TGUs. Turkish get ups. Lots of them. It's a hard start today. You have been warned.
Speed is an essential component of a good lift and speed work dominates today's session.
You should have enjoyed the day off from the challenge and be ready to get back in there again, full of energy, and enthusiasm.
This plan will ease you back into fitness after months of limited activity.
Today's challenge will take you through some twists and turns.
We are going to really explore lunges today and mix it up a little with some more dynamic movements.
Press that weight overhead with conviction today and you'll feel like a champion.
As you lock in on the 100 day mark, you should be feeling the beast within. It's a good day to unleash that power.
It may be a rest day but you still have some challenging work that you can do to keep you on point for what's coming up.
You think you're doing a lot of hanging around today but then, it hits you. These lifts make you think.
This is one of those workouts that involves a bit of smash and grab, all for a good cause.
On the second day coach made more reps.
We're about a third of our way through this challenge, but Michael is only a one fifth of the way through 100 consecutive 20-mile runs.
Take the first step and the rest will follow. This challenge is designed for beginners, intermediate, and advanced kettlebell trainees.
We have a squat complex that is going to challenge you in some interesting ways, and that's not all the squatting that you're going to do.
For those in need of practicing technique without over-fatiguing any particular area or aspect of the body.
Be prepared for some of heavy breathing of the exhausted kind with kettlebells and burpees competing to take you down.