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Super D Video: Solving Knee Pain

Like many of you, I have knee problems, but I don't want to stop training. This week I'll share how I get rid of swelling and increase circulation so I can move my knee like normal.

Breaking Muscle Video: What Is Reiki?

Reiki (pronounced ray-kee) is an amazing hands-on, spiritual form of relaxation and stress reduction that promotes healing, health and peace. But what can it do for you as an athlete?

Breaking Muscle Video - What Is Reflexology?

How can poking your feet and hands help you heal on the inside? In this week's video Jon explains the science and theories behind reflexology and how it might be useful for you.

Breaking Muscle Video - Tips for Pre- and Post- Massage

This week I am joined by Katie Carlo, the massage therapist at CrossFit Pacific Coast. Katie shares her tips for what to do before and after a massage.

Breaking Muscle Video - Cupping: Demonstration & Explanation

You may have a seen a friend after a visit to the acupuncturist and there were big red circular bruises on his/her back. Those bruises are from a treatment known as "cupping."

Breaking Muscle Video - A Real Live Acupuncture Demo

Have you never done acupuncture and wonder what it's like? Maybe you've done it, but don't don't totally understand it? Check out this video of an actual acupuncture session.

Breaking Muscle Video - Just Breathe

Breathing is important, trust us on this one. Learn the most efficient way to breathe as well as a few tips for breathing during a workout.

Breaking Muscle Video - Using Your Breath For Better Performance

You might think you know how to breath, but it turns out many of us learned bad breathing habits early on in our strength training. Get some quick tips on breathing to enhance performance.

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