EDITOR'S NOTE: None other than the Iron Samurai himself, Nick Horton, has returned to share his holiday wish list with you this season.


Nick Horton's Weightlifting Is Fun Holiday Wish List



My theme this year? Weightlifting is supposed to be FUN!


weightlifting gifts, olympic weightlifting gifts, nick horton wish list1. Pink Weightlifting Belt - $78.00

Most belts for heavy lifting are BORING! Black, white, you might branch out and go for red. Hell, you might as well wear a polo shirt and khaki shorts, too, and complete the ensemble of drab. Now you don't have to look like plumber when you train.


2. Purple Polka Dot Duct Tape - $10.22

weightlifting gifts, olympic weightlifting gifts, nick horton wish listWhy coach beginners to snatch with "standard" white PVC pipe when you can cover it in awesome purple polka dot duct tape? Or zebra print? Or any of the sweet variations that are super easy to find if you know how to work your keyboard. Imagine how much faster people will learn when their pipe has this on it!


3. Bulgarian Flag - $13.00

weightlifting gifts, olympic weightlifting gifts, nick horton wish listOlympic weightlifting is like the martial arts in a number of ways. One of which is that there are "styles" of training that different clubs tend to subscribe to, just like there are in Kung Fu. My own club isn't "monkey" style, and is only rarely "drunken" style, but it is "Bulgarian" style.


4. Go Greek: Leather Wraps - $29.75

Sometimes you need to channel the power of Xena: Warrior Princess to make a lift. That becomes much easier when you dress like she does. Wrist wraps that look like gauntlets? Yes, please!


5. Spinning Rainbow Light -$14.99

Lifting and romance are very much alike. The right music, the right partner, and the right lighting make all the difference.


weightlifting gifts, olympic weightlifting gifts, nick horton wish list6. PR Cowbell - $44.99

I ran a seminar at CrossFit Durham in North Carolina this year and every time a member made a PR (personal record) they had to run over and hit the "PR bell." I thought this was brilliant. 


7. Competition Glitter Nail Polish - $18.00

When you feel pretty, you feel stronger, and therefore you are. Make sure for your next contest you put on the right nail polish. It could be the difference between winning and losing.


weightlifting gifts, olympic weightlifting gifts, nick horton wish list8. Ninja Socks - $9.00

Cutting up your shins is something every weightlifter has to deal with. And it's why we often like to wear knee-high socks. But if you are going to wear socks, why not wear ninja socks?! SockItToMe.com is a sock company based in Portland, only a few blocks from my gym.


9. Pink and Purple Custom Singlet - $105.00

Risto Sports has a really cool option where you can design your own custom colored singlet (the outfit worn by weightlifters in competition). Take a wild guess what mine would be? Oh wait, I already told you.


weightlifting gifts, olympic weightlifting gifts, nick horton wish list10. Canned Unicorn Meat - $12.99

Because protein works, and magic protein works better. Don't give me your squeamishness. You are in this to win! I need you to train harder, more often, and eat the best possible source of protein in existence - unicorn protein!


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