What All Athletes Can Learn From the Life of B.K.S. Iyengar

I’m getting to know Iyengar through his writings and video footage, and realizing his teachings are timeless for yogis and non-yogis alike.

5 Tips for Practicing Yoga Outside

Get outside and practice - and feel how being with nature helps you connect even deeper to the sense of being with yourself.

Yoga Is For All Athletes: Start Your Yoga Practice Today

Yoga can prevent injuries, improve mobility, and build strength. Here are some sequences and tips for getting started.

A Library of Yoga Workouts - Hundreds of Free Yoga Flows

From vinyasa flows to sport-specific yoga sequences, there is something for everyone in this collection of yoga workouts.

Simple Tools to Improve Your Meditation

As you continue on your meditation journey, here are some tools which will help you to practice regularly.

Chakras Demystified: Muladhara - The 1st Chakra

In order for independence to be gained, we need to have trust. Connect with muladhara and build trust.

Real Yogis Use Props (And You Should, Too)

I cannot count the number of times I have gotten blocks for a student who was struggling to touch the floor - and he or she refused to use them.

Chakras Demystified: Swadhisthana - The 2nd Chakra

It is often our self-worth that we use to judge information and make choices. This has an impact on our health, relationships, and finances.

Chakras Demystified: Manipura - The 3rd Chakra

Good signals from the gut can reflect that we are living out our willpower and taking action.

Chakras Demystified: Anahata - The 4th Chakra

The fourth chakra, anahata, is all heart. It is all about you. Writing your future - your way.

Chakras Demystified: Vishuddha - The 5th Chakra

Vishuddha is a place for liberation. It involves the area where heartfelt feelings and intellect join together.

Chakras Demystified: Ajna - The 6th Chakra

Intuition, our visceral detective, is a sense of knowing. We often refer to this as having an unexplainable or “sixth” sense.

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