We're going to bring down the reps again as we get closer to our day of reckoning.
Asymmetry rules the day as you alternate sides in a series of challenging exercises.
Goal is fluid, seamless transition from movement to movement, and hand-to-hand switches from side-to-side.
It's a short week this week because we are going to try and max out.
At the two week mark we hit our highest rep count so far.
Yes, it is another rest day, but you can still challenge yourself in other ways.
Tabata time is like hammer time but much, much harder.
In order for hitting a tire with a hammer to be more than novelty, it needs to be performed with power, precision, and fluidity.
Halting exercise in weightlifting are a great way developing a feel for where the bar should be in a lift.
Wherever you may think you are in your fitness journey, you can do this challenge and make positive changes.
Ground-to-overhead choices today are: Full-range high pull, dumbbell power snatch, kettlebell snatch (from floor).
Only 54 reps today in total, but we have a feeling you legs feel like it is a lot more.
You've had some rest and now it is time to go up in reps.
It's a challenge because it is challenging. Today's workout may be short but it is intense.
Work as long as possible today. That's all that's demanded of you.
Power through today before the crunch.