Featured Coaches

Al Kavadlo, CSCS is one of the world's leading experts in bodyweight strength training and calisthenics. The author of three books, including Raising The Bar: The Definitive Guide to Pull-up Bar Calisthenics and Pushing The Limits! - Total Body Strength With No Equipment, Kavadlo is also well known for his work in the popular Convict Conditioning book series.  
One of the two original RKC Masters, Andrea DuCane has been involved in the world of fitness for over twenty years. Before that she was everything from a ballerina to a martial artist to a Pilates instructor. And believe it or not, she wasn't even athletic as a child.  
Andrew Read is like that old guy in the Rocky movies - he has a funny accent, hates everyone, and no one ever knows if he's happy or sad. But just like Mickey, he knows training.  
Andy Bolton is a powerlifter and strength coach. As a powerlifter he has won numerous national and international titles and was the former record holder in the squat with a lift of 1,214lbs. He also held the British bench press record with a lift of 755lbs. Andy is most famous for his achievements on the deadlift. He was the first man to deadlift 1,000lbs and remains the only man to have done it twice.
Andy Petranek is the owner and founder of CrossFit Los Angeles, one of the oldest and most successful CrossFit affiliates. Before finding CrossFit, Andy was an officer in the Marine Corps and an accomplished professional endurance athlete, having competed in three Eco Challenge races, cycled across Costa Rica, and participated in adventure races for five seasons as a Redbull Athlete.
Becca found her way to a career in health and fitness through Martial Arts and CrossFit. Originally a music editor for film and television, Becca started studying Martial Arts in 2000. Though she started with traditional Martial Arts it was not long before she discovered Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) and her path was forever altered. She began training in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) and Muay Thai and started working with professional MMA fighters, building websites, working on fight promotions, and producing videos.
Chad Vaughn is a two-time Olympian, nine-time National Champion, multi-time international medalist, and an American record holder in the sport of Olympic-style weightlifting.  
The surname LaLanne is a well-known one, not just in the field of fitness, but in the world beyond. Most of us have some exposure to the teachings of health-and-exercise guru, Jack LaLanne. Surprisingly, only one member of Jack’s family has followed in his footsteps. Jack’s grandnephew, Chris LaLanne is our newest featured coach and the owner of LaLanne Fitness.  
Christy Baroni Christy is the nutrition specialist and a coach at Conviction Training Facility, home of CrossFit Hilton Head. She resides in Hilton Head Island, is a mother of two, and is a competitive athlete. Her passion for coaching female athletes comes second only to her passion for teaching healthy nutrition habits.  
Dan John has been teaching and coaching for well over thirty years. He is the former Strength Coach and Head Track and Field Coach at Juan Diego Catholic High School in Draper, Utah. He remains a full-time online religious studies instructor for Columbia College of Missouri and contributing writer to Men’s Health. Originally from South San Francisco, Dan came to Utah to throw the discus for Utah State University and recently returned “home” after 35 years away. He currently lives in Burlingame, California.