Strongman Profile: Edward Aston Teaches the Basics of Grip Strength

Try these two grip drills from Aston’s book - no equipment required.

Strongman Profile: Siegmund Klein Teaches Us a Different Way to Squat

On the hunt for new moves to improve your strength? Check out this classic exercise that's likely new to you.

Strongman Profile: Otto Arco Teaches Us About Muscle Control Techniques

Learn about how Otto's amazing muscle control can be helpful in weight lifting and other sports.

Science Compares Strongman to Traditional Resistance Training

A new study asks whether strongman training is a good way to change up a program without losing any results.

How to Decide If the Free Strongman Workouts Are For You

There are five questions you should ask before starting any new training. Let's practice how to analyze a program using my strongman workouts.

6 Clues to Training Success From Old-time Strongmen

As the saying goes, “Success leaves clues.” So, let’s look at the old-time strongmen and see if we can get them to come up with a clue or two for us.

Lessons From a Modern Strongman: Dave "Iron Tamer" Whitley

Dave's upcoming book is on the bent press, an old technique which allows more weight overhead than most every other movement.

Strongman Series: The Farmer's Walk

This exercise is one of my favorite events for a reason - it has serious impact on your strength and major carryover into your lifting.

Strongman Series: The Yoke

Trained in the correct manner, the yoke carry can be an incredible strength and power builder, not only for strength athletes, but for athletes of any sport.

The 6 Main Types of Strongman Events (and How to Train For Them in the Gym)

If you want to train either for strongman or in a strongman manner with limited resources, I'm going to give you options for training each strongman event in a regular gym setting.

14 Strongman Articles to Strengthen Your Knowledge

Strongman is about as raw and basic as it gets. We can learn a lot from strongmen of old and modern day strongman competitors. Here are fourteen articles full of information to get you strong.

Strongman Profile: Maxick Teaches Us the Lost Art of Muscle Control

Muscle control is for the most part a lost art. Yet a hundred years ago there was one man whose name was synonymous with it. That man was Maxick.

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