8 Ways to Get a Kettlebell Overhead

Here are 8 ways to get a kettlebell overhead. You could also use a dumbbell, or even a barbell, but no matter what you use these exercises will help you get stronger.

The Program Maximum: Kettlebell Training for the Advanced Athlete

An evolution of Pavel's famous "Program Minimum," this program is for seasoned trainees looking for further gains. It's still simple, but it's challenging and effective.

Good Swings Are Fast Swings

I'm going to pick on the American swing again, but this time because I want to discuss why and how we choose our tools and the weights associated with them. Is heavier actually better?

The Double Kettlebell Clean Training Program

The following is a three day per week routine for strength and size based only around the double clean. It's simple, well-rounded, and most importantly - effective.

How to Do the Perfect DOUBLE Kettlebell Clean

You may find your body and injuries just don't agree with the barbell anymore. The double kettlebell clean is a perfect place to start using kettlebells to replace the bar.

How to Get (Safely) Yoked With Kettlebells

There are many benefits to performing the Olympic lifts with kettlebells. For those lacking flexibility or wanting the most metabolic bang for their buck, the kettlebell is the way to go.

Rationalizing the Swing: Why the American Swing Is Wrong

There's the American kettlebell swing, and then there's the kettlebell swing done correctly. Let me explain why the American swing is not just wrong, but bad for your body.

Kettlebells Improve Balance and Job Satisfaction

Office workers trained with kettlebells for eight weeks, and not only did their balance and postural coordination improve, but they liked their jobs and their colleagues more.

Why and How to Combine Kettlebells and Sandbags (Includes 3 Workouts)

You've got a bunch of kettlebells and sandbags. You've got some amazing tools and here's how to put them together. I'm going to explain the science, show you a video, and give you three workouts.

World’s Strongest Napkin: How to Add 2lbs of Muscle a Week with Kettlebells

This program, I imagine, is about as pleasant as a spell in the stocks - and ought to be applied judiciously. That being said, it's simple and it totally works.

Why Taking a Hit Is the Best Way to Avoid a Hit

While we all might like to avoid getting hit, it turns out the best way to learn that is to practice getting hit. Taking a hit, metaphorically and physically, provides a big lesson for us.

How to Get Maximally Lean and Super Muscly with Pat Flynn

These 4 weeks of workouts are dedicated in whole to getting you maximally lean and super muscly. They will focus on one thing mostly, and that’s metabolic conditioning.

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