Yoga & Mobility

Super D Video: How to Increase Ankle Flexion (and Save Your Knees)

If you don't have enough mobility in the ankle, you are going to struggle in the squat. But don't worry! We're going to use a band around the heel to put things right.

Video: Interview With Ana Forrest - Yoga for Strength Athletes

Today I discuss the benefits of yoga for strength athletes with Ana Forrest, founder of Forrest yoga. Learn how yoga can make your muscles smart, not just strong and stupid.

Video: Shoulder and Chest Opening Yoga Flow, Part 2

If you find yourself tight through the chest and shoulders after a long day of sitting at your desk or otherwise hunched over, this flow is for you.

Video: Rise and Shine Recovery Yoga Flow

I designed this segment so that it would be a great flow for first thing in the morning or on your days off when you still want to get your body moving, but not with anything too strenuous.

Super D Video: Performance Therapy Protocol to Conquer Low Back Pain

Follow this protocol and you too will conquer the most common injury to the upright walking man - low back pain.

Video: Post Run Yoga Flow for Flexibility and Strength

This segment I’m sharing today is my go-to for post run flexibility work. This flow will help to keep you injury free - particularly from knee problems, IT band syndrome, and hamstring issues.

Video: Shoulder and Chest Opening Yoga Flow, Part 1

Today we are talking about our shoulders and chest. We are going to stretch these areas, and at the same time strengthen our back.

Video: Yoga Flow for Shoulder Opening and Core Integration

This is a great sequence for those who spend a lot of time at a desk or on a bike. Really, it’s for anyone who does any activity that causes the shoulders to sit in an internally rotated position.

Video: Hip-Opening Yoga for People Who Sit, Run, or Bike

This hip-opener flow is absolutely one of my favorite sequences. It releases tension in the hip flexors, outer hips, and glutes, and is great for everyBODY.

Video: Strength and Stretch Leg Sequence

This is a sequence of four poses intended to strengthen your hamstrings and stretch your hip flexors. This is an especially useful sequence for runners.

Finger and Wrist Stretches to Combat Your Modern Lifestyle

This series of stretches relieves tension in the fingers, wrists, forearms, and elbows. Great for athletes, massage therapists, techies, bartenders, and people with carpal tunnel syndrome.

Video: Athletic vs Aesthetic, Part 3 - Why and How to Stretch

Stretching will help your performance - you've heard that, no doubt, but do you know why it helps your performance? Let's take a look at what is happening in the body.

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