Dear Coach

Dear Coach: Can I Increase Muscle With Bodyweight Exercises?

Dear Coach: It's time for me to change up my routine. My question is, if I'm doing bodyweight exercises are they going to increase my muscle size/definition more than weight lifting?

Dear Coach: Does Exercise Affect Milk Supply?

My wife is worried that exercise - especially training with weights - will interfere with breastfeeding. Will exercise decrease her milk supply?

Dear Coach: What Should I Eat Before and After CrossFit?

I think I'm eating basically paleo, but I get really confused about what's best to eat before and after I do CrossFit. I want to build muscle, but lose fat. Help!

Dear Coach: I'm Pregnant and Squatting Hurts My Knees!

I've heard it's good to squat during pregnancy, but I tried and it hurts my knees! Is there anything I can do to lessen the pain and still get the benefits?

"Dear Coach": 7 Questions We've Answered

Once a week on Sundays, our coaches offer their advice and guidance for reader-submitted questions. Here are 7 topics we've covered, including nutrition, ripped hands, kettlebells, and more!

Dear Coach: My BMX Racer Teenager Won't Eat

This week a worried mom writes in about how to get her 12 year old son to eat more. He's a BMX racer and is scared to put on weight. Coach Andrew thinks maybe he's just in the wrong sport!

Dear Coach: Need Help Preparing for Military

I was hoping you can give me some advice on weight management/control. At the moment I'm preparing to enlist in the military and need to make the max weight for my age and height.

Dear Coach: How Can I Tone My Waist and Tummy?

I'm 58 and I workout every day - I love going to group classes. My main problem is not being able to tone my waist and tummy muscles. Can you help please?

Dear Coach: Can I Compete in Lifting With a Bad Knee?

This week a reader wants to know if she should compete in powerlifting competitions despite her knee injury. Coach Chris gives advice on treatment and exercises to help her recover.

Dear Coach: Are Double or Single Kettlebells Better?

After reading Andrew's article on how to build muscle in grapplers, a reader has a question - does he really have to use double kettlebells for the routine, or can he get the benefits using one?

Dear Coach: Can I Get Strong as a Raw Vegan?

Is it possible to work out hard and get results as a raw vegan? Danette, our resident vegan CrossFitter, weighs in on this question and gives a fruit truck load of tips and advice.

Dear Coach: Why Should I Keep a Training Journal?

Why does my coach always tell me to keep a journal? Will it actually help to write things down? And what if I don't want to carry a silly notebook?

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