Breaking Muscle is growing on a daily basis - both our community and the features we are providing here on the site. We really love the writers on our staff and are aware from all your comments that you love them, too. We also are pretty darn big fans of YOU, our readers, and are constantly amazed at what you're up to.



In order to facilitate your questions for our writers, coaches, and staff, and to allow you an opportunity to get to know each other better in the readership, we have launched our brand new discussion forums. We have areas where you can discuss training, nutrition, articles you read on the site, and a place you can ask questions of any of the writers or coaches.


You can access our forums in our main menu - over to the right end you'll see the word "Forums."


You can also always see the latest forum posts in the widget we installed in the right hand column.


Please register in the forums and feel free to post questions, comments, or suggestions.


We have a ton of great new things coming up over the course of this year, so keep visiting. And feel free to let us know your ideas, as well!