Movement Is Music: How to Make Your Parkour Flow

Interact with the environment with virtuosity and poise. Be the musician, letting the notes flow into a smooth melody.

Go Run Up a Wall! How to Do a Parkour Wall Run

Parkour athletes routinely scale overhead walls with speed and ease. The technique for getting on top of an overhead wall is known as a wall run, and can be learned through a few basic steps.

7 Simple Ways to Avoid Injury in Parkour (Or Any Other Sport)

Injuries within elite athletics are a common occurrence. Does that mean that you, an amateur athlete, are at the same risk for catastrophic injury when performing similar events? No, it does not.

Parkour Plyometrics: 3 Drills to Developing Explosive Leg Strength

Working to develop explosive leg strength is the most surefire way to increase your jumping ability. Here are three skills derived from parkour that are also great for building explosive leg strength:

Creative Sight: Improving Your Parkour Vision

Let's talk about the cultivation of your parkour vision. What happens when you cut across a lawn, zigzag through the bushes, hop over a bench, or tiptoe along a planter?

Stick it! How to Do Precision Jumps for Distance and Accuracy

In the parkour community, broad jumps in which you land upright with minimal impact are known as “precision jumps.”

Get Up That Wall! Mastering the Parkour Climb-Up

It is a fundamental skill for getting yourself on top of an overhead structure. And aside from being a challenging and fun skill to master, the climb-up could just save your life someday.

Ground Control: How to Move Efficiently on All Fours

Aside from being a way to build coordination, efficiency, and whole body strength, ground movements are nice additions to the warm-up portion of a workout.

Shimmy Shimmy: How to Do 2 Beginner Parkour Arm Traverses

Aside from getting around and over stuff, parkour is useful for getting across stuff with efficiency. Here are two types of arm traverse you can practice to move laterally across obstacles.

Training for the World’s Most Famous Obstacle Course: American Ninja Warrior

Last year I competed in the Northwest Regional for ANW, until I dislocated my shoulder on the course. Here's how I suggest you should prepare if you want to test yourself as a ninja warrior.

Join Us For a Twitter Chat With Parkour Expert Ben Musholt - Plus a Giveaway

Ben Musholt is our resident parkour expert. Ask him all your parkour questions and learn about his exciting new project, "The Mad Skills Encyclopedia" in our next Twitter chat!

Elevated Poise: Beginner Parkour Rail Skills

Your balance responds well to targeted practice. Work on it and it gets better. So, I’ve got a set of fun balance challenges for you. These series of movements come from basic parkour conditioning.

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