"Strength Training for Fat Loss" (Book Review)

Nick Tumminello's new book is a helpful resource for new lifters and experienced coaches alike.

Bauerfeind OmoTrain Shoulder Support (Product Review)

I used this shoulder brace to help me recover from a shoulder injury, and it provided noticeable results.

"Learning to Breathe Fire" (Book Review)

This new book from J.C. Herz is worth a read for anyone with an interest in CrossFit, including the haters.

The Original Worm (Product Review)

Tired of suffering through your foam rolling sessions, only to experience no relief? The Original Worm might be just the thing for you.

Jaco Women's Training Tights (Product Review)

I've been wearing these tights for years now, and they remain one of my favorite items in my training wardrobe.

"Nutritional Grail" (Book Review)

Research, stories, and recipes - when it comes to optimizing your diet, Christopher James Clark's new book has it all.

Make an Impact With These Top Eco-Friendly Fitness Clothes

What we buy makes an impact not only on our economy, but also on our environment. Here are my recommendations.

"The Life Plan Diet" (Book Review)

Jeffry Life's book is a helpful resource for anyone who wants to get healthy or stay in shape through diet.

Sworkit Circuit Training App (Tech Review)

If you're looking for workouts to do while traveling this summer, Sworkit is the perfect app for you.

"The Mad Skills Exercise Encyclopedia" (Book Review)

This book contains over 700 exercises meant to help you enhance your fitness and have fun doing it.

"Obstacle Race Training" (Book Review)

Want to try an obstacle race or mud run, but have no idea where to start? Margaret Schlacter's new book is a must-have for you.

BattleSuit Runner Fitness (Tech Review)

Love adventures, but not a zombie fan? How about aliens and cool space suits? There's an app for that!

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