Mobility & Recovery

If you want to keep healthy joints through your training, address the body you're bringing to the box.
Individualization should be what dictates movements, not just doing what everyone else does.
As aches and pains accumulate, it seems everyone's hoping to become a little more “supple.”
Getting injured at some point is unavoidable, but there are strategies that will improve your odds of staying healthier, longer.
Use these drills to improve your movement pattern and increase your athletic performance.
Consider these strategies for working around and with knee pain.
What exactly are those circular bruises on so many athletes’ bodies?
Mindfulness can alter the state of your nervous system and get you back in the game sooner.
Hitting the road doesn't have to be a grueling experience.
Why do the same old hip stretches if you aren't making progress?
These five movements will help you narrow down what flexibility issues are holding back your progress.
Injury is the stimulus for new growth that would never have occurred otherwise.
If you are falling flat in your training, you may need more than a diet tweak or a different workout plan.
Revisit the fundamental principles of stretching to get the most out of your training.
Do you have the range of motion you need for optimal performance and health?
These routines will help you reverse the damage of compensation and avoid future setbacks.
When your thoracic spine doesn't rotate, you're missing strength and inviting injury elsewhere.
Put flexibility first and watch your strength gains skyrocket.