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Weekly Work-In: Week 8 - Use Visualization to Achieve Your Sports Goals

Visualization can help you achieve strength, flexibility, reduced time, or a large feat like completing a marathon.

Weekly Work-In: Week 7 - Following Your Bliss

What does it mean to follow your bliss, and how do you know when you're doing it? Here are some practices and tips on finding that place for yourself.

Weekly Work-In: Week 6 - Getting Past the Ego

If I can get past my ego and realize I am acting based on a past experience. I can question whether that experience has value in the present.

Movement, Mobility and CrossFit: A Yoga Teacher's Perspective

Here are twelve articles covering everything from breathing to handstands by athletic-inspired yoga teacher Bethany Eanes.

Weekly Work-In: Week 5 - Use Meditation to Calm Mental Conflict

You go to the gym to work your body, but do you also take time to focus on developing a stronger, clearer mind space?

Weekly Work-In: Week 4 - How to Support the Energetic Body

While the study of the energetic body according to TCM and yoga is a life's worth of work to itself, here are some exercises you can do to build up your energetic health.

Weekly Work-In: Week 3 - Create Balance in Your Life with the 5 Body Approach

Each time I come to my yoga mat, I remind myself to remain dedicated to enhancing all parts of my being so I am healthy, happy, and holy regardless of my physical abilities.

Weekly Work-In: Week 2 - Create a Personal Affirmation That Works

I never connected with affirmations until I found a one that truly resonated with what I wanted. Use your "work-in journal" to answer questions and create a true intention for your life.

Weekly Work-In: Week 1 - Create a Simple Daily Ritual for Body and Mind

Starting this week I'm going to be sharing my "work-ins" with you in the hopes that you can join me in creating a healthy practice for your body and mind - and find the happiness you are seeking.

How to Breathe for Efficiency, Longevity, and Stress Relief

Good breathing habits make your body more effective, both in and out of your workouts, and have the additional benefit of reducing the stress response.

Learning to Recognize the Signs of a Depressed Athlete

I see many athletes who start out eager and driven, but become disenchanted with the prospect of fitness and do just enough to get by. As coaches, it is our responsibility to notice this behavior.

The Whole Life Challenge: Changing the World Whole Lives at a Time

The WLC is an eight-week game that involves a baseline workout, recruiting friends and family to be on your team, and logging daily points for practicing good habits.

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