These small adjustments will help you create space, align your spine, and protect your joints.
Many yoga classes focus on poses instead of principles. Take care of yourself and find balance in your yoga practice.
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Arm-supported poses are excellent preparation for handstands and other inversions.
Yoga is all about balance, and if you have chronic back pain that's exactly what your body needs.
In addition to every body being different, also remember that every day is different. Be mindful.
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Surya namaskar is a foundational element of your yoga practice, and it's more than exercise.
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These are the most important concepts I have learned in my yoga training.
Relearn how to stand properly for a deep-rooted positive impact on the spine and joints.
Pratyahara, or disengagement from the senses, is an aspect of yoga we often forget, but it can bring your practice to the next level.
If you have a yoga lover in your life, I guarantee he or she would be thrilled to find these gifts under the tree.
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