor for Your Gym

Make sure both you and any potential business partner or investor are comfortable with the answers to all of these questions before joining forces.

Coach Checklist: What to Look For When Hiring Instructors

Your team is your family and what power your business. These are important things you need to examine before bringing a new member into your business team.

The Necessity of Class Size Caps and Booking Systems for the Small Gym Owner

As a gym business grows, class size can become a problem for many business owners. But if you incorporate a class cap, you also have to figure out how to enforce it.

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