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Is EFT the Secret to Enhanced Athletic Performance?

I’m always looking for the edge to help me get stronger. Emotional Freedom Technique is a great tool for results in the gym and in sports.

Hack Your Stress Before It Hacks You

“The greatest weapon against stress is our ability to choose one thought over another.”

Can Meditation Cause Harm in the Wrong Hands?

Should mediation be used to make members of the military better at killing or business people better at business?

Want to Be Healthier? Pick One of These Simple Tips

Find one thing from this list to focus on and go for it. Stick with it for a month and see what happens.

3 Minute Meditation to Increase Heart Rate Awareness and Control

There is something you can do every day to start honing your ability to control your own heart rate and HRV.

A Way to Meditate: For People Really Bad at Meditation

For those of us who meet frustration every time we attempt to be still and focus, one option is a walking meditation.

The Modern Male and Body Image: It's Okay to Talk About It

How do today’s physical standards affect males and how they feel about themselves?

Vipassana: 8-Week Meditation Challenge #5

The first time I tried vipassana meditation I thought, "Oh goodness, this can't be it!" But now it brings my deepest and most profound sits.

Inner Silence: 8-Week Meditation Challenge #4

As this meditation allows for shifting awareness, it is a good place to start if you find it difficult to sit in stillness.

How to Improve Your Sex Life Through Exercise

If you’ve been feeling lackluster when it comes to sex and think you need a boost, then go and work on your fitness.

Overcoming Insomnia: 8-Week Meditation Challenge #3

I have been using this nighttime meditation and exercise for a few weeks, and I have yet to make it all the way through before falling asleep.

Loving Kindness: 8-Week Meditation Challenge #2

This meditation benefits your own mindset, but also strengthens your compassion, relationships, and empathy for others.

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