Military & First Responders

Our New Firefighter Training Program Launches Today!

If you are a firefighter or aspiring to be one, this new training program is for you. Here's what you should know before you begin.

What Firefighters Know About Asking for Help That You Don't

When you need help, call on the Rapid Intervention Team in your life, whether it’s your mind, your coach, or your partner.

Beta-Alanine Improves Tactical Skills in Special Forces Operators

In a new study, beta-alanine increased jumping height, shooting accuracy, and sprint performance in soldiers.

The Best Exercises for Firefighters

If you want a long healthy career as a firefighter, do movements that matter, the ones that will keep you alive longer.

Introducing the Special Forces Workouts (and a Must-Read FAQ)

The Special Forces workouts for current and aspiring operators start today. This FAQ will help you get the most out of the program.

Look After Your Back: Preventative Measures for Firefighters

The following tips can help firefighters inside the gym, outside the gym, and at work.

The Reality of Combat and Special Forces Training

While the testing you may go through will be the same, how you get there, and what you need to focus on will be different.

The Thin Blue Line Must Be Strong

Getting stronger makes officers more effective in subject control and use of force incidents, as well as bolstering confidence and presence.

The Best Diet for Firefighters and Police

Emergency responders actually save peoples lives, so premium fuel for performance is a must.

One Rep Max Tests Shown Accurate and Reliable for Military Personnel

1RM tests are common in athletic contexts. A new study tested more functional tests for military personnel.

Study Tests Unconventional Methods of Military Physical Preparation

Military training protocols that include strength training, flexibility work, and other less common methods might be better.

Get to It: A Lesson in Positivity Through Fallen Heroes

I can guarantee that Boston firefighters Walsh and Kennedy, despite the risk of the job, loved what they did everyday.

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