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The Genie in a Bottle: Anabolic Steroids and Youth Athletes

As a parent or coach, you need to take steps to educate youth athletes about the problems of using anabolics.

The Impending Crisis in Youth Sports

If youth are not miniature adults, why do we continue to subject kids to a watered-down adult sports model?

Are Growing Pains a Normal Part of Childhood?

While medical experts acknowledge that growing pains are real, there is much disagreement as to their actual cause.

Growing Up Private Pyle in a Rambo World

I was mentally screwed up as a child. Luckily, I found weights were the perfect medicine for my insecurity.

How Not to Be “That” Sport Parent: 6 Positive Actions You Can Take

Through positive role modeling of appropriate sports behavior, we can make good sportsmanship contagious.

5-Phase Adolescent Strength Program for Creating Good Movers

This program is for developing movement in adolescents, first and foremost. Learning proper weight lifting will increase coordination and strength, and therefore create a better athlete in any sport.

Coaching the 10%er: How to Deal With Problem Athletes on Your Team

Using your time and energy effectively as a youth sports coach is vital. Making sure you can communicate and deal with all of your players will make your efforts all that more effective.

Youth Athletes More Likely to Be Dehydrated

A new study suggests young athletes are more likely to be dehydrated, and won't necessarily stay hydrated even if water is available.

Body Fat Measurements and Safety in Youth Wrestling

Along with intense training, youth wrestlers and their coaches face an added challenge - monitoring body fat. A new study investigated the most effective ways to do it.

Helping Your Young Athlete Through the “I Want to Quit” Stage

While it's natural that a young athlete does not want to go to practice on occasion, it's a problem when the child rarely wants to go. Here's a look at why this happens and how it can be solved.

How to Progress Weightlifting in Children and Adolescents

It is increasingly common to see children beginning a serious sport career. However, the age a child can start weightlifting is not a function of chronological years, but one of biological years.

3 Keys to Communicating With Teenage Athletes

Coaches of teenagers deal with a giant set of issues unique to that of any other coaches, but the greatest challenge of them all is communication with their athletes.

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