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How to Make Social Events a Strength This Holiday Season

Holiday get togethers can threaten your progress or they can make you stronger. It's up to you.

Oil Pulling: An Ancient Secret for Releasing Neck Tension

This Ayurvedic oral remedy can produce some powerful results, alleviate issues with neck tension, and help with dental hygiene.

4 Ways to Make Better Connections With Friends, Clients, and Yourself

Don’t hide on the phone, Facebook, or the computer. Examine your emotions and when you shut them down.

Use EFT to Achieve Success in Your Fitness and Nutrition Goals

In this final article, I’ll give you more ideas on using EFT to shatter beliefs on your limitations and even beat your chocolate cravings.

How TV, the Internet, and Your Phone Are Hurting Your Fitness

Technology isn’t going anywhere, so you must control when and where you use it, rather than letting it control you.

How to Banish Your Pain Faster and More Completely

Tapping is at the heart of EFT and is best used to target the mental and emotional issues surrounding an injury.

How to Instantly Improve in Any Exercise

Having showed this technique to many people, I find about 80% see improvement immediately.

Giving Back: 12 Ways to Pay It Forward in Fitness

When you first start your fitness journey, you focus on yourself and that's okay. But at a certain point, it's time to give back to the community.

My Secret Technique for Getting Results and Breaking Records

I call this technique the PR Amplifier because I found that by doing it every time I trained I more easily hit personal records.

How to Use EFT to Overcome Challenges in the Gym

Learn this little-known technique to overcome your psychological barriers to better physical performance in the gym.

Why Loving Your Body Is Not Enough

In order for women (and men) to embrace their bodies, we need to look beyond accepting our physical appearance.

Discover the Best Meditation Type for You

For people looking to make a habit out of meditation, the challenge can be identifying the right type of practice to meet your needs and preferences.

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