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Forget the Elite and Train Your Actual Clients

I see so many trainers worry about two specific issues constantly, and then wonder why they’re not successful.

An Uncomfortable Read for Coaches

I’m going to present you with three typical scenarios from the fitness industry. If you recognize yourself in this article, maybe it's time to be a bit more respectful.

A Periodized Plan for Success as a Personal Trainer

I have a confession to make. I have lied, pretended to be someone I am not, and more than likely wasted the valuable time of people I’ve come in contact with.

Are Your Clients Holding Your Business Captive?

How does a business stay true to the founder's vision and still allow customers to drive innovation?

Delivering Happiness: The True Job of a Coach

It’s interesting how clients hire a professional when it comes to fitness while turning a blind eye to other areas.

3 Ways to Set Your Gym Apart From the Competition

If you want to be competitive you can be first, be best, or be different.

The Fitness Customer Is Always Wrong

In fitness, what the customer wants is not necessarily what the customer needs. I'm going to outline what they want, versus what trainers need to provide.

4 Mistakes Coaches Make on the Internet

Are you making these mistakes? It could be costing you clients and your reputation.

Learn to Modernize Your Yoga Teaching Methods

Are you stuck in a coaching rut? People learn in a variety of ways and we need to cater to all these ways.

Fitness Business Systems: To Buy or to Build?

The build-or-buy decision for business systems or software can feel overwhelming. Let's look at the big picture.

How to Coach New Clients: Don't Go Too Far

Don’t try to get new clients back in shape in a day. That’s a massive error on the first play.

Discounts Are Killing the Fitness Industry

If you are a real expert, you value your time, your investments, your results, and your impact.

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