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The prices range quite a bit on these products, so you should be able to find something to fit any budget, but I promise they'll all fit inside the stocking itself.
Coach Peter is our nutrition expert, but he is also a big fan of strength training and Olympic weightlifting. His wish list is a great assortment of quality equipment any strength athlete would love.
Greg Everett is well known for his books on Olympic weightlifting. Now Greg needs YOUR help. Can you help him come up with the perfect products to finish out his holiday wish list?
Founder of Breaking Muscle and author of our Bodyweight and Awake & Evolve workouts, Mindith is a busy mom who finds time for fitness and good food. See what she's asking for this holiday!
Coach Nick Horton thinks weightlifting is fun. Fun, as in pink lifting belts and polka dot duct tape. Yep, look no further for the most FUN fitness gift list you'll find this holiday season.
Andrew is our resident endurance freak and kettlebell expert. You can say he has a taste for the extreme. Check out his wishlist for the thrill seekers on your holiday buying list.
Danette is a mom-vegan-chef-CrossFitter and she knows how to treat herself right. Check out her list for some excellent choices to spoil your athlete-foodie self this holiday season.
You've bought all your presents - or so you think. Then you notice the stocking! What do you fill it with when your family member is a fitness nut? Here are 43 great gift ideas for the stocking!
Hannah Caldas writes our weekly articles on swimming, but she knows her stuff about strength training, too. Here's her list of items she wants to see show up this holiday.
Looking for the perfect gift for the grappler in your family? Wondering what to buy your BJJ soulmate? Here's a great list to shop from - especially for the female athletes in your life.
Coach Nicole is our resident fit mom and her holiday wish list is a great reference for the other active mothers out there - or you guys looking to buy for your athletic wives!
Mostly I think a lot about food, so here's my holiday wish list full of gluten free goodies, healthy chocolate, gluten free beer, and various other food and cooking supplies.
Val gets bonus points for having one of the most thorough holiday wish lists this year - transporting us from home to gym, handling our equipment at the gym, and taking us home to relaxation.
While I'd be happy with pretty much anything, if anything goes, well then - here goes! Boxing lessons with Freddie Roach and an Audi to take me hiking and biking on the weekends!
What does a man who squats 800lbs want for Christmas? Well, here's your answer - the top ten gifts Chris Duffin, world-class powerlifter, is hoping for this holiday season.
Need help shopping for the MMA fighter in your life? Have no fear - we've got the list of all the must-have items to help you out with your martial arts holiday gift buying.
Coach Nick Horton is THE weightlifting guy in Portland, Oregon, plus he's darn funny to boot...and he actually wears cowboy boots. So what does this awesome coach have on HIS wish list?
Coach Val is a black belt AND a PhD - good luck out-fighting or outsmarting her! Val also has a keen wit, so check out her holiday list and find out what SHE thinks needs to be under the tree.