Meditation & Mental Training

Video: Athletic vs Aesthetic, Part 5 - Effective Goal Setting for the Athlete

One of the differences between aesthetic training and athletic training is how we set our goals. Let's look at an effective way to map out and achieve our fitness goals.

Breaking Muscle Video - Weaving Willow's Healthy Triad

Being only still, or being only active isn't the healthiest path. What works best is a triad of meditation, exercise, and yoga. Stillness, movement, and the weaving of the two.

Breaking Muscle Video - What Is Qi Gong?

Qi is our vital life force in our bodies. Gong means cultivation. So, qi gong is the cultivation of our life force. Watch this video to learn a simple, centering exercise from qi gong.

Breaking Muscle Video - Workplace "Time Out" Challenge

60 seconds of silence and quiet twice a day at work - is it possible? Join in on our meditation challenge! Learn how to meditate and be accountable with our challenge starting today!

Breaking Muscle Video - How to Meditate, for Beginners

Meditation is a simple as it is misunderstood. This video talks about some of the fundamentals of meditation with insight into common problem areas. Enjoy!

Breaking Muscle Video - Visualization Techniques, Part 2: Post Its & Self-Interview

How can a video camera and some Post-It notes improve your athletic performance and life? Build on your practice of visualization technique with the tools in this video.

Breaking Muscle Video - Visualization Techniques, Part 1

Visualizing any part of your athletic game is bound to improve performance and lower anxiety. This video will walk you through HOW to effectively visualize.

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