Monthly OpEd: Why CrossFit Masters Athletes Deserve a Spot at the Regionals

It seems a shame to me there is no masters event at the regional level in the current CrossFit games competition structure. I think CFHQ would do well to invite its senior athletes to Regionals.

Monthly OpEd: Reconnect to the Nature in You, Become Powerful, and Create the Reality You Want

We are not designed, nor destined, to be weak, sick, depressed, and confined. Yet, we have domesticated ourselves into "zoo humans." What can we do to repair this?

Monthly OpEd: How to Stop Sucking at Life and Win at Everything

We make addiction out to be an unbeatable foe. That's bull. If that was true, then no one would ever kick a drug habit, no one would ever lose weight, and no one would ever overcome anything hard.

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