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Struggling with strict gymnastics movements? The Ring Thing was made for you. This tool helped me obtain my first strict muscle up, and I've received positive feedback from clients, too.
I was disillusioned with the whole taping thing until I tried Goat Tape. I don't know if it's really the stickiest tape in the world, but it's definitely the stickiest - and best - I've ever used.
Gorilla Wraps are wrist wraps designed to help stabilize the wrist for weight lifting. They were designed with CrossFit in mind, so they are adjustable to fit the variety in your workouts.
Strength Wraps might look simple, but they are surprisingly effective. I was dubious before I tried them, but now I see the value and highly recommend them, especially to CrossFitters.
If you’re on the market for a log book these are as good as log books get. With a few varieties and a lot of info inside, these journals are great. I highly recommend them even for non-CrossFitters.
WOD Toys provide a unique opportunity for parents and coaches to teach young children about fitness - and get a good laugh in the mean time.
Need to protect your hands during a workout? One of the best tools on the market are the Rage Leather Hand Grips.
Over my six years of training in CrossFit I have tried out numerous types of jump ropes. The Ultra Speed Cable jump ropes are the best for double unders and easy to travel with.